Learn the Symptoms of Vitamin D Deficiency Before it's Too Late!

So what are the symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency? Well there are two levels of Vitamin D deficiency, also called Hypovitaminosis D, that current Vitamin D Research is now beginning to show. There is severe Vitamin D deficiency and a less obvious problem of Low Vitamin D. The problem here is that most people who have Low Vitamin D may be suffering from the severe effects of this problem, but they may not even know it!



Symptoms of Vitamin D Deficiency 
Are More Prevalent Than You Know

Severe Vitamin D deficiency in children causes them to get the bowed legs, and sometimes arms, that are characteristic of the soft bone disease of rickets. In adults, this severe form of low Vitamin D causes a disease called osteomalacia, and can be a precursor to osteoporosis. Osteomalacia is similar to rickets, as it is a softening of the bones, but it doesn’t lead to bowed legs as it does in children. Instead, it leads to the bone pain and muscle pain and weakness that are almost universal complaints in those who have chronic health problems. And since these complaints are so common, that they are often overlooked by doctors or misdiagnosed as Early Symptoms of Fibromyalgia.

While Vitamin D is being implicated in MANY MANY diseases, pain of any kind is a major symptom that is often overlooked. Chronic Painshould make health care providers ALWAYS SUSPECT symptoms of vitamin d deficiency. The Study entitled Prevalence of Severe Hypovitaminosis D in Patients With Persistent, Nonspecific Musculoskeletal Pain published in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings concluded,

"Because osteomalacia [Bone Pain] is a known cause
of persistent, nonspecific musculoskeletal pain
screening all outpatients with such pain 
for hypovitaminosis D should be 
standard practice in clinical care."
Prevalence of Severe Hypovitaminosis D

Read that again "...should be standard practice" - yet it is not. If you have pain of any type that is caused by ANY reason- even if you think you already 'know' why you are having pain or it seems completely unrelated to vitamin d- insist on having your Vitamin D Level checked against the 'normal' level as per the current Vitamin D research as outlined on the Normal Vitamin D Level page. Do NOT usethe lab reference values as the 'normal' range as they are likely to be outdated.



Could You Have Low Vitamin D
And Not Even Know it? 

Then there is a much less obvious form of Vitamin D deficiency that is so subtle that you won’t know that you have it unless you get a blood test. I call this “Low Vitamin D” or subclinical Vitamin D deficiency symptoms. Most physicians aren’t even aware of this problem and certainly don’t understand the problems it can cause. Most never check for it or do this simple test - many don’t even know how to order the test or that the test even exists!! “So what”, you might be thinking, “if I don’t know that I have it then what’s the problem?”


BIG problems, that’s what!!


Vitamin D Research is finding that Low Vitamin D is a VERYwidespread problem that has a lot of serious consequences of which we are just beginning to understand.


Symptoms You Might Be Overlooking

Scientists are just beginning to put all of the pieces together, but the first symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency could be:

Colds and Flu Symptoms

• Periodontal Disease and Cavities

• Osteoporosis

• Depression

• Heart Failure and Cardiomyopathy

Vitamin D Deficiency Fatigue

• Lung cancer

• Ovarian cancer

• Colon Cancer


Vitamin D and Breast Cancer

• Multiple Sclerosis

While these are complicated diseases and there are obviously other factors involved in any individual’s risk, it’s true that a common risk factor for each and every one of these diseases is a Low Vitamin D level!!

“Evidence continues to accumulate 
of vitamin D's involvement in a 
breathtaking array of human disease 
and death.” 
– From 
“On the epidemiology of influenza”

While the Low Vitamin D levels found in these diseases doesn’t necessarily mean that they CAUSE these diseases, it begs the question of what the relationship is. Remember that on the Vitamin D Factspage, we discussed the potent Immune System stimulation that Vitamin D is responsible for. Since the above diseases (and really ALL diseases) are related to an inappropriate, inadequate or downright failed immune response – you can start to see that these diseases really could be just symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency.

Symptoms of Vitamin D Deficiency are More Prevalent than you know.

Are You at Risk?

Unfortunately, a LOT of us are at risk. Probably even YOU. AndVitamin D Research shows that a very significant percent of the population has hypovitaminosis D. This Article that analyzed all of the available studies, called a metanalysis, concluded,

“Estimates of the prevalence of hypovitaminosis D ranged…[up] to 78%... Although overt vitamin D deficiency is no longer common in US children, lesser degrees of vitamin D insufficiency are widespread.”

Interestingly, the percentage of people with hypovitaminosis D may even be severely UNDERESTIMATED in these studies. The blood levels that were used as a cut off point for determining who wasVitamin D deficient were often MUCH lower than what is currently accepted as a ‘normal Vitamin D level’ in vitamin d therapy.



Even if you 'Think' that your current Vitamin D Therapy is getting you enough vitamin d - you can't really be sure unless you get a level. TheSymptoms of Vitamin D Deficiency are NOT obvious, and nearly everyone should be on Vitamin D Therapy for their entire lives!! Vitamin D is really just one of the best health insurance policies that you can take out on yourself...

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