Vitamin D and Cancer
Why Hasn't Your Doctor
Told You This?

Has anyone TOLD you about Vitamin D and Cancer yet? The Vitamin D and Cancer connection was noted back in the 1940’s by a researcher named Frank Apperly who suggested that sunlight gave "a relative cancer immunity". All of the time, more and more Vitamin D Research continues to show that Mr. Apperly was correct -and we continue to ignore him… Well, pay attention because this Vitamin D Cancer information could be vital to your health and influence you for the rest of your life!

However, the Vitamin D Cancer link is now VERY clear in MANY different cancers:

  • Breast Cancer and Vitamin D
  • Colon Cancer
  • Lymphoma
  • Endometrial Cancer
  • Esophageal Cancer
  • Ovarian Cancer
  • Kidney Cancer
  • Bladder Cancer
  • Gallbladder Cancer

I predict that this list will continue to grow as time goes on and more Vitamin D research is gathered regarding Vitamin D and cancer.



This Info Could Save the
Lives of Millions

Sadly, these findings have done virtually nothing to change anything in medical practice. It is estimated that up to 75% of the population is deficient in Vitamin D- and researchers state that the 400 – 600 IU’s per day recommended by governments is “woefully inadequate”.

So, let’s put this together. Vitamin D intakes are inadequate -and inadequate Vitamin D intakes increase the risk of cancer. Yet no one is recommending higher dosages – or in most cases ANY dosages at all! Having been a nurse for the past 13 years, I rarely see a doctor recommend so much as a multivitamin- even though the small dosages of Vitamin D that are present in the majority of multivitamins could help to ease the Deficiency of Vitamin D cancer epidemic!!

World Vitamin D Cancer Incidence Infographic

It seems that the medical profession is not doing its job. There are mounds of studies out there showing that Vitamin D improves health in many ways – INCLUDING prevention against cancer. Yet the medical profession is failing to tell us about this critical Vitamin D Cancer link!

There are even many people who claim that the jury is still out- that we need more evidence to make a good decision. Yet, the study, 'The Role of Vitamin D for Cancer Prevention', analyzed a full 63 high quality studies to come to the conclusion that "vitamin d supplementation could reduce cancer incidence and mortality at low cost, with few or no adverse effects" And altogether, there have been over 3000 studies showing the relationship between vitamin D and cancer. 

How much more evidence do they need before they are willing to actually put this information to use and to help save the lives of millions?!



Don't Governments Set
Guidelines for Health?

Unfortunately, the governments are no better than the medical profession when it comes to the Vitamin D and Cancer subject. The standards set for Vitamin D were made in the 1930’s and have not been updated since – despite evidence that it is too low and that much much higher doses are not only harmless, but beneficial.

In fact, a group of Vitamin D researchers have put out a "Call to Action" in order to get the governments of countries to act and increase the recommendations for the minimum daily intake of Vitamin D to 2000 IU's per day. As yet, no governments or medical groups are listening,  despite 15 Vitamin D researchers and doctors desperately pleading for them to change the guidelines.

The Canadian Cancer Society seems to be one of the few organizations that has taken any stance on Vitamin D and cancer prevention, recommending that during the winter Canadians take at least 1,000 units a day of Vitamin D. That’s a start, but it's curious that they decided to recommend 1000 IU’s a day. There are NO RESEARCHERS that are recommending that low of a dosage. 1000 IU's is an ultraconservative dosage that is less than what some of these researchers are recommending for newborn infants and is a completely arbitrary number not based on current Vitamin D research!

Oliver Gillie, a Vitamin D researcher in the UK, who wrote the wonderful book Scotland's Health Deficit, an Explanation and a Plan and Sunlight Robbery writes,

“Indeed it may be that 
insufficient vitamin D is a risk factor 
for most, if not all, types of cancer.”


He has been urging the UK governments to increase the minimum requirements of Vitamin D there as well - also to no avail. The American Cancer Society is even worse. Despite the fact that researchers are so adamant about Vitamin D and Cancer Prevention, it has taken the official stance is that people should not take vitamins in order to prevent cancer. But does the American Cancer Society have your best interests in mind? Samuel Epstein MD says that they are More Interested in Accumulating Wealth Than Saving Lives.  

What Drug Companies Know 

Scientists are finding that very large doses of Vitamin D, well beyond dosages that will cause Vitamin D overdose symptoms in humans, not only improve cancer rates, but can cure cancer in some animal models. Unfortunately, the undesired side effects limit the use of these high doses in practice.

“Using newly available data 
on worldwide cancer incidence, researchers...
have shown a clear association between 
deficiency in exposure to sunlight... 
and endometrial cancer, kidney cancer, 
ovarian cancer, lung cancer.”
-ScienceDaily (Nov. 16, 2007)

So there are lots of money and resources being used by drug companies to try to find ways to separate the components so that the anticancer portion of Vitamin D can be put into a drug to treat cancer. Incidentally, this would also make the drug patentable, thus allowing the drug companies to make money on the drug, something that they are not able to do with the anticancer properties of the readily available and inexpensive Vitamin D supplements.

On the surface, this sounds reasonable.


"And we know if we take in enough vitamin D
to control our genes in such a way that 
we're less likely to get cancer, and we're less 
likely to suffer a lot of age-related problems."
Bill Falloon, MD Founder of the Life Extension Foundation 


However, when you understand that almost 75% of the world’s population is DEFICIENT in this vitamin to begin with, it seems ridiculous to be trying to patent drugs that mimic its effects without FIRST recommending that people take adequate dosages so that they are not deficient!!

What Research Supports the 
Vitamin D and Cancer Connection?

This is what the Vitamin D Cancer research is saying about Vitamin D and cancer:

  •  "...women who are vitamin D deficient have a 253% increased risk for developing colorectal cancer, and women who ingested 1500 mg/d calcium and 1100 IU/d vitamin D(3) for 4 yr reduced risk for developing cancer by >60%"(1)
  • "...a high level of vitamin D(3) at the time of diagnosis, and thus, during cancer treatment, may improve prognosis of the three cancer types studied." -Vitamin D3 from sunlight may improve the prognosis of breast-, colon- and prostate cancer(2)
  • "...higher plasma levels of 25(OH)D are associated with a lower risk of colorectal cancer in older women, particularly for cancers at the distal colon and rectum."(3)
  • "Improving calcium and vitamin D nutritional status substantially reduces all-cancer risk in postmenopausal women." (4)
  • "Both prospective and retrospective studies help support the concept that it is vitamin D deficiency that is the driving force for increased risk of common cancers" (5)

These are just a few Vitamin D research studies that are representative of the current thinking about Vitamin D and cancer.



So the question remains, do you need to wait to optimize your Vitamin D blood levels until doctors and the government come on board with the current Vitamin D research, or do you take matters into your own hands and take Vitamin D in the recommended amounts to prevent serious diseases and Get Your Vitamin D Blood Levels Tested Today! I can't understate the importance of these findings, don't wait to start meeting your

Vitamin D requirements until it is too late!!

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  • 'Winning the War on Cancer'-'Winning the War on Cancer' is an 800 page ODYSSEY that is a MUST read for patients AND their doctors!! Rarely will you find a book on cancerthat covers so much territory...
  • 5000 IU Vitamin D 3 Supplements- Vitamin D3 is really the ONLYvitamin d that you should be taking. Get Vitamin D 3 in a clinically relevant dose for adults
  • Sunshine Mist Vitamin D Spray- This Vitamin D3 is GREAT for kids. Just a spray a day is all it takes.


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Research For Vitamin D and Cancer

  • (1)Vitamin D and Sunlight: Strategies for Cancer Prevention and Other Health Benefits
  • (2)Vitamin D3 from sunlight may improve the prognosis of breast-, colon- and prostate cancer
  • (3)Plasma Vitamin D Metabolites and Risk of Colorectal Cancer in Women
  • (4)Vitamin D and calcium supplementation reduces cancer risk: results of a randomized trial
  • (5)The Role of Vitamin D in Cancer Prevention **Metanalysis of 60 vitamin D cancer research studies!
  • Vitamin D for Cancer Prevention: Global Perspective

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