Does Severe Vitamin D deficiency associate with neurological disorders?

by Nick
(Seattle )

Neurologic Problems CAN Be Symptoms of Vitamin D Deficiency

Neurologic Problems CAN Be Symptoms of Vitamin D Deficiency

I went to see my doctor about a few months ago to get a check up. While I was there I told him I been having trouble studying, sometimes it was hard to focus and other times i had difficulty formulating words that I normally use, temporarily forgotten.

(e.g. drawing blanks when thinking)

He recommended that I should get my blood tested because he suspected I had vitamin D deficiency, so I did.

The result showed:

Vit D2(25_Hydroxy): <1

Vit D3(25_Hydroxy): 7.5

Vit D (25_Hydroxy)total calcium : 7.5

Normal range is about 20.1 ng/ml - 50.0 ng/ml

Deficiency range: 8.0 ng/ml - 20.0 ng/ml

Severe Deficiency: < 7.0 ng/ml

Thus I was diagnosed with severe vitamin D deficiency. He prescribed me 50,000 UNT (1 pill a week for the next 3 months) He told me this should help enhance health.

Therefore my question is does having Vitamin D Deficiency associate with any neurological disorder?

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Could Vitamin D Deficiency Be Causing These Neurologic Problems?

by JenMarie

I am 25 and 3 weeks ago started getting what they called tremors my whole body (arms, legs, abdomin, shoulders, neck, just about everything) twitch periodically. a week and a half later I started having speech problems.

I've been stuttering and slurring my words constantly if not on medication and twitching more and more regularly also when not on medication. And within the last week my legs started having spasms and making me lose my balance and fall down which hasn't harmed me yet but everything seems to be getting worse.

They did blood work twice and everything was normal. My vitamin d level was a 27 though. I honestly don't believe that is the only issue though.

I have received an mri that concluded my brain is normal but I have bilateral ethmoid sinusitis, whatever that means. A cat scan said the same thing. They prescribed 800 IU's of vitamin d w/calcium once daily for the vit d deficiency but could that really be causing everything? It sounds like lies to me.

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Neurologic Problems from Vitamin D Deficiency

by Brenda
(Charlotte, NC)

I've had vertigo 24/7 for 14 weeks now, and my doctors can't figure out why. I have lupus, but lupus related neurologic disorders are hard to diagnose--MRI's MRA's and spinal taps have come out normal.

Today I found out from blood work my rheumatologist took last week that I'm severely vitamin D deficient. Could that in any way--if left unchecked for a length period of time--cause neurologic symptoms?



Hi Brenda,

So, your question really intrigues me because you said "lupus related neurologic disorders are hard to diagnose".

This is interesting to me because the REASON they are hard to diagnose is because doctors are looking for a neurologic problem to be 'The Problem' when it is merely a SYMPTOM of another problem that they are not even attempting to look for!

They are trying to find a NAME for your neurologic problem when 'oops', by a mere coincidence they find that you have a vitamin d deficiency!

Well, it's no coincidence and it's a shame that doctors don't actually look for nutritional deficiencies from the start instead of letting people like you suffer for years without even looking for the UNDERLYING problem of why you are sick.

So, while I haven't written anything on neurologic issues as they are related to vitamin d deficiency- yet, I've collected some research for future writing. You can see that on the vitamin D research page, I have a section about Vitamin D and The Brain with the next section below it being vitamin d and mental health- which are very interrelated.

So, yes - absolutely vitamin d can have neurologic consequences- including Multiple Sclerosis!

So, be sure that you download my Fact Sheet on Vitamin D so that you don't let your doctors tell you that 30 ng/ml is a Normal Vitamin D Level (it's not) and so that you know not to take their Prescription Vitamin D (you shouldn't) and so that they don't tell you to take some teeny amount of vitamin d and tell you that it is enough for Vitamin D Deficiency Treatment.

Then, another reason for neurologic problems is Vitamin B12 Deficiency which can cause Mental Changes from B12 Deficiency.

And the problem with Vitamin B12 Deficiency is that even if your doctors WERE to look for it, they wouldn't be likely to find it because Vitamin B12 Levels are completely unreliable.

So, if you are interested in actually trying to SOLVE these neurologic problems, rather than just getting them diagnosed, and if you are interested in getting rid of your lupus rather than living with it, then respond to this on the comments section with your interest and I can help you to find some other solutions to these problems.

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Immune System

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Is Difficulty Walking a Symptom of Vitamin D Deficiency

by Anne

For the past two years I have had problems walking. I am unable to walk or stand unaided. My leg muscles are stiff and my muscles also contract sometimes, causing pain.

I have had many scans, including MRI/CAT/brain scans and other tests and X rays, plus a lumbar puncture. Nothing has shown up during any of these tests and I have not had a diagnosis

I do take a calcium and Vitamin D3 supplement for osteoporosis (400 iu x 2 daily) but apart from that, because of mobility problems, I do not get out into sunlight very often.

Do you think a Vitamin D 3 supplement would help and if so how much should I take?

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Vitamin D Level of 8 and Muscular Dystrophy Symptoms

by Mike
(cincinnati, ohio)

I wrote you about six month ago. I am the guy from Cincinnati. My vitamin d was 8 back then. My neurologist told me he thinks I have muscular dystrophy. He did prescribe 50000 iu for me. But for financial reasons I have not been able to get it since like October.

I've tried drinking whole milk and more foods with vitamin d in it. Is there any thing easy to get or take or eat to help with my vitamin d. I'm nor scheduled for another month to see him . But have kind of started developing new symptoms. So I am beginning to worry. What do I do?! What can I do?

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Vitamin D defficency and neurological symptoms

by Trine

For several years, on and off, I've been bothered with numbness, muscle weakness, dizziness, fainting, fasciculation, spasms, twitching in my fingers and toes, and more. They've never found anything. Now I'm really sick again, and almost been on bed-rest for 2 months, and suddenly the doctor calls and says: You have a vitamin D defficency, so now I'm taking 800 UI per day, after recommendation from my doctor here in Norway.

Can this defficency be causing all my problems? I've had almost a whole good year, and suddenly I was back to where I used to be again, without really doing anything. I've never taken any supplements either. Can the defficency come and go like this?

This is a really good thing you're doing, answering these questions, we don't have a lot of help here in Norway regarding vitamin D, or vitamins in general.

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