Can Vitamin D Deficiency cause Petechiae in an adult?

Can Vitamin D Deficiency cause Petechiae in adults? I have low levels of Vitamin D and noticed I am covered in tiny red dots. Is there a correlation or should I be seeking additional advice?


No, I have never heard of petechiae from vitamin d deficiency. It is more likely a result of low platelets as a more serious issue, but if that it OK and your doctor can't figure it out (AND you are NOT on blood thinners or aspirin), then it could be a vitamin K deficiency.

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petechiae and low vit D
by: Anonymous

interesting, my blood test came out also very low vitamin D, the platelets is normal, everything else is normal.

And I also have petechiae for many years, all my body covered with red broken capillaries.

I started taking 4000 vit D, has been a month now, but petechiae didn't go away.

Im not alone
by: Anonymous

same thing here. Does anyone know why?

petechiae/low vit d?
by: michele

no idea why, but i'm low vit d and have those red dots too. taking vit d3, calcium,and multi with vit d in it too. total of 6000 iu / day seem to feel improvement in fatigue,but still have bone/muscle pain after 2 months of vitamin therapy. slow progress.

I also have this
by: Anonymous

Same here - petechiae all over both chins and somewhat on calves. I have vitamin D deficiency but no other deficiencies or blood problems were found.

low vit d with petechiae were the least of my problems.
by: michele

just an update. got alot sicker than i could imagine. found a great integrative dr. that went to work and hasn't stopped yet. she walked in exam room and looked at me and said you have hypothyroidism. i knew that,but couldn't get my dr of 30 yrs to believe me. my previous dr wouldn't even look at cat scan results that showed a ovarian cyst that was causing me great pain with difficulty walking.along with intestinal inflammation. also had multiple vit and mineral deficiencies. and yes i was going thru menopause. my cortisol levels were elevated throughout the day and never showed normal level at any point over 24 hr period. i was exhausted and unable to sleep. i felt like i was going to die. i have multiple food sensitives (egg, gluten,wheat,brewers yeast, and yogurt) i questioned a gi dr who said that i didn't have celiac. my new dr says i do and yes i believe her. she also found that i have intestinal parasites. giardia and round worms. it seems that my intestines were a perfect home for them to settle into. hope this will help others who might be going thru similar advice is find a good integrative dr who knows whats going on and will invest the time to help you to heal.

Vitamin D and petechiae
by: Anonymous

Yes, a vitamin D deficiency can cause petechiae. I had unexplained spots for a year with normal platelets before a severe vitamin D deficiency was found. After 5 months of prescription strength D they have gone away. Hope this helps!

Petechia and Vitamin C
by: Anonymous

I suffer from petechia. About 3 months ago, I decided to research petechia on the internet. I found out that petechia is associated with lack of vitamin C. Since I had been to several doctors who offered no suggestion as to what might help. I decided to try vitamin C. I been taking it for
3 nonths and I'm happy to report that it has worked for me. I mean, I could not even go shopping and stand for a along time because I would get clusters of red dots and my legs would ache. I purchased the 500mg but I take half of the tablet. Try it and see if it works for you. Please note that I discussed it with my doctor first.

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