Your Immune System
Are You as Informed as You Should Be?

The Immune System is absolutely, hands down, the most fabulous system in your body! Rather than being localized in one single place like most body functions, it is scattered throughout every other organ and system in your body. Every organ and every bodily function has a part to play.

The Immune System is like an orchestra. Each musician may play beautifully on her own, but she can hardly compare to the beauty and complexity of an entire orchestra that is playing perfectly together.In a way, its functioning is similar to an orchestra too. If one violinist didn’t show up, you would hardly notice. But if the entire string section were to go missing then the quality of the music would be greatly affected.

Meet some of the players in THIS orchestra


• The Lungs

• The Mucous Membranes

• The Digestive System

• The Lymphatic System

• The Urinary Tract

• The Liver

• The Spleen


We have a lot of different areas of functioning for back up. If one system lets something by, then many others are there to take over. No one system is responsible for protecting us – and protection is the name of the game. If the immune system were not protecting us and watching every move that we make, we would become sick and die within days – if not hours.

Every time we brush our teeth, eat or even breathe we are bombarded with trillions of pathogens. In fact, we are so surrounded by things that can make us sick; it’s really amazing we don’t get sick more often.


    • There are over 100,000 species of fungi

    • There are over 1,200 different viruses present in our gut

    • A square centimeter of skin has about 100,000 bacteria.

    • The human mouth contains more than 500 species of bacteria

    • A liter of seawater has 20,000 different types of bacteria


But most of us don’t take any notice whatsoever until something goes wrong. Then when we DO get sick, we say that someone ‘gave’ it to us.


Why do we get sick

No one can make you become ill.We get sick only when the immune system fails to do its job. And most of the time, this failure is preventable. Our diet, exposure to environmental toxins , amount of exercise we got and how much stress we have all play a role in whether we stay healthy or get ill.

There are genetic components that influence whether we get certain illnesses also, but lifestyle is a major contributor as to whether those genes actually cause illness or not. Just like genetics influence whether you are short or tall, they don’t determine your exact height – diet and lifestyle factors determine that.

Even though the Immune System is as complex as an orchestra in full concert, taking care of it doesn’t have to be. Its complexity can actually make things easy because all of its parts affect all of the others. Just like dropping a pebble into a pond, a small change can create ripples that affect the whole system either positively or negatively.

So taking care of your immune health is a matter of maximizing these 4 areas of your life:

• What you put into your body

• What comes out of your body

• How much you move your body

• How you think

That’s it. If you can make some changes in these areas, then you can really change your health in a big way. While that is obviously a simplistic model, it really is true. But you really can help improve your resistance to pathogens by boosting your immune system by using strategies like:



and so many more strategies that you'll find here in this website. To your good health.

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