Could being cold all the time be a symptom of Vitamin D deficiency





Hi Kathy,

Well, I know that you just recently found out that you have Vitamin D Deficiency and you just recently started getting cold all the time. But you have to remember that it's likely that you have had this vitamin d deficiency for YEARS, maybe even DECADES!!!

So, it's EXTREMELY unlikely that your feeling cold for the past few DAYS has anything at all to with having had vitamin d deficiency for many YEARS.

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Immune System

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maybe a symptom with thyroid problem
by: Anonymous

Being cold all the time is one of the symptoms for thyroid problem. A friend of mine was cold all the time and she has hypothyroidism.

Being Cold and Vitamin D deficiency
by: Anonymous

It's fair that being cold recently wouldn't be related to vitamin D, since it's been long term. But is it possibly a symptom for someone who has always been cold? I always assumed it was because I'm a smaller person, but there are plenty of other smaller people who aren't so cold all the time.

Could that be a cause or factor? I was only diagnosed today, so I haven't started treatment yet.

I'm just curious what I can expect to improve eventually.

Thank you.

So many factors...
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

I just really can't say. There are so many reasons why you could feel cold all of the time and there is just simply no data from any research study or any of the other reputable websites that have talked about being cold as a vitamin d deficiency symptom.

Really, in my opinion, people who are vitamin d deficient just tend to not be as physically active as those who are vitamin d sufficient- because most active people are outside in the sun more frequently.

And physical activity, moving and using your muscles and having a higher muscle mass tends to keep you warmer.

So, having vitamin d deficiency is often a 'Symptom' of not getting enough activity- not in ALL people with vitamin d deficiency certainly- but as a general rule. So, that would be my take on why someone with vitamin d deficiency would be more likely to be cold.

Oh, and make sure that you read my Vitamin D Therapy page so that you bring up your levels the 'right' way to the right numbers and that you are NOT using Prescription Vitamin D

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Immune System


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Do not tell people being Vit D def. means they are not active.
by: Kim

I currently own two horses. I take care of them daily. I beg you to try to lift a draft horse's leg that decides he does not want to budge.

Unfortunately, in 2005 I was dianosised with skin cancer. Therefore, I don't lay out in the sun. This type of activity does not interest me anyway. However, I excercise until I can't. I just cannot do it in the sun. I don't want to burn!

I also won the Adult Bronze Nationals in Ice Skating with my husband in the 1990s.

I was tested at having a level of 8 for Vit D, recently. I do believe doctors are finding a genetic link, as well.

I had bone pain, cramps, contantly sick, numbness, and tingling in my fingers and toes, while I was in top shape and skating every day.

Ahem, I sleep with a heating pad because I just cannot get warm.

Because of opinions like yours, I went misdiagnosed until recently. In fact, people thought I was making it up at one point.

It finally occured to one doctor, the complaints started every fall, and this was the first year it started happening in the summer.

In my opinion, you need to get a different opinion!

BTW, having horses means you are outside. I don't know many that are inside a house.

Having a level of 8 for vitiamin D sucks! It hurts and it does not mean you are overweight and don't excercise.

I weight a buck twenty to thirty at the most, and I am 5'6". I think that means I am not overweight.

I have been on prescription Vit D now for two weeks, and I am starting to feel better.

It was really nice to know I am not insane, as well.

Please keep comments like this to yourself.

Someone out there will be looking up these symptoms and won't get tested because they exercise and go outside.

In my opinion, if your Vit D drops below a certain point, you will start feeling cold all the time, especially, in your hands and feet.

I hope I help someone else out there. If you feel tired all the time, weak, cramps, twitches, bone pain, tingling, etc. You should be tested for Vit D. Because it could also be MS!

Those of us who are really pale and cannot go out in the sun, we don't want to hear this type of non-sense.

Please change your opinion, or just leave it completely out.

That attitude will make people think they cannot possibly have this problem. FIVE YEARS MISDIAGNOSED!

It all started when I started using sunscreen.

You cannot blame everything on exercise and weight. Althletes die of strange causes too.

If you have any of the symptoms I described, you should get tested for Vit D def. I am willing to bet you been told you have FM, which is the diagnosis when they don't know what the hell you have. Most doctors don't even know about the Vit D test.

Please read the rest of my website Kim...
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Hi Kim,

Hmmm. I'm not why you are so angry at me. I think that maybe you didn't read any of the rest of my website. If you were to read the rest of my website you would see that I am probably the biggest proponent of Vitamin D Testing and encourage it for almost all problems.

This woman was ALREADY diagnosed with vitamin d deficiency and wanted to know if they are related and if the vitamin d will make her symptoms of being cold go away. I did NOT say that they were not. What I DID say is that there are no studies showing that this is a symptom and that I don't know if her feelings of being cold all of the time will go away when she begins to take vitamin d.

It is ALSO a fact that people who don't get much exercise don't (in general) get as much sun as people who DO! I did NOT say that she was fat and out of shape (she said she's not).

But the vast majority of people don't get enough exercise. And it's also a fact that athletes tend to get more sun and thus vitamin d than people who don't. If you read the response again, I also said that that is NOT true of everyone, but it's a generalization that holds true in MANY instances.

And YES, athletes DO die of strange things, such as Prolonged QT Interval- which is one of the Signs of Magnesium Deficiency that I ALSO am trying to get more awareness of.

You are 'preaching to the choir' so to speak to be telling me that people have been misdiagnosed for many years and that people should get tested for vitamin d deficiency.

Kim, awareness for vitamin d deficiency is one of the MAIN REASONS that I have been doing this website!! I've spent the past 2 years putting 12 hours days six and seven days a week to raise awareness of vitamin d deficiency.

If you read the rest of my website, you will possibly have a different opinion of my beliefs about vitamin d.

Should I have lied to this woman and told her that there is tons of research that vitamin d deficiency leads to feelings of being cold? I told her that there is no research on it and that is the truth.

Did I tell her that she's making it up and that she's not vitamin d deficient? No. Of course I didn't. She's already been diagnosed and wanted to know the relationship. However as far as I know there is no relationship and I do NOT know if her sensation of being cold all of the time will improve when she takes vitamin d.

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Immune System

cold and low vit d (9)
by: Anonymous

Apparently I have had a low vit d level for awhile having suffered from chronic fatigue, bone and muscle pain and tooth pain (and bad teeth). After finally complaining my dr had a level drawn and voila a level of 9.

I too am always cold year round and resort to a heating pad in the winter despite 3 willing cats. My thyroid level has been tested for years and has always been normal. I started on 2000 units daily and stopped.

Noticed reappearance of painful symptoms and restarted on 5000 units. Coldness is still here but of course I haven't finished a bottle yet either. Will be an interesting side note of correlation or not.

I thought I was the Immune Queen!
by: Mrs. 8.5

I'm a nurse, too. Hearing lots about Vitamin D lately and finally checked last week--8.5! This could explain the years of numbness and tingling in the hands/feet, joint pain & stiffness, fatigue, etc. Long suspected MS or maybe lupus due to hx of paresthesia in legs (itching, burning) and other symptoms.

Hx of Sjogren's, hyperthyroid, arthritis, etc. Getting very frustrated that in years of appointments with various docs in many specialties, not one ever mentioned a word about Vitamin D. Makes you wonder what came first--the deficiency or the other stuff. Gotta say, I too am always freezing!

Have you come across any info on Vitamin D deficiency and varicosities? I have had horrible spider veins since late teens and am now in my early 40's and have been developing worsening varicosities lately in additon to the hair falling out and cavities. I'm a mess! Nice to have a place to vent and to get some support.

Check out Gluten Sensitivity
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Hi Mrs. 8.5,

There's nothing on varicosities and Vitamin D, but that seems the least of your problems and easy to live with if you could get some of the other problems taken care of I would imagine!

In any case, with all of your issues, I'm nearly certain that Gluten Sensitivity is at least part of many of your underlying problems. Trust me, all of that is not going to clear up with a normal vitamin d level, but much more of it might clear up with on a WHOLE FOOD BASED Gluten Free Diet.

I'll bet that your doctors never mentioned gluten as a possible problem either...

Kerri Knox RN

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Immune System
Side Effects

Thanks for the info
by: Mrs. 8.5

Nope. Not a word. And I hadn't gotten around to looking at that part of your site yet, either since my GI tract seems fine (thank goodness something has been working well)!

In fact, I always joke that I have the "stomach of steel". But you wonder why a light-skinned, non-sunshunner from VA who gets a fair amount of D would have such a low level. Think I'll go read all about it right now....

by: mb

I am 2 months away from turning 40. I have started to get winded vacuuming and washing windows. With heart disease in the family I ran to the family doctor who has run a whole panel of blood work, chest xray and stress test. So far all they have found is a vit D deficiency with a number of 13. I have been put on 50,000 units once a week. So far taken for 3 weeks. Thyroid is fine but I am frozen. I have 3 layers on and ready to get under the electric blanket. Stress test is tomorrow. I still feel a loss of energy. Not necessarily fatigue just no energy. Read somewhere that raised estrogen levels could bring coldness in premenopause which I should be approaching. Would give anything for a hot flash right now. I to am very fair skinned and can not go in the sun. I am also not overweight but would like to lose 10-15 pounds.

Feeling Cold Now
by: JMK

I am on vitamin D2 50,000 Once a week for six months now. My test today say I am at 22 and the Dr. put me on vitamin D3--2000 a day also.
The part of getting cold was kind of a welcome since for ten years I was always hot and could not wear anything like sweaters or long sleeves. It may not cause everyone to feel cold but it sure changed for me.

cold feet and hands
by: Anonymous

hey my name is james just recently ive had a problem with coldness in my hands feet and legs. sometimes they are also numb. i have chills in my entire body . i have high blood pressure . i do not have insurance or a doctor but i have to do some thing about this problem. im gonna go get blood work done on monday may be that will tell me some thing. ive been reading some of what people have to say do you think i should get vitamin d tested to see if its low. how else can i get tested to see whats wrong. thanks james


YES, Get your vitamin d tested.

Kerri KNox, RN

by: Kelly

I started taking 2000iu a day because a work physical test just happened to include the test and showed me that I was at 18. Within two months I stopped hovering my thermostat at 80 degrees, and my menstrual cycle normalized from sixty days to forty. I quit for a month as a test, period delayed an extra nine days and was getting cold again. Started back on 10k iu 2x a week, if I didn't get out onto any sunlight (I live in the north). Period normalized at set 30 days for three months now, and I keep my thermostat at seventy, all the time. I'm also no longer bothered by muscle aches and pains when subjected to air conditioning, which is HUGE at work, where I always wore long knitted high been sweaters and fluffh scarves. It's like a total transformation in comfort levels when I just sit around at home, not freezing to death. No space heater in July, no heat blanket. Sometimes I even sweat when is above seventy five. I wonder if going back to the tropics now would be mildly uncomfortable, versus the sweet sweet relief I felt to finally be warm in the ninety degree humidity that reduced everyone else to whining sweaty sloths.

I can't wait to go back and get my levels tested again in a few months!

So yeah, that could be what's up. Never know until you get tested and try!

Can't wait to feel good again
by: Anonymous

After reading all the comments on vitamin d deficiency, I realized I had so many of the symptoms associated with it. My problems were, fatigue, cold hands and feet, joint pain on left side of body, not sleeping, weight gain, tingling in fingers which is all related to the vitamin deficiency.

I even went to a vascular Doctor and everything was O K. Then I had blood work when I was told of the vitamin D deficiency. I took my first pill today and look forward to feeling good again. Since I have skin cancer, I stay away from it. Your article was inspiring and now know I will finally start to improve and be myself again.

Thank you, Cynthia

by: Anonymous

I too was very cold -could not get warm. if someone touch me -they say it was like i just came out of freezer. My vit d level was less then 18 and now that it has come up with high doses of vitamin d i am no longer cold. So there has to be some truth to being freezing from low D.

Vitamin D deficiency
by: Anonymous

My level was 23 ... I thought my symptoms were due to my hypothyroidism, but it seems that's not the case ... Exercise intolerance, fatigue,mental fatigue, trouble getting warm/ chilled to the bone when cold, muscle and joint pain, a little depression, and I guess the reason for the painful tingling in my fingertips and tingling in my feet. I'm taking 8000 iu a day of D3 with fish oil. This is my the beginning of my 2nd week of treatment... I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Vitamin d cured freezing tingling paleness
by: Anonymous

I had been diagnosed with Raynaud's disease but knew it couldn't be just that. After years of freezing, tingling numbness, color changes in my skin on my whole body even inside with high temperatures, finally I tried taking vitamin d after remembering I had a deficiency years back. Soooo quickly I got an improvement I am finally warm again. I thought I was dying. It's amazing how something so simple can cause so many broad symptoms. For me it was unbearable! I am a firm believer that if you live in America be your own doctor.

I have no respect for doctors at all. Stealing money giving no answers. I am so thankful I didn't give up hope because I must have spent 8,000 worth of hospital visits n doctors visits suffering. If your cold all the time try vitamin d. I take d3 1000iu a day now started with d2 50,000 a week... i also take a probiotic not sure if that plays part!

Vitamin D Level is a 4
by: Anonymous

I have a four and I have been chilling to the bone so much that it hurts and feels like my bones will, that just may be a sympton.

IRON DEFICIENCY can make you cold

Hi everyone who feels cold on extremities or the whole body chills as I too have been suffering from this symptom past one year...I don't know about vit-D deficiency but for me it was IRON deficiency when I got my iron levels checked..The moment I started my iron pills I started feeling not too chilly after that...I am sure someone would get a big help from what I have shared.. Thanks

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