vitamin d deficiency/ tingling and muscle twitching

by Smita

Does vitamin d deficiency cause muscle twitching and tingling? As I know, low calcium can cause muscle spasm, but my calcium and all other vitamins minerals are normal, except vitamin d is low.

Anybody has a same symtoms like me....????


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Vitamin D and Calcium and Magnesium, oh my!
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Hi Smita,

Well, it's interesting that your calcium and 'all other vitamins and minerals are normal'. My question is- WHAT other vitamins and minerals did they check?

The only vitamins and minerals that doctors check for, and usually only in certain circumstances, are:

* Calcium
* Magnesium
* Potassium

They will only do other ones for kidney failure patients, even though they can check dozens more, in 15 years of being a nurse, I have never ever seen other vitamin and mineral levels done, so I would be curious to hear about which ones they did for you.

You are lucky that your doctor actually did a vitamin d level too! That is great. Hopefully more and more doctors will be doing this.

But back to your question. You can get tingling and other symptoms of Neuropathy from vitamin d deficiency, but the muscle twitching and Muscle Cramps are almost invariably Signs of Magnesium Deficiency.

So, interestingly even if both calcium and magnesium are normal, it does not mean that you can't have problems with them. In fact, the body JEALOUSLY guards the blood levels of both calcium and magnesium- even to the detriment of the rest of the body.

There are many many studies showing that Magnesium Blood Levels are completely worthless- and are actually 'worse than worthless' because normal levels give you a false sense that things are normal even when they are not.

And calcium levels are the same way, every day, women get severe osteoporosis while their calcium levels are normal- and THAT is because they are often vitamin d, magnesium, potassium and/or vitamin K deficient- which regulate the ability of calcium to be driven into the bones!

So, it's VERY likely that you DO have other nutritional deficiencies- particularly magnesium- if you have symptoms of tingling and muscle twitching.

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Easy Immune

Muscle twitching in legs has been frightening
by: Anonymous

My doctor ordered blood work. Results were High potassium, very low vitamin D, average calcium but did not test for magnesium? I am 61 and scared sick of ALS.

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