Having Pain While
Taking Vitamin D? 

Do you have Pain While Taking Vitamin D supplements? While this may be frightening, and your doctor will not likely know anything about it, this is actually a fairly common problem that occurs when someone who is fairly severely deficient takes vitamin D.  So, please stop worrying that there is something wrong when, in fact, this Vitamin D Side Effect is simply your body’s response to the healing that you are experiencing. 

Pain While Taking Vitamin D
Isn't Normal

Everyone wants to know if pain while taking vitamin d is ‘normal’. Well, no pain is ‘normal’, and no one wants to experience pain, but if you are severely vitamin d deficient, you probably have been Vitamin D deficient, and maybe experiencing Symptoms of Vitamin D Deficiency for a very long time, probably without knowing it. 



One of the problems that occurs when someone is deficient in vitamin D for a very long time is that they have loss of calcium and minerals from their bones. Over time, this leads to a condition called osteopenia or osteoporosis. But loss of bone minerals can occur even if your Bone Mineral Density appears ‘normal’ to doctors. 

However, if you are experiencing pain while taking vitamin D, then your bone mineral status is definitely not normal and your pain proves it. You see, when your bones are seriously depleted of minerals, and you begin to take vitamin d, the vitamin d will help you start absorbing minerals and depositing them into the bones where it is needed. But water always attaches to minerals, and when your bones begin to remineralize, it will also draw water with those minerals. 

Unfortunately for many, when this happens, the periosteum, a thin layer of tissue that surrounds the bones, will swell with the water, causing pain similar to the pain of a bone bruise. This pain is ‘temporary’, meaning that it can last weeks to months, sometimes even up to 6 months or longer, depending upon how long it takes for your bones to stop remineralizing at such a high rate. 

Should You Wait it Out or Stop? 

The best thing to do when you experience pain while taking vitamin d is to just wait it out. While no one likes to experience pain, it’s relieving to know that there is nothing wrong with you and that your body is actually healing. Some people want to decrease the dose of their Vitamin D, or stop it completely and justify this by saying that they are ‘listening to their body’ or that they believe they are experiencing a Vitamin D Overdose

While your body IS trying to tell you something, it’s actually telling you that you were extremely deficient for a long time and it’s trying to heal you. What it’s not telling you to do is to stop remineralizing your bones!  

Pain does not always mean that something is terribly wrong. In this case, years of deficiency are being corrected and stopping will merely keep your bones demineralized. Demineralized bones mean osteopenia or osteoporosis and no one wants that. But if you stop taking Vitamin D simply because you are in pain, you are saying that you don’t want to correct the years of damage you prefer osteoporosis and having a higher risk of:

and other long-term chronic health problems rather than experience some temporary pain while taking vitamin D.

What Can You Do to Help the Pain?

You 'could' take over the counter pain relievers, however, these drugs can lead to some serious problems of their own that may or may not be worth the risk for you. For instance:

One other cause of the pain, or at least that might be contributing to your problems is a deficiency of vitamin D cofactors such as:

pain when taking vitamin dWhat's the Solution to Pain When Taking Vitamin D Supplements?
  • Magnesium 
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin K
  • Vitamin B2 (riboflavin)
  • Zinc

These cofactors, and other nutrients,  are critical in the absorption and conversion of vitamin D into its active form in the blood and also help to deposit minerals in the bones where they belong, instead of allowing the calcium to be deposited in other tissues where they cause calcifications, such as hardening of the arteries. 

More reasons to take these cofactors is to help prevent other possibly frightening and uncomfortable Side Effects of Vitamin D that are often triggered by Deficiency of Magnesium and other cofactors. Problems that can be avoided are issues such as:

And other problems of not taking the proper cofactors. No vitamin should be taken by itself. Many people, as well as their doctors, mistakenly treat vitamins like drugs and give them alone, when they should be given in combination with their cofactors and in relationship to considerations of other vitamin deficiencies one might have. But doctors are not trained in nutrition, and rarely consider the obvious fact that almost no one is deficient in a single vitamin. 



So, getting Vitamin D cofactors and taking a HIGH QUALITY (not a ‘drug store’ brand) vitamin and mineral supplement as ‘insurance’ against any other deficiencies that might not be obvious, is a good idea. I’ve packaged all of these nutrients up into the Vitamin D Absorption Pack that attempts to try to cover all of the nutritional bases of someone who is deficient in vitamin D. 

While this might not end your pain, it will help you to overcome the pain you are experiencing as quickly as possible so that your bones will be on their way to being remineralized and you’ll finally be sufficient in vitamin D. Even if you have some pain while taking vitamin D, there is no need to be frightened or stop taking your supplements. You should be MORE afraid of being so nutrient deficient that you have severe pain when you take a vitamin pill! 

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