How Much Vit D do I need to take for hot Flashes

by Mary Jane Newman
(Klamath Falls, OR)

Vitamin D and Hot Flashes

Vitamin D and Hot Flashes

I am having hot flashes and my last Vitamin D test came back with a level of 53 ng/ml at this time I am taking 4000 units Vitamin D over the counter added along with Citracal plus Vitamin D, 2 tablets per day which is almost 5000 units of Vitamin D per day!

I also have low thyroid they are trying to correct also. Do you have an idea where my Vitamin D level should be?

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Vitamin D deficiency / and menopause

Could increasing my Vitamin D intake help during menopause rather than taking hormone replacement medication. And would this help with weight loss?


There is no literature that I know of that shows that Vitamin d will help with menopause symptoms, but either way, there are so many other health benefits for older women such as helping with:

Muscle Strength
Breast Cancer
Colon Cancer
Heart Disease

That there are a million good reasons to get your vitamin d levels up and if it helps your mood while you are going through menopause, then great, if it doesn't, then it's still worth taking for its other benefits.

Are you having uncomfortable symptoms as you are going into menopause? Because not everyone does and actually this is an 'abnormal state' that only western women go through.

In Japan, there is not even a WORD for the term 'hot flashes' because it doesn't EXIST in their culture!! I believe that this is (in part) due to:

Cultural Expectations
Exposure to estrogen mimicking chemicals

So, if you are not having uncomfortable symptoms at the moment, don't simply presume that you will need to take estrogen to relieve symptoms!!

Are you experiencing symptoms at the moment?

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Easy Immune

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Low level of vitamin D and Menopause

by Teresa
(Auburn, WA, USA)

I am just beginning menopause and my doctor did Vitamin D Testing and has told me that the "normal" range is between 30 and 100 and I am at 29, which is at the low range and he would like to raise it.

I'm not sure what the measurements are in, but this was done in a normal blood test in the US. I am taking a regular multiple vitamin, that has 100% of daily Vitamin D and a supplement that has 250% needed.

He said he would like to see the D vitamin raise to at least 50? Does this sound right.

Could Low Vitamin D and Menopause be Connected?

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Menopause and Vitamin D Insufficiency

by Deb

Surgery put me through a violent fast track menopause at age 44 (49 now) and I'm now suffering all over my body from pain and I feel exhausted all the time which doctors cannot explain.

As a dancer I was reasonably healthy prior to surgery. Seems the surgery was unnecessary which was a real blow as it appears to be tipping a balance.

However an endocrinologist discovered that I'm what they class as 'Vitamin D insufficient' (one up from deficient.) But he states that he does not see a connection?!!

Question: There must be a connection between menopause and Vitamin D deficiency/insufficiency? Some kind of trigger as these events are linked chronologically.

I would be grateful for any information about this.


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Vitamin D may delay Menopause?

by Priya Nath Mehta
(Mussoorie, Himalayas, India)

This question might be of great interest to those who have been thinking in terms of the effects of Vitamin D on their monthly periods. Since Vitamin D is a hormone and has 90 % beneficial effects on almost all parts of the body -- could it help women nearing menopause? Thus if a woman were going to have menopause at the age of 45, could high doses of Vitamin D delay the menopause till the age of 50?

Also can Vitamin D help women conceive better, even if they have late pregnancies while nearing menopause? I recall reading your saying that Vit D could be beneficial for bringing about pregnancy.

My wife is now 47 and not in her menopause yet, but worries lest it come any day. She would also like to become pregnant if possible.

Would high doses of Vit D help in bringing about a healthy non-complicated pregnancy and childbirth without Down's Syndrome at this age?

If Vit D could do this, it would be one of the greatest breakthroughs of medical science in a long time -- and help women to stop worrying about bringing retarded or malformed children into the world, when they had pregnancies at a late age.

I am sure you would know about the research in this area which would bring hope to childless mothers who have given up hope or are too sacred to go in for pregnancy at a late age for fear of complications in childbirth as also the Down's Syndrome malformations in the children born. Indeed Vit D might be the answer.

Thanking you again for your very enlightened answers and your valuable time.


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Could Vitamin D be Causing Hot Flashes

by Leila
(Cheyenne, Wy)

I recently got a blood test back with low vitamin D level (27). My doctor said to take an OTC supplement of 1000 to 1200 IU's daily. Is this enough to bring it back into normal levels?

Also, when I went to the store to buy it, there were several different kinds. D, D2, and D3. I didn't know there were several different kinds, and I'm not sure which one to get.

I've called my Dr. office and got their voice mail, to which I left a message with no response from them. Can you tell me which is the most effective, and what I should buy? Please let me know.

Thank you.

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