Pain vitamin D

by Alex


I've been reading articles on this site and i have to say this kept me from losing my mind.

Long story as short as possible: young female, 28 y.o, fitness enthusiast and tennis fervent amateur, multiple joint pain knees and hip (very mild tendonitis). I've done it all (physio, kineto, antiinflamatories, rest etc), until some doctor said "let's check your vitamin D". The result was 15. Calcium was ok. The doctor prescribed vit D - 1000 IU per day. I thought it was a joke and took 3000 IU per day. After a few days, an acute and strong pain (not the chronic one) occured. Here, your article helped a lot, I just kept going with my meds. After another few days, I felt I was reborn. No pain at all. Nothing. After months of pain, nothing.

Since I was feeling better, I start training again - in the gym and on the tennis court. But, after a few weeks of training painlessly, that chronic pain is back in my knees.

And now here's the question: am I not taking enough? Vit D is not the problem? Should I take some other supplements? What's your opinion?

Many many thanks,

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Jul 17, 2017
by: Alex

Firstly, i want to thank you for your answer.

Well... i kept on digging on your site and raised a bit vitamin D to 5000 IU. I've also added Magnesium (500 mg), vitamin A (10.000), vitamin K2 (100 mcg), vitamin C (1000 mg) and zinc (15 mg). I've started for about ten days. It was worse for a few days (pain all over, like being 80 years old), but now is a small improvement (i guess the spasms of my joint aren't as frequent as they used to be) and think I have to keep on. It's too early to fill up the blanks already, since my level of vitamin D was 15.

The good part is that I really try to be positive. The bad part is that... I've read here (and on tendonitis expert) about cipro. And guess what?! I was prescribed twice for a UTI. Once in November, once in the late February. I've read many articles about it and i'd minimize if i say that i'm scared... posted a question there (in the tendonitis expert site) and digged up the whole internet to find out more. I just hope not to be among those 2.4 incidence. And Goooood, I'll never take that again...

I plan to take my supplements for another six / eight weeks and check the levels again. Depending on how I will feel, I'll take a decision. Hope it's only a very stressful 2015 that sucked out all the nutrients in my body and that cipro had minimum side effects...

What's your oppinion in this?

Thanks a lot,

PS. Hope I managed to be as close as possible to a decent and neat English.

Jul 17, 2017
Get tested
by: Kerri Knox, RN

Vitamin d is not measured by how much you take, but by what your LEVEL is. So, get another level and see what it is.

You may also be quite magnesium deficient, as many athletes are.

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