Muscle Weakness and Vitamin-D-Deficient?

by Ana

For the past 3 months I've developed muscle weakness in my legs(my ankles, calves, knees, and thighs) feel wobbly when I walk and can't squat, as my feet feel like they are bending out from under me (like they can't hold my weight). My arms also feel clumsy, things feel heavier, from my hand, wrist, to arm, to shoulder, I feel this weakness.

All MRI's(brain and cervical- normal), EMG/NCS-normal(one upper and lower limb), the Neurologists tell me to seek mental therapy and say nothing is wrong with me, but I know something is not right. I keep telling them about my muscle weakness, they do their Neuro exams and tell me that their objective strength test feels normal. But their tests are useless, when I have weak arms doing daily things, like pushing my self off the couch for example, holding a mug or cooking pan, my hands through shoulders feel weak during these actions and also become shaky.

The only thing that was abnormal was my Vitamin-D-25 (18 ng/ml)-in the deficient range. One Neuro said to take 2000 UL per day and other Neuro laughed it off (that the whole vitamin-d deficiency thing should not be taken seriously-that it's the new thing & a money maker for labs, that the ranges are subjective). I disagree.

Right now, I am taking 3000 IU per day with meals, (my 1st Neuro said only 2000 per day), but I am afraid to take more than 3000 UL. How long would it take to even get my level up to 30 ng/ml at this rate??? How often should I re-check my V-D-25 level again (I've only been taking OTC pills for 3 weeks so far)?

As for calcium, I drink milk 3x/per day, is that enough calcium (I'm 36)? I can't swallow hard calcium-citrate(with D3) pills. Are there any gelatin capsule versions out there or in some liquid form-calcium citrate with D3?
My lab showed 9.0 (range 8.5-10.0)-normal calcium.
My 1,25 D-vitamin was 67(18-72 range)-normal.

I hope that the Vitamin-D deficiency is my cause of symptoms, because right now I'm undiagnosed and living with worry, fear, and anxiety over my condition. Please help, your input would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,


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Read my page on Vitamin D Therapy
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Hi Ana,

Your neurologists are nincompoops and don't know what they are talking about. There are many studies showing that vitamin d deficiency leads to decreased muscle strength. There are studies showing that this is true for everyone from healthy young girls to the elderly and everywhere in between.

But taking 3000 IU's per day could even make your levels go DOWN because it's not even likely to be meeting your daily needs!! Think about it, if you were dehydrated and someone told you to drink 2 glasses of water per day, that would likely make you even MORE dehydrated because you wouldn't even be getting what you need each day, right??

So, most adults need closer to 4000 to 5000 IU's per day to MAINTAIN their levels, so you could be causing your levels to decrease even further by taking 3000 IU's.

I have all the instructions that answer your questions on the Vitamin D Therapy page. So please read that page for all the instructions on how to bring and keep your levels up.

But Ana, Vitamin D isn't magical and if you are deficient in Vitamin D, do you think that it's likely the ONLY nutrient that you are deficient in?? Do you think that it's even possible to be deficient in one single isolated nutrient and be perfectly adequate in all the others?? It's unlikely.

Most people who are having as severe a symptoms as yourself have some other underlying problems that need to be addressed as well. And the MOST likely issue that can also cause neurologic problems and nutrient malabsorption is Gluten Sensitivity.

Despite what your neurologists might tell you, Gluten Sensitivity ALL BY ITSELF can lead to neurologic problems. But gluten sensitivity can also lead to Vitamin B12 Malabsorption which can cause Neurologic Changes from B12 Deficiency.

And there are a DOZEN other nutrient deficiencies that can lead to neurologic symptoms. Taking a 'magic bullet' approach is likely to fail and make you even more scared and frustrated.

Please read many of the pages on my site that I've referred you to and come back here if you have more questions.

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Immune System
Side Effects

Milk might be part of the problem!
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Hi again Ana,

Oh, also you said that you are drinking 3 glasses of milk per day- argghhhh!!! Why are you doing that!!!??? Pasteurized, homogenized milk is JUNK FOOD that has virtually no nutritional value and is full of antibiotics, hormones and pesticide residue from the feed the animals are given.

The ONLY 'milk' that should be called 'food' is RAW MILK, meaning Unpasteurized UNhomogenized milk from pasture-raised cows. Please see the Real Milk website for more information on why you should never ever again touch 'grocery store' milk ever again- especially if you have health problems.

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Immune System
Side Effects

my levels are 4 ng\l
by: udit (India)

hi,i had T.B. in 200t and and took the medicine course.after the completion of the course i was fine for a year,but afer one year i started feeling very weak tired and lathargic.i used to get low grade temperaures everyday.

this continued for almost two years.All the the doctors i had met hav ruled out T.B.Recently i had one through vitamin d3(25H) test and my levels is 4 ng\l.the doctor gave me calcium tablets to be taken daily and calcium granules once a week .

Is deficiency of Vitamn d the cause of my weakness and tiredness,and how long will it take to recover?

Yes. You are practically dead!
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Hi Udit,

Yes, the vitamin d deficiency is the VERY likely cause of your problem. Everyone needs a minimum amount of every nutrient in their body for life, and yours is at the very lowest that is detectable by the laboratory. In other words, your vitamin d level is at the lowest level you can have that will still support life- no wonder you feel horrible.

But calcium granules do not treat vitamin d deficiency, vitamin d does- and you'll need a LOT of it. You might need up to a MILLION IU's in a short period of time in order to bring your levels up to normal. So, when will you feel better? Never if you don't take vitamin d.

Please read my page on Vitamin D Therapy and follow the instructions step by step in order to bring your levels up- although you may need to actually do double the dosages recommended to bring your levels up in a timely manner.

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Immune System
Side Effects


PS: If you found this website helpful, please consider using the
Easy Immune Health Product Store the next time you purchase your supplements online. Your support allows me to keep this site running and educating as many people as possible. Thank you!

My vitamin dose
by: Udit

Hey ,Thanx a lot afor replying ,i just wanted to mention the dose which i am taking 100 IU of Colecalciferol(Vitamin d3) daily and 60,000 IU of Colecalciferol(vitamin d3) weekly.Is it sufficient for me or do i need to increase my dose.And also do i need to take magnesium tablets to counter the side effects of Vitamind3.

Thank You

You've obviously read the page
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Hi Udit,

You've obviously read the page on Magnesium and Vitamin D to be asking if you need to take magnesium to counter the side effects of vitamin d. So, I can only provide information, I can't tell you what you 'should' do and you have the information. So, YOU have to decide what is best for you to do.

All of the information that you are asking about is answered in the links that I've sent people to in this thread. You have to simply read them and answer the questions for yourself...

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Immune System
Side Effects

My Dosage
by: Udit

Kindly also tell me wheter that dose i am taking i.e. 100 IU of Colecalciferol(Vitamin d3) daily and 60,000 IU of Colecalciferol(vitamin d3) weekly is sufficient for me as my level was found to be 4 ng\l(before the start of the vitamin dose) or do i need to increase my dosage, as i am not able to feel much of a difference( i have been taking the vitamin dose since the last 20 days ).

Thank you

Please read the pages that I'm referring you to
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Hi Udit,

Please read the pages that I've been referring you to. The answers are there, but you have to read them. In THIS THREAD I've referred to the page called Vitamin D Therapy AT LEAST 3 times and you are still asking me how much you should take when it outlined step by step in that page. Please read it.

Udit, your level is almost nonexistent and you have probably been vitamin d deficient for most of your life and you want to feel better in 20 days by taking a pill once a week?? That is unrealistic.

I've talked MANY times on many different threads on this site on how long it will take you to get better and what else you need to do. Simply taking a pill once a week is not likely to get you feeling better, you need to address the reasons WHY you are so deficient and what other deficiencies that you probably have.

Do you think it's possible to be so severely deficient in ONE single nutrient but in no others?? It's nearly impossible. You likely need to address your entire lifestyle and eating habits if you want to feel better. Nutrients are not drugs and taking a pill is not going to fix everything for you.

Please do some further research on my site as I've answered these same questions that you are asking me hundreds of times.

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Immune System
Side Effects

weakness and tiredness
by: gaurav

hi!! i was diagnosed with b12 deficiency with a level of 85. i started taking 5oo mcg of injections every alternate day.i felt better for few days but after 6 injections i am again feeling very weak and tired with depression. i feel i will never be fine again. my doc says it'll take time to heal. he prescribed total of 10 injections after that pills.. should i consult another doctor. how can i find whether i've pernicious anemia or not. i'm 22 and also a vegetarian. is such low level due to any thing else?? pls reply.i'll be very greatful.

Read my pages on gluten and vitamin d deficiency
by: Kerri Knox, Registered Nurse

Please see my pages on:

Causes of Vitamin B12 Deficiency to see what the CAUSE of your Vitamin B12 Deficiency might be and how that may have caused other nutritional deficiencies that your doctor almost certainly overlooked. Just because a doctor only found one thing wrong doesn't mean that IS the only thing wrong. I would ask the question of WHY you have vitamin B12 deficiency in the first place, and that will give you a bunch more things to look at that your doctor is unlikely to look into.

Kerri Knox, Registered Nurse

Same as you and almost cured
by: Alex

I had the exact same simptoms! My neuro said everything was ok, but I also knew it wasn't! My vitamin D level were low (at 19). I started with 800 units on my own, and guess what: the shaking is going away, and my strength is coming back!

God bless vitamin D, and those doctors are not reliable. They think they are gods, but they don't know sh... always good to make your own research.


vit D
by: Anonymous

I was very ill with vitamin D deficiency, which was caused by undiagnosed Hashimotos thyroid disease. It caused osteopenia, tremors in hands and head, muscle pain and weakness among other problems.

My level was 11ng/ml and my doctor said she hospitalized patients who were 10ng/ml or less. I was put on 50,000IU in order to bring it back to normal range. For women in menopause new level recommended is 50ng/ml. Younger women, 35ng/ml.

Vitamin D is so important to health of body and immune system. Find a dr. who can look for reason for vitamin D deficiency problem and that takes it seriously. Maybe an internist can run tests and refer you if autoimmune disease is found. Advocate for yourself and never go back to that idiot that laughed at you.

A same condition
by: Anonymous

Hi Ana..
Am 20 years old and I'm suffering from the same symptoms... Muscle weakness.. Fatigue... Low body balance when I walk.

I was searching two years ago for an accurate diagnosis for my case...i went to many doctors but all the investigations didn't show a real cause for my weakness.

Fortunately.. Before three weeks... A rheumatologist doctor diagnosed me as having vitamin D deficiency 8ng/ml..and i started treatment with 50000IU of D3 per week and 500 mg of calcium per day..and am so happy that finally i reached to the cause and the treatment.

Hope you will be fine strong and optimistic... We will be fine :)

Weak left leg and fatigue
by: Becca

Hello Kerri,

I just found your site and appreciate all the info and Q & A. I have had a weak left leg, foot drop, and more recently weakish left arm. I've done the Xrays, the nerve conduction study and a brain MRI. I was just diagnosed with Low Vitamin D levels and my doctor prescribed a recover dose and said come back in if not improved in 8 weeks.

I am relieved to read that others have had fairly severe muscle weakness and have come out of it with proper nutrient levels. Have you heard of vitamin D affecting primarily the muscles on one side?

Thanks! Becca

Vit D? Sensitive system?
by: Ben

Hi guys:

I recently went through several family losses
and shortly afterwards have had all these
bizarre physical symptoms:

muscle weakness
brain fog
Don't feel fully awake or alert
light sensitivity
blurred memory
tight/tense head
intolerance to ANY sugar even in fruit

My system has also become very sensitive
and I get stimulated and fogged easily.

*** This is my dilemma. My concern is im not getting proper nutrition to heal these issues but I can't understand why
I made my system so sensitive and reacts weird.

Here's an example of how weird this is:

If I try to eat any sugar for instance my head will get
Badly badly blurry and all the symptoms above will be made much worse. I even tried mag in different forms and it causes me lightheaded and feet prickles. The B12 shot I get
Is stimulating but I take it 1x a month now.

Other than I've had normal blood work to this point other than low B12... so any advice would be highly appreciated!

Muscle twitching and weakness
by: Geetika


I have muscle weakness and muscle twitching. My vitamin D levels are really low about 5ng/ml. I know that muscle weakness can be caused by low vitamin D levels but can the muscle twitching be caused by this as well? The twitching isn't in a specific part of my body but all over including my stomach, arms, legs etc. I have started taking a vitamin D supplement but wanted to know if I should wait and see if the twitching goes away or that I should see a neurologist. Thanks!

One sided weakness
by: Anonymous

I have weakness in one side of my body too! My levels were 6 ng/ml!! My arm is weak and clumsy and my leg feels super heavy

Vitamin D
by: Anonymous

Hiya all.
I have just stumbled on this website, been searching for along time for answers to my problems. Ann, your post is very similiar to mine, but more weakness in my legs, can only stand for short periods then have to sit down. Had MRI scans, blood counts etc, all come back normal. Will be trying Vitamin D.

Vitamin D testing refused by doctors/medical field
by: Anonymous LJR

Refusal to test vid D is so ignorant I cant even believe it; This simple test could save the system so much in time & illnesses that could have been avoided by a simple nutrient.
Off and on I have wobbly legs and weakness and just did a lot of blood testing to check main systems and everything is basically ok or above average. I have been low in vit d before so this could be the case. I asked my naturopath about this and she advised me that they will not test vit D levels (Canada) anymore because most people take it anyway..WHAT!!?: there is a huge difference in taking a base amount to not be deficient, but we need to know if we are really low and if its necessary to take it in much higher doses and follow up levels from there. I have heard of symptoms before that have no obvious cause and ended up being a nutrient deficiency, esp vit d. What can we do to change medical decision to test this urgently required Vit/hormone at least yearly? Also they will not test T4 and T3 thyroid even when I paid for initial test, and T3 is confirmed low. My TSH fluctuates and shows "normal' by their standards, but is not working properly. Their range for normal is way too high, to almost 5 and most well functioning thyroids are at 2 or lower. thank you. In a hurry, hope this makes sense.

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