Breast Cancer and Vitamin D
What Your Doctor Doesn't Know

The subject of Breast Cancer and Vitamin D SHOULD be the hottest topic that is being discussed by every single woman out there. The evidence of the connection between Breast Cancer and Vitamin D Deficiency is SO strong that it is simply unthinkable that we are allowing women to be Vitamin D Deficient and possibly increasing their risk of breast cancer. Truly unthinkable that in a first world society, women are getting breast cancer for lack of a Vitamin supplement that would cost less than $100 per year.



In the case of Breast Cancer and Vitamin D, the medical establishment is completely ignoring the large and compelling amount of evidence in favor of allowing vast numbers of people to experience the dozens of subtle Symptoms of Vitamin D Deficiency. How many women will get breast cancer this year? This decade? I'll bet that either you or someone you know has been diagnosed with breast cancer, am I right?

Well, be prepared to get angry because I'm going to tell you that it didn't have to happen. Could these breast cancers have been prevented if only your doctor had told you about the research on Breast Cancer and Vitamin D? You will never know. But the evidence strongly suggests that it COULD have- if only you had known!!


"evidence suggests that vitamin D may 
modestly reduce risk of breast cancer"


That's what the peer-reviewed analysis called Breast Cancer and Vitamin D says about it. This study analyzed many studies on the risk of breast cancer and vitamin D intake as well as sun exposure. While 'modest reduction' may not sound like something you would want to shout from the rooftops, if you could reduce your risk of breast cancer 'modestly' by taking a vitamin pill once a month- would you do it??



What does 'Modestly' mean anyway. Well, that is going to be different depending upon who you talk to and studies all report a different decrease in risk. But here are what some of the researchers are saying.

    Garland CF, et al. Vitamin D and prevention of breast cancer: suggests a 50% reduction in breast cancer if all women were to have Vitamin D Levels of 52 ng/ml.Lowe LC, et al. Plasma 25-hydroxy vitamin D concentrations, vitamin D receptor genotype and breast cancer risk in a UK Caucasian population: also suggests a 50% reduction in breast cancer with Vitamin D levels of 48 ng/ml.

So, at least two studies suggest a 50% reduction in breast cancer risk with higher than Normal Vitamin D Levels. That is HUGE and should be shouted out from the rooftops and in every health magazine around! Doctors and medical groups prescribe the cholesterol-lowering statin medications with almost a religious fervor to reduce heart attack risk by approximately 1%!! (Read The Great Cholesterol Lie to see why THAT'S crazy too!)

Not to mention the fact that Researchers say that Breast Cancer Screening is Useless and even potentially harmful! 

Breast Cancer and Vitamin D. Cut your risk of breast cancer by 50% with vitamin d

So, your doctor continues to push useless "Screening" exams- yet he is IGNORING a Vitamin that COULD reduce your risk of breast cancer up to 50%! And doctors are not even telling women the Vitamin D Research- even those who are at high risk of getting breast cancer. Instead, some doctors are even suggesting surgery to remove womens' breasts in order to prevent breast cancer - but NOT recommending Vitamin D!! What a travesty in health care when cutting off parts of the body is done without mentioning a VITAMIN first!

How Does Vitamin D 
Reduce Your Risk?

While no one knows exactly how the risk of breast cancer and Vitamin D sufficiency works, there are some educated guesses. If you read the Vitamin D Facts page, you will notice that Vitamin D is actually an immune system stimulant. And cancer, in many cases, is a failure of the immune system to detect and get rid of the foreign cancer cells. But if Vitamin D can help to improve the immune system, then the cancer cells can be eliminated before they have a chance to take hold in the body.

This theory is valid, too, when you see that Vitamin D and Many Other Cancers are related as well. In fact, the video below shows Dr. Cedric Garland as he explains why Breast Cancer and Colon Cancer could be reduced up to 75% with adequate Vitamin D Levels:

Breast Cancer and Vitamin D
Status at Diagnosis

In studies of women who were already diagnosed with breast cancer, some very interesting information arises too. Women with the lowest Vitamin D Levels were found to have more advanced stages of breast cancer at diagnosis. Also, women with higher levels of Vitamin D when diagnosed had better survival rates than those with lower levels.

On top of that, women undergoing chemotherapy had lower levels of Vitamin D than women who did NOT. No wonder that chemotherapy has a tendency to lower bone mineral density and contribute to osteoporosis. And seeing that Vitamin D plays a HUGE role in the metabolism of calcium in the bones, it seems like women undergoing chemotherapy are getting a one-two punch of higher death rates and decreased bone density if they DO survive. A slap in the face considering that both of these problems could be reduced using a simple vitamin D and calcium pill.

What about Those 
Who Already Have Breast Cancer?

Vitamin D 'analogues' (meaning synthetic drugs) are being studied intensely in order to use them as breast cancer treatments. Vitamin D has been shown to be able to slow the growth of breast cancer cells and to actually KILL breast cancer cells that are exposed to high doses of Vitamin D. However, to use Vitamin D as a breast cancer treatment BY ITSELF has been shown to need such high doses that Overdose on Vitamin D would result.

And since Vitamin D isn't effective on its own as a breast cancer treatment, doctors are not doing the next best thing- assuring ADEQUATE vitamin D levels in breast cancer patients. Since we KNOW that Vitamin D helps to slow the growth of breast cancer cells and to even be able to kill them, wouldn't YOU want every possible helper in your fight against breast cancer? Plus Vitamin D has been shown in MANY studies to improve mood.

So, even though adequate Vitamin D Levels are not going to be able to be the sole treatment for your breast cancer, it can HELP to:

  • Slow tumor growth
  • Improve the immune system
  • Decrease death rates
  • Prevent the osteoporosis associated with chemotherapy
  • Improve mood

In fact, that virtamin D reduces breast cancer risk is so well-accepted that pharmaceutical companies are now trying to create 'vitamin d analogues' to improve breast cancer treatment! (see Vitamin D receptor as a target for breast cancer therapy). That is patently absurd that pharmaceutical companies are trying to REPLICATE vitamin D to improve breast cancer treatment outcomes, but your doctor won't tell you about it to PREVENT breast cancer in the first place, don't you think? 

With all of those benefits of Breast Cancer and Vitamin D you need to INSIST on getting your vitamin D level checked. INSIST on it. According to the ethical guidelines of doctors, leaving people severely vitamin deficient- of ANY vitamin- is simply NOT an appropriate 'standard of care'.



So since there are so many good reasons to be Vitamin D Sufficient during your breast cancer treatment, whatever treatment you choose to do, there is absolutely no reason why you should be left with Vitamin D Deficiency – and every reason for you to have adequate blood levels.


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