Vitamin d and scoliosis?

by stuart porter
(spanish fork, utah)

Do you know of any research linking Vit D deficiency and scoliosis?


Dr. Stuart Porter, D.O.

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Vitamin D and Scoliosis
by: Kerri Knox, RN-The Immune Health Queen!

Thanks for writing in Dr. Porter,

Good to have you here. While is sure seems logical for scoliosis to have a vitamin D component to it, there sure is not much out there about it that I could find. BUT, there are some correlations that seems like someone should be looking into it- but that no one has made the correlation.

For instance, This Study and This Study show that girls with more progressed scoliosis have higher rates of osteopenia. And osteopenia is usually accompanied by Vitamin D Deficiency- if you look for it, which they didn't.

Decreased Bone Mineral Density and Scoliosis have also been highly correlated. And again, decreased BMD is usually associated with Vitamin D Deficiency if you look for it.

This Study concludes that Scoliosis "reflected an abnormal mechanism of calcium homeostasis and bone turnover". Hmmm, kinda sounds like something that Low Vitamin D Levels would cause.

I had to laugh when I read This Study where they seem to have got their cause and effect mixed up, stating that scoliosis is the probable cause for the decreased bone mass in Scoliosis sufferers rather than the other way around! Also, there HAVE been LOTS Of studies showing that a high percentage of teenage girls have Vitamin D Deficiency- so there's another association without a link.

So, no- at this time is doesn't appear that anyone has even LOOKED to see if there is a link because there are also no studies saying that there was NO link between the two. But as a practitioner, I'd certainly rule that in or out. Also, it seems that a high percentage of celiac disease patients have scoliosis, so that could also be a direction to look at in someone with Scoliosis as well.

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Immune System
Side Effects

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vit D3 and scoliosis
by: Anonymous

I have had scoliosis since age 11. At age 47, I'm just getting started on a heavy D3 supplementation program, along with the K vitamins for balance. I was a HEAVY milk drinker as a child. Come to find out that the dairy we buy supplemented with Vitamin D actually has Vitamin D2 in it, which actually depletes the body's vital D3 store. I read one research paper that stated in no uncertain terms that D2 is NOT a vitamin and should not be taken as a supplement. Take that plus the fact that I drank no fewer than 6 Cokes per week as a child. For YEARS. Can you say, "acidic body?" :) So I'm trying this D3 program, along with digestive care like probiotics and enzymes to ensure I absorb nutrients properly, including all the minerals. We'll see. I hope better late than never applies!

scoliosis adult
by: jean

Very interested in this subject Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K and scoliosis. Seems D3 would had been very helpful and wondering if large doses with vitamin K2 would have been helpful. Also wondering about pain if these vitamins would be helpful even though I already have scoliosis 34 35 degree.

D3 & K2 for bone health and more
by: Gary Elsasser

I've been researching this topic. What I am learning is that while calcium helps build the content of our bones, we need more support from other building blocks to get Calcium to form properly in the bones. Today's diets do not give us enough. Vitamin D3 is a wonder pro-hormone and it does wonderful things like really turn on our immune system. It also serves at least two purposes around bone health, but it alone is not enough. In fact, it alone can make the situation worse. So from what I understand, D3 triggers our GI track to pull more calcium out of our food nutrients so we have more to work with. Unfortunately, if it's not told where to go, it can settle in our blood vessels, heart and other soft tissues and eventually lead to plaque in these areas (basically growing bone in the wrong places) that leads to many diseases like heart disease.

Vitamin K(that most of us are highly deficient of) triggers a protein that is throughout our bodies to that then sends calcium from our blood stream and soft tissues into our bones. Without K2, this process fails. Then, for some, there is a deficiency of minerals or an illness that causes the body to pull minerals to keep the body balanced (like keeping the blood PH balanced) and you can have the body removing calcium from the bone instead of building it.

For Vitamin K, looks like the MK7 version is the right K2 version. It's made from soy and stays bio-available in the body for days (MK4 version lasts only a few hours in the body).

Hope this helps move the conversation along.


by: Anonymous

I think it is so interesting that I had blood work done at my regular drs. office and they said I have a VD deficiency then I a week later I had a exray done by my new rhematology dr. and he did a exray and I found out I have scoliosis....Then I googled what vitamin is good for this and now I know why....interesting

by: Anonymous

I had a hariington rod operation in the 70' for scoliosis when I was 16 yrs of age, and for quite a few decades it was fine. in my late 40s I suffered from periodic back pain at one time I could barely walk. Visited my old gp in near retirement who confessed that they got the physics wrong hence flat curve of my back and head to feet alignment wrong, and also that the surgery they performed in those days was child torture. What he wanted to do was further fuse my neck and lower back. I managed to regain my back health back after losing weight, which was difficult since I couldnt exercise, at same time blood tests indicated I was calcium deficent but my doctor steered me away from taking calcium suppliments regularly because of health risks.

Years later and am suffering the same back pain and walking difficulty, my back freezes up into a painful tension and with muscle spasms when I walk, another doctor tested and said have enough calcium, but that I am seriously vitamin D deficient, just that that I need a TRUCK to carry it around my body, He has me taking 3 x vitamin D a day, I am also supplementing with vitamin K2 which I understand, works in a similar way with existing calcium in the body and improves bone density.

I wouldn't be suprised if I have ALWAYS been vitamin D deficient and that I don't absorb it like other people, (ie sun) because the symptoms of that sound too familiar.
So I do think you are on the right track in linking this to Scoliosis. I found you by googling both vitamin d deficiency and scoliosis. thanks very much I do hope someone is dedicating some research to this, and towards prevention of possible unnecessary suffering

Could something like Gulf War illness be a cause?
by: Anonymous

Hi I was just curious if Gulf War illness could stop the body's production of Vitamin D? My VA doctor put me on 50,000 IU of Vitamin D. The most she has ever prescribed. after six months my levels came up but not a lot.

Vit d and scoliosis
by: MichelleAnonymous

Hi reading comments I have resently been told I have scoliosis . I have a natural high vit D in my body but don't eat many greens vit K, for I have factor v laiden, more prone. To blood clots, vit k is a. Thinner for blood too much of it .love my cheese, and sun, I am 52 yrs old , I feel a balance is due agreeing with your comments, I will start On more vit k greens

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