Could My Hair Loss Be Related to Vitamin D Deficiency?

by Emi

I am a 47 y.o. female and have been noticeably losing hair since I was 39. It is becoming quite thin on top and at my temples. I have seen several Endocrinologists and Dermatologists who say my bloodwork is normal and there is no medical reason for my hairloss. I have had numerous thyroid tests, cortisol testing, heavy metals testing and excessive testosterone testing which all came back normal.

I did, however, have a low vitamin D level on one occasion. I also had borderline low iron that was discovered when I went to give blood at my workplace. Could a low vitamin D level and/or low blood iron be the cause of my continued hair loss?

I have tried different sulfate-free hair care products and I don't abuse my hair/scalp with hair styling tools. I have also tried laser therapy on my scalp with no positive results. Any guidance you could give me would be greatly appreciated. I have always had excessively thick tresses and I am really beginning to become emotionally and socially withdrawn because of my appearance.

I truly believe there is a logical and simple remedy out there. Thank you for helping me find an answer.

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Vitamin D and hair

by Lola Smith
(Newark, TX USA)

Could Dry Hair be a Symptom of Vitamin D Deficiency?

Could Dry Hair be a Symptom of Vitamin D Deficiency?

I am a hairstylist, I have a customer that has been diagnosed with a vitamin D deficiency. Her doctor put her on high a high dose of vitamin D starting in June.

Now 3 months later her vitamin D level is still low, but her hair is getting very dry and starting to fall out. Could her hair issue be a symptom of the low levels of D or could it be caused because of the high dose she is taking?

Do you have any suggestions that will help her hair?

Photo by Benny Shlevich

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vitamin d deficiency and hair loss?

by jean A
(wilkes-barre penna.)

Can vitamin d deficiency cause hair loss/thinning? i have been recently diagnosed with hyperparathyroidism. ca+ level slightly elevated at 10.08 repeat test 10.05. pth level 100 and a scan shows two enlarged parathyroids. bone scan normal. vit d level 14.

I also have diabetes and high cholesterol. was on zocor and vytorin in the past now on crestor 5mg for 4 weeks. i am suspect the crestor accelerated the thinning. but what about vit d?



Vitamin D therapy is a Vitamin D Contraindication for you until you have parathyroid surgery anyway. So, that means that you should NOT try to correct your low vitamin d levels right now. And if your doctor WANTS you to correct them and gives you high dose vitamin d, you should NOT take it until you first get the OK from your endocrinologist!

But I have addressed the vitamin d and hair loss issue SEVERAL times on this site. So, you can see the answers here:

Hair Loss and Vitamin D Deficiency

Gluten Sensitivity and Hair Loss

Hair Loss and Vitamin D


Vitamin D and Hair

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Kerri Knox, RN

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Hair Loss with Low Vitamin D

I have had hair loss for about 2 1/2 months and all my tests have come back normal but my vitamin d was low it was 13. I have started to take it from today will it stop my hair loss?

I am so nervous when i come my hair and have a shower tuns of hair comes out and my hair is getting very thin.

Thanks Noshy....


Hi Noshy,

I'm sorry about your hair, and whether or not the vitamin d helps you, it's good that you found out about your low levels. I've actually covered this question many times, so I'll refer you to the Vitamin D and Hair Loss page where there is MUCH information for you to discuss with your doctor.

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Immune System

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Hairloss and Vitamin D Deficiency On Omeprazole Help!

by Lacey

Help, hair is coming out and I have vitamin d deficiency...

Help, hair is coming out and I have vitamin d deficiency...

I have been having lots of hair coming out in the shower, it got really bad so I went in to the doc. My vitamin D was only 18.4 ng/ml, is that really bad?

My Hemoglobin was 11.7 and MCV was 70, that's not really that low right? I read on your site about absorption problems. What if I have been taking Omeprazole (Proton Pump Inhibitor) for like 5 years now? I read that this could screw up absorption of many things so it doesn't have to mean something like the Celiac or that Gluten Sensitivity right?

Not really wanting to bring this all up to the doc. Just recently found out that there is things I can do to get my GERD under control and get off omeprazole eventually.(That is I have to have a whole lifestyle change of the way I eat or lack of eating and poor food choices.)

My Doc said I would just have to live with GERD. My other questions are He gave me a prescription for two months on I think D2 not D3 is that bad?

Also He told me to take two tablets a day of over the counter Iron but he never mentioned anything about taking vitamin c with it.

One more question, I know my doc only checked certain things in my blood cuz of the hair loss but since he found these deficiencies should he check other things?

How long should I wait to go see the dermatologist that is what he said the next step would be if my hair didn't stop falling out?

Also he never said anything about coming back in after two months and checking my levels again, wouldn't this be an important thing to do, should I just make my own appointment? Thank you. I realize these are a billion questions and its really early in the morning and I haven't typed very clearly, sorry.

I'm just a bit worried. I try to read stuff on the internet to keep informed but then I just get overwhelmed and end up not trusting doctors but don't know what to do.

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