Could Numbness be connected to Vitamin D deficiency?

by JJ

I Have been having this spreading Numbness (less sensation i would call it) in different parts of my some areas (toes, tip of the fingers, left side of my body) tends to be stronger.

I did a blood test and my Vitamin D levels were low 22 nmol/L . I have yet to do an MRI which is gonna be soon hopefully but our incompetent doctors have no idea why this happened to me.

I don't have any other significant symptom that would lead us anywhere. Would you my numbness could be a symptom of Vitamin D deficiency?

Thank you so much

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It could be, but it might not be...
by: Kerri Knox, Registered Nurse

Hi JJ,

Vitamin D deficiency 'could' be the cause of your numbness- or it might not be. Numbness can be caused by many different things, and if you are low in vitamin d, then you could be low in a lot of other nutrients as well. Nutritional deficiencies are very common, and it's rare for doctors to test for many of them, and many cannot even be tested for.

Many people think that because their doctor tested for a few nutritional markers and they were normal, then they have no nutritional deficiencies. But this is incorrect. What about the ones that he didn't even test for? And many of the tets for nutritional markers, such as the ones for magnesium and vitamin B12, are grossly inaccurate. Even worse, they often test normal when they are grossly abnormal.

So, numbness could be due to the vitamin D deficiency- or it could be due to iron deficiency, or B12 deficiency, or any number of other deficiencies. Or it could be due to Gluten Sensitivity that is causing the nutritional deficiencies, or it could be due to the H Pylori Bacteria causing inflammation and decreased absorption.

Sorry to be so vague, but there is no way to know if that 'one' thing is the cause of your problems without getting rid of that one thing and seeing if it fixes the problem. There are many reasons for numbness you'll have to 'rule out' the many reasons that you may have it before anyone can say, "Yes, that was the reason for your numbness".

And even if you get an MRI and it comes back showing some neurologic problem, that doesn't tell you what caused the neurologic problem in the first place. In other words, nutritional deficiencies, particularly B12 deficiency and Vitamin D deficiency, can actually cause neurologic problems that may look as severe as Multiple Sclerosis.

Please read my page on Neurologic Changes from B12 Deficiency.

Kerri Knox, RN

More to add
by: JJ

I forgot to mention that my vitamin D level is 22 mnol/L which has been alarming to all my doctors. I have always had a very low iron levels in my blood since childhood. Due to my IBS i had B12 deficiency in the past but my levels were normal, Calcium and Magnesium levels looked fine as well.

I'm still amazed how a neurologist would tell me he has heard that low Vit-D would make me volnurable to catching colds (he had no idea about it's importance for the nervous system). I am not good at coping with waiting months for diagnosis so i keep telling myself that it might just be my imbalanced diet and the fact that i have always avoided sunlight with all my power.

It could be
by: Kerri Knox, Registered Nurse

Hi JJ,

Again, your neurologic symptoms 'could' be from vitamin d deficiency. You'll have to get rid of your vitamin d deficiency and wait a while after that in order to find out.

And PLEASE read further on my site and the links that I've referred you to. I mention on those links the connection between neurologic symptoms and vitamin b12 deficiency and how vitamin b12 levels, as well as magnesium levels ARE NOT ACCURATE and do NOT in any way tell you whether you would benefit from Vitamin B12 or from magnesium.

And in fact, with a vitamin d level that low, you absolutely must read my page on Magnesium and Vitamin D.

In addition, with lifelong iron deficiency and IBS, it's almost a certainty that you have undiagnosed Gluten Sensitivity that may be the cause of many of your problems, including the IBS and nutritional deficiencies, and could even be the direct cause of your neurologic problems as well.

Kerri Knox, Registered Nurse

by: Anonymous

My vitamin d level is a 4. 22 is low but 4 is bad. And i have numbess as well.

Vit D deficiency caused my numbness
by: Anonymous

Mine was 43 ng/mL when I had total body numbness. When I began taking vit D supplements I got all the feeling back after a few months. My doctor told me originally he didn't think that I had vit D deficiency but looks like I did! Guess 43 was just low for me, not the average!

me too
by: Anonymous

Just received my results. My level is 10. Also suffering from numbness, tingling, dizziness etc. Thought MS but brain Mri was clear. ???

Vitamin D
by: Sherry

I'm so glad I found this. My numbness started on the bottom of my feet, went up to my knees then when I ended up getting sick the numbness spread all the way up my torso. My B12 levels were normal but my D was 16.

Every doctor i went to couldn't tell me what was going on or why i was going numb. I took my lab results to my naturopathic and that's when i finally got a real answer. Now I'm taking 10,000 units of vitamin D a day for 10 weeks then checking my levels again.

I'm praying the numbness gets better soon. I'm so relieved to see that I'm not the only one having the same issues.

Vit d
by: Nee

I had hand numbness at night and pain in calf muscles and spine too. All disapeeared when i started taking vit d . And it returns once i stop the vit d. Excessive hairfall also

Vitamin D dosage
by: Anonymous

For those of you who saw an improvement after taking vitamin D, how much were you taking? My vit D level is 13 and my dr wants me to take 50000 iu once a week. Will I get similar results if I take 7000 -8000 every day instead?

numbness and neuropathic symptoms
by: Anonymous

I am very relexed to read here that I am not alone sufferer of vitamin D deficency. I had vitamin B12 deficiency last year and having spark in my hands and feets while bow down my head. An electricity shock in whole neuro structure. The doector trated me with B12 injections. Again about 3-4 months back I felt another kind of neuro symptoms like numbness in my feets so after bearing it for some months I just got diganosed it some days back and found vitamin D deficiency. My level is 16. I sometimes feared very much that I am still not sure that after cusring this my numbness will go since numbness happens due to some other reasons also like deficency of vitamin B12, D and due to dibites, due to cervical spndolysis, nerve damage etc. Anyway I hope all of people here try to get treatment keeping in view that to check all these reasons fix to get rid with the whole problem....

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