Is Low Vitamin D Asymptomatic?

by Heather
(Fort Worth, TX)

The last three years I have gone to my doctor in October or November with exhaustion, brain foggy, anxiety, depression, dizzy, moody, ect. Well, finally last year I was diagnosed with low vitamin D (19) and put on 50,000 for 8 weeks. It kept me well until this month. I called my doctor to request the test so I could be put back on 50,000 or go in to be tested for other deficiencies if that was not the cause of my symptoms. When I called my doctor and requested this and explained my symptoms, the nurse said that it is impossible to "feel" low vitamin D and that it is asymptomatic.

At that point, I was so dumbfounded and once my results come back I will be switching to a new doctor. Unbelievable that she does not believe there are effects of low vitamin D. Has she not even tried to Google deficient vitamin d? Anyone else have a doctor try to convince them of this as well?

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