Could Vitamin D Deficiency Cause Anxiety and Panic Attacks

by Amy

Anxiety and Panic Attacks- Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms?

Anxiety and Panic Attacks- Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms?

I had my vit d level checked and it showed up at 6 ng/ml. I do have severe anxiety and panic attacks, along with PTSD.

I have gained an enormous amount of weight, and I do not have bad eating habits.

Could this low level play a role in the anxiety and panic attacks as well as the weight problem?

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Anxiety and Panic Attacks
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Hi Amy,

Well, this is certainly complicated. Vitamin D Deficiency could very well be CONTRIBUTING to your issues. Vitamin D Regulates mood and particularly depression.

But I don't think that it is the magic bullet that will fix all of your problems.

So, first of all, get your vitamin D deficiency fixed. Read my page on Vitamin D Deficiency Treatment to see how you should do that- make sure that your doctors are AGGRESSIVE so you get it treated quickly. Next, you NEED to get out into the sun, the sun not only gives you vitamin D, but regulates your mood as well.

So, really! Get out in the sun everyday, even if that means just curling up into a ball on a lounge chair in the yard. Get outside!!

Next, it's likely that you have some degree of nutritional issues. You MUST get rid of ALL sugar, processed foods, junk foods, etc. and only let real, unprocessed things that your grandparents would have called food touch your lips.

If you need help with that, then get the wonderful Ebook The Healthy Urban Kitchen to teach you how to go about doing that.

Next, you need to get tested for nutritional deficiencies and Adrenal Gland Fatigue. PTSD is really just another name for such overwhelming stress that you have burned out your neurons. You can get them all checked in one test. It's called The Organix Profile and it can give you more information about your health than you ever thought possible.

I know that's a lot of info. Let me know if you have any questions!

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Health Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Easy Immune

Vitamin D helped me
by: Anonymous

Hi, I recently changed my diet to restrict sugar, fatty food and a host of others to maximize on weight training. Then I started to get anxiety and panic attacks.

At first they were rare but later became more frequent and severe. I went to the an endocrinologist for blood work. My doctor only discovered a vitamin d deficiency. She didn't say that was the cause but she referred me to a psychiatrist for further analysis and she prescribed vitamin d 50,000 iu 1 tab for 6 months.

A week after taken my first dose, I have not experience anxiety or panic attacks, in fact I feel 100% energized. I must also mention that I eliminated caffeinated drinks and allergy meds from my intake to rule out the cause of the anxiety symptoms.

However, I do believe that the vitamin d contributed in some way to the absence of my anxiety and panic attacks. I hope this helps you in your search for some relief.

Take care, Cat

Vitamin D cured my panic attacks
by: Anonymous

My panic attacks didn't go away completely until I got my vitamin D level over 50. Took about a year and a half to get it there though. I was taking 12000-16000 IU's of D3 a day. That dosage raised my level 17 points in 6 months time.

Panic disorder and Low vitamin D
by: Anonymous

I also suddenly and without explanation started having severe panic attacks. I went yo my doctor and after a full physical, it was only my vitamin D that was low--very low. He put me on 50,000 iu for 6 weeks, then I started on my own after that taking 3000 iu daily, plus more sunlight. I was also prescribed .25 alprazolam to control my attacks. After about a year, I am almost completely "normal". It has to be my former low vitamin D, as this is the only thing I have done to get better. I encourage anyone with panic attacks or disorder to immediately have their vitamin D checked and brought back to good levels if low. My situation was horrible and scary and would happen with no reason. Very scary and debilitating. I consider myself cured from panic attacks and anxiety.

Northern Girl
by: Anonymous

I too had debilitating anxiety. I was actually in the best shape of my life, running on the tredmill, walking, biking and so on. Then came the anxiety..... The worst was if I had been drinking (particularly wine) the night before. The next day my anxiety level was thru the roof! I tried everything & researched endlessly as to what could possibly be causing my symptoms.

I went on anti-axiety meds for a short time & that did help. I then (not sure why) started taking Vit D drops.

My anxiety left the building...... Yes I get nervous & edgy at times, but for situations that a human would normally get anxious about. Like writing an exam or public speaking.

I never have had my D levels checked, but I live in Northern Canada & the winters and lack of sufficient sunlight I'm sure played a role.

Any anxiety sufferers out there, give Vit D a shot. I can't prove that it helped me, but I'll be taking Vit D drops every day for the rest of my life!

Vitamin D3 cured my anxiety, depression, and panic disorder
by: Anonymous


I suffred from depression, anxiety, and panic disorder for a few decades. One day, accidentally, I read something about vitamin D3, and depression on the Net, which ultimately changed my life.

A few months after reading the article, I decided to go for a routine check up, and blood test. This time, I asked for a vitamin D3 test to be included. The test result showed that I was deficient on vitamin D3 !!!

After visiting a doctor known for his work on vitamins, and amino acids deficiencies, I got 300,000 IU (International Units) monthly injections of vitamin D3. Three days after receiving the first injection, the depression started lifting, and in the second month, all symptoms of depression, anxiety, and panic attacks vanished. It has been a year since the first injection. I am on a maintenance dose of vitamin D3. There is no doubt that I have been cured, 100%.

The first question that will pop up in your over exhausted heads is that why the doctors do not know much about the curing power of vitamin D3 ? Dr. S. Zaidi is an Assitant Professor of Medicine at UCLA. In general terms, he answers the above question in his book, Power Of Vitamin D:

" Why hsn't my Doctor told me about all the beneficial effects of Vitamin D ?"

"Unfortunately, This exciting new knowledge about vitamin D hasn't reached the radar screen of most physicians, nor has it reached the curriculum of medical schools. Why? Because no drug company is behind it. It's not a drug. it's cheap and you can obtain it over the counter. Unfortunately, most of our medical research, medical guidelines for practicing physicians and medical knowledge in text books is dependent upon drug companies one way or another. Sad but true!

It may take years before this revolutionary knowledge finds its way into medical books and physician's offices. But you don't have to wait that long. Get involved in taking charge of your health. Reading this book is a step in the right direction."

Well, the above quotation should answer some of your questions.

By arranging for a vitamin D3 (25-OH) blood test, you will know the level of vitamin D3 in your body. If your test result is low, which most likely it will be, please take the lab papers to an up to date doctor, and ask him/her to put you on high doses of vitamin D3. It is very important that you go to an up to date doctor before you start your medications--don't forget it please.

Vitamin D treatment has worked for me, and some others. There is a chance that it could work for you also, if you are low on this vital vitamin.

right priscribtion on the right time
by: Anonymous

hello i also suffer from panic attack and my doctor advised me to take vitamin d and also alprazolam its working very much i feel better now thnks to and my doctor to priscribed me the right medicine

Cured by D3
by: Anonymous


I am the person who wrote the above comment on being cured by vitamin D3 injections.

I must add that it has been 2 years since rceiving my first vitamin D3 injection. Anxiety, depression, and panic attacks never returned in the past 2 years. Now, my D3 level is around
80 ng/ml, and am maintaining this level
by lower doses.

Best of luck,

Question for Ali
by: Kari

Ali, thanks so much for the update! Do u mind saying at what level your first vitamin d level test came back at? I have terrible anxiety and had mine checked too - came back at 20. And that's with me having been supplementing w d3 (just in case) at about 1,000 daily. How does one get d3 and not d2 shots??

Kary and D3
by: Anonymous


My level was at NMOL/L 25, which is equal to 10 ng/ml. It was quite low. Yours is low, if both of the above scales are considered. You can not get 300,000 IU injections in the United States. In other words, the doctors will not prescribe it for you. However, you can take 10,000 IU of D3 orally for 3 months, then get another vitamin D level, and see what happens.

All the best,

So why did it start me on panic attacks?
by: Anonymous

I was on 2000iu a day for cfs and wasn't having panic attacks until a few months later on that dose I started having them regularly. I stopped taking the vitamin D and they stopped after a few months. I didn't connect it until later due to my low D vit I was put on one high dose a week and that week I had terrible symptoms of D toxicity one of which was more panic.

I don't know why more sites don't have the effects of build up of vitamin D on their pages and the really unpleasant side effects. One of which is running to the toilet to urinate a lot and a feeling of uneasiness, disturbed sleep, bone pain including teeth, and many others.

Because you are magnesium deficient
by: Kerri Knox, RN

Please see my page on Vitamin D Side Effects and
Magnesium and Vitamin D. It is NOT 'Vitamin D Toxicity'. Vitamin D Toxicity is when you have HIGH levels of vitamin d AND a high calcium level. It is imposssible to have Vitamin D Toxicity with a Vitamin D level of 22. You are simply having Vitamin D side effects, most likely as a result of multiple nutritional deficiencies.

Vitamins do not work in isolation and, if you are deficient in one vitamin, you are almost certainly deficient in other vitamins. In the case of Vitamin D, we know that it 'uses up' magnesium when it's converted into its active form in the body. Vitamin A and Vitamin K seem to be imperative in the use of vitamin d as well, and there are many many reports of people with vitamin d side effects taking Vitamin A and Vitamin K and having those problems resolve.

I recommend getting the Vitamin D Absorption Pack in order to prevent any problems from taking vitamin D by 'covering all of your bases' of nutritional deficiencies that may cause problems when you take Vitamin D.

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Immune System
Side Effects

PS: If you appreciate the free help that I give on my site, please consider making your next supplement purchase through my Health Store in order to help keep this site in operation.

Panic disorder sufferer
by: Anonymous

I just recently was told about Vit D and now reading all your comments. I have severe attacks where I can't sleep, fearing of an attack when I'm sleeping because majority of the time is during the night and I feel low sometimes. I have gained a lot of weight and I am on the end of my rope. For a person that lives near the equator is it possible to also have a vit D deficiency? I haven't did a blood test for that, just a thyroid test.

Low Vit D
by: Anonymous

I just found out my level. it is under 10and offlate I have begun to have unusually harsh reactions to simple stress situations. I also immediately develop reflux and shortness of breath. Could all this be triggered by low Vit D?

Cure for my Anxiety and Panic Attacks
by: Elizabeth's Mom

Last April I had my first massive panic attack at night. Within weeks I had massive terrorizing panic attacks each night where I was literally afraid to go to sleep. During the day my anxiety became worse with each passing day.

My doctor prescribed Clonazepam and Melatonin (I took 1 mg of melatonin and 1/2 of the tablet of Clonazepam .5mg)to help with the night time panic which did help a little but I still woke up every night, terribly frightened, heart pounding, stomach upset and I had to jump out of bed and run to the bathroom. Within 2 weeks I went back to the doctor and told her something was wrong in my body and I wanted my blood checked for abnormalities.

She tested everything. A Blood test disclosed I was Vitamin D deficient and my number was 19. I was given a prescription of 50,000 IU of Vitamin D3 once a week for 8 weeks but this did not get my numbers high enough for me to recover totally but I was on my way to reducing my anxiety and panic attacks.

Now 6 months later I have had regular bloodwork tests and found I feel best when my Vitamin D number is in the 50-60s and all of my panic attacks are gone and so is my anxiety.

I am not a doctor and I don't pretend to know everything about vitamins but here is what worked for me after reading how other people have found relief online and reading some vitamin books I decided to take this doseage daily:

I take 10,000 IU Vitamin D3 and 1200 IU of Calcium that I buy at Walmart. I also use a liquid Magnesium and take 2 tablespoons. I order this online. I take these 3 nutrients every morning after I have had breakfast with a protein.

This liquid Magnesium is easier on my stomach and easier to absorb. I use to take 3 Magnesium Citrate pills but I found it gave me loose BMs and the liquid seemed to get my numbers up faster.

When I took the Vitamin D3 pills the doctor gave me for 8 weeks (50,000 IU) I also took 400 mg of Magnesium and 1200 of Calcium. I read that D2 is synthetic so you don't want that. The weekly pill made me feel better within 2 weeks but I had to keep up the pills daily after that initial 8 weeks to totally recover. I also got 30 minutes of sunshine every single day and started taking a chewable Multi Vitamin.

That also helped me recover quickly. I wanted off the prescription narcotic meds and wanted my body to get better so I found my answer in eating better and taking vitamins. I hope your anxiety and panic attacks go away so ask your doctor to check your Vitamin D level.

Question to Ali
by: Nada

I've been in the same condition as yours but I have a severe generalized anxiety disorder since my early childhood. Now I am 24 years old and my life stopped completely and it's on the way of geting me insane. I don't even know how an anxiety free person feels and I've been to psychiatrists since I was 17 years old without any progress but being worse.

As for vitamin d, I have got rickets as a child and after being cured from rickets, I have always been complaining about bone pains. Now, I got my vitamin d levels checked for the first time and it is 14.92, I don't know really could that be a cause of my troubles. I am desperate. Xanax didn't make me better and many other psychological medications.

Chest pain and panic
by: Anonymous

I have been sick for months. I feel weird and sometimes get chest pains and tingling in my left arm. I have been on Acid Reflux Medication two times a day for years. I still eat tums like candy.

I also tend to get stressed. I have been trying to get a diagnosis from my doctor and all of my blood test came back good. After I went back again she tested my vitamin d and it was low. I always tend to be low but blow it off because everything you read tells you it has little symptoms. Well after going to the er the other day with chest pains, I googled and found all of your comments.

I have been diagnosed with pain attacks at the er. I know I am sick and agree there is some panic but I always knew something was causing it. You have all given me hope this can be my problem too. I started the 50,000 units a week and hope my digestive issues and panic subside. I cried when I read this because I knew I was not crazy!

Please read the thread
by: Kerri Knox, RN, The Immune Queen

Please read the thread and click the blue link that says 'Vitamin D Deficiency Treatment'. Taking that prescription is inappropriate and your doctor should not have given it to you.

Again, just please read my comments on the thread. There is a reason why I linked to the pages that I did. You will be doing yourself a serious disservice if you do not read those.

D + stomach problems
by: Anonymous


Vitamin D deficiency causes IBS. There is no doubt about it. However, another common cause may be H Pylori Bacteria.

Another cause for reflux may be melatonin deficiency. You take 6 mgs per night for 6 weeks.
Provided that you are not H-Pylori positive, it will cure you. However, taking melatonin may cause depression. I highly recommend you read
Why Stomach Acid is Good for You, written by Dr. J.W. Wright.

As far as panic is concerned, vitamin D3 is a miracle. However, do not forget to take CHELATED magnesium on daily basis, because D3 burns up magnesium in your body, and that in itself will create many problems.

Best wishes,

watch out for anxiety meds.
by: Anonymous

my doctor put me on anxiety meds. 2 different kinds of benzodiazepines for my anxiety. let me tell ya. it sucks getting off of them.

i have spent 3 years of torture. it sent me into chemical anxiety and chemical depression. it turned my anxiety into agoraphobia and a mess of other symptoms. also my hair started falling out. they worked at first but destroyed my body in the end and i had more problems. i have talked to hundreds of people going through the same thing. some people have an easier time getting off these meds. please do research on these drugs.

i ended up going to a functional medicine doctor (best decision i ever made) and found out i was vitamin deficiency of 22 and started taking vitamin d3 with k2. so far so good. i can't believe what i had to go through to figure out that these meds are bullshit and just money makers for people.

if you find a doctor who just wants to put you on all these meds there is something wrong with that. at least in my experience. the longer i stay off these pills the better.

i think i will focus on exercise eating clean and sun bathing. on top of the supplements.

never stop these meds cold turkey because you could be at risk of death or seizure. you need to very slowly get off of them. some tapers could last a couple years but worth it so you don't experience the withdrawals so much. it is pure hell.

Vitamin D for Depression
by: Shailesh

I have been suffering for decades with Anxiety, Panic Attacks & Depression on & off. For last 2 years I have been suffering and it is not going away. All the Psychiatrist I met, even those recently, kept prescribing combination of Antidepressant, Anti-psychotic & Anti-anxiety drugs. This year one twitter friend asked me to take Vitamin D 5000 iu this year. I thought it to be too much so I took only 2000 iu and I noticed tremendous improvement, as if a day long thirsty man was given a sip of water.

My side-effects due to Psychiatric medication also came down. After some time 2000 iu became insufficient so I started taking 3000 iu then 4000 iu after this I was emboldened to stop Anti-psychotic which was small dose. Risperidone 0.5 mg. But then started withdrawal symptoms, now it is nearly two weeks since I stopped. Four days back I increased Vitamin D to 5000 iu. to take care of side effects and also suggested by "VitaminDCouncil" & "BeBrainFit". I have to go it all alone as my psychiatrist is not very happy with Vitamin D that I am taking and I don't know anyone else prescribing it.

By the way, after two months of Vitamin D 2000 iu I checked Vitamin D levels which came to 22 ng/ml. After starting Vitamin D I noticed improved in muscle strength, better balancing, improvement in riding bike, toothaches have gone now only thing remains is depression, though reduced it is still there, withdrawal symptoms of Anti-Psychotics.

And when I will be able to stop my medications, Antidepressants especially. I gain confidence from reading comments from you guys. There are some wonderful & heartening comments. Awaiting suggestions. Thanks a lot.

Panic attack and anxiety are gone
by: elizabeths mom

As I said before my vitamin D number was 19 and I'm now 52 and feel terrific! I had panic attacks, anxiety, claustrophobia, blurred vision, sensitivity to sound and music. It's all gone because i demanded my doctor give me the recommended dose I found online from endocrinologists.

Here's how I got better. First get blood work to find your vitamin D number. I was 19 but I read I needed to be up in the 50-60s. Dr have me a prescription for 50,000 of vitamin D3 (not D2) once a week pill for 8 weeks. I also took magnesium and calcium vitamins I bought at Walmart.

I felt better immediately but the dose only lasted me for 4 days so I took 10,000 out over the counter vitamin D to get me to my next big dose. The results were life changing. Now every day I take 2 pills of 5,000 vitamin D, 3 magnesium capsules, and a calcium pill. I'm not a medical professional but I know what helped me from my crushing panic attacks, anxiety and extremely Desperate time.

Low Vitamin D
by: Anonymous

I'm 21 and up until last year around this time off and on through out the year I suffered from depression & horrible anxiety attacks. NEVER prior to last year did I have any of those problems. I thought my stress load was too much but even the simplest things seem to be difficult to complete. I had my vitamin D levels checked last month and they were low doctor told me take 1,000 Vitamin D3. It's been about a month but after hearing your stories I need to be more consistent and actually get some UV from outside. I was pessimistic that it wasn't low Vitamin D causing me to feel crazy but I think that's what it has to be. Thank you for sharing and giving me hope!

Many Problems
by: Anonymous

For the past 6 months I have been suffering so much. My symptoms are anxiety, panic attacks, agoraphobia, depression, rapid heart rate, loss of appetite, loss of interest in daily things, loss of weight, acid reflux, a hernia (I think), bad nausea. Had numerous blood tests done. My thyroid is fine. My MCV is high, 100 and my MCHC is low 31.3. I also have a vitamin D deficiency of 16. Are all my symptoms from the Vitamin D deficiency?? I really don't know what to do anymore. I've lost so much weight and scared to death.

Treatement vit D defficiency with vit d + vit e and vit k
by: Manuela

Hy there!

You said vit D should be taken with other liposoluble vitamins like E and K plus Mg as well.

What should be the correct dose of those last 3 when taking 5000 ui Vit D, for example?

Thank you! Your blog is wonderful. You make a good job.

Vitamin D
by: Patty

I would cordially like to thank everyone for sharing their stories, because I can identify with all of them, this is what im experiencing right now , I have and appointment to go to the doctor and i'm excited because im going to have them check for vitamin D deficiency, I'm tired of filling just awful, I pray to GOD that's what it is , and to be fixed.

Vitamin d
by: Jerry

i also was having issues i was told it was anxiety i read online where food could cause a lot of symptoms and problems including autoimmune diseases (leaky gut) so i got down to cabbage and notice everything i eat even my ciggs my toothpaste, medicine, ect was either causing my problems or making me worst i notice a big difference from avoiding things but still have symptoms someone also told me to check my vitamin d which i did and was prescribed 50,000 iu a week within a few weeks the symptoms got better really noticed after 8 weeks but only when i take it like this if i take a daily dose of say 5,000 iu i get worst or even if i take none at all my symptoms come back it is like i got some kinda digestive problem causing these symptoms they say it is anxiety but yet i cant even take the meds for that

i try for 3 days and the symptoms get so severe i half to stop i am scared because if i need a medicine to survive i will die because i can't take anything all this started after having severe acid reflux and put on a ppi i thought the ppi was causing it at first i was found out to have h pylori and they gave me a antibiotic then week after is when it all started i tried everything lost what to do i can't eat nothing and living off taking 50,000 every 3 weeks now because my level is high to be able to function some what waiting to hear if anyone has any clues to the end of this torture i deal with like 10 or more symptoms daily 24/7 for 4 years now

by: Anonymous

thank you all for sharing your comments - it is giving me hope! this is why forums like these are brilliant! Over the past few months I have experienced an array of symptoms where I was bounded from appt to appt, even ending up in A&E with terrible anxiety and palpitations.

I have just got back from my doctors who have said my levels are low (not too low but low enough where something needs to be done). I feel more hopeful than ever that this will now help me!

by: Leaf

Hello everyone,
I am a newbie here and I must say that I appreciate the kindred spirit and the way everybody has been participating, sharing their stories and experiences, and keeping this place alive. I have learnt quite a lot in a short span and I am confident that as I interact more with you in the coming days, I will learn much more.
I have read lots of brave stories. I choose this medium first, to say thank you to every one of you for being strong in the light of your challenges. Your stories are full of hope and courage, and I am certain that they will help so many people out there find their feet.
Thank you.

I have had my own share of health challenges. I have fell down flat many times, sick and tired of life, but I have managed to pull through and I am now standing on my feet. I feel obliged to share my story because I believe that sharing my experience can be the difference for a whole lot of people who might be going through different health challenges at the moment.

For years, I have suffered ill health with many accompanying symptoms: Panic attacks, depression, poor sleep quality, Tachycardia, and many more related symptoms. These symptoms made me hate life in all sense. I was afraid to live. I could not interact with people around me, and I could not go out. I was living in my own shell, afraid of what the next moment could turn out to be. The symptoms made me feel horrible and instead of waning, they became more severe, even with continuous visits to doctors.
My travail continued as I daily hoped for a miracle, something to take away all my pains and troubles.

Unfortunately, my sufferings and bouts with the symptoms were heightened because of ignorance. I did not know that I lacked essential vitamins and minerals that my body needs to function at optimal levels. You see, the situation most of us have found ourselves cannot be far-fetched from my experience. I tried all sorts, but none yielded any positive changes. I was dying and I knew this even as more money went down the drain. At a point, I no longer felt pity for myself; I just wanted everything to end. I wanted to enjoy life, I wanted to be free and that was exactly what I did.
In a last resort
to save myself, I started to consult medical literature. I swept through the old and new ones, trying to find out what I had to do to be healthy. I wanted to stand on my feet and I wanted to pursue my big dreams. The medical literatures revealed so much about my symptoms and I started to connect the dots. It became clear to me gradually, that the core of my troubles might be nutritional deficiencies. I started to supplement with vitamins and minerals, shutting out the pharmaceuticals because I feared that they could further compound my problems.
That turned out to be my salvation. I started to notice improved changes. I began to feel strong and refreshed. Apparently, I had pronounced deficiencies in Vitamin D3 and every symptom I experienced, could be traced to it. I started taking high doses of Vitamins D3, K2, and magnesium.

I am particularly saddened by my plight, because many people actually battle with varying health conditions because they lack the right information. It is in fact more disheartening when health professionals fail to help you assuage the pains caused by the situation when they do not point you in the right direction.

My blood test results showed high deficiencies in Vitamin D3 and immediately I started with the supplements, I started to feel and live better. I started with 50K of Vitamin D3, Vitamin K2 and magnesium. For me, this combination created the closest thing to a modern day elixir and eventually gave me relief.

It is high time health professionals started sharing these knowledge with people because it could help end the suffering of a lot of people, and this is why I am sharing my story.
I hope that sharing my story would help someone make a turnaround, and take charge of his or her life, as I did. Even if it is just a single person. I hope that this single person will share this with another person until it goes viral.

People do not have to go through so much when the potential solution to their problem is very simple and inexpensive.
I do hope once again that my story resonates and connects with some of you. Vitamin D3 turned my life around for better and I believe that I am not alone here. Please spread the word, share your experience. You never know how much your story and experience might help someone in need.
I am just glad that I could figure out my troubles. You too can.

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