Worsening Bone Pain While Taking Vitamin D

by Kumi

I had a low vitamin d for a long time.My doctor prescribed Vitamin d Vitamins but i never got them ( guilty ).i just had a baby 3 months ago and during my pregnancy i didn't really have a any pain related to vitamin d issue and also I forgot to mention it to my doctors.

Now I am having very bad pain on my left leg (mostly on the foot area) and my left hand especially my left fingers are the worst.I have the Vitamin D3,is that a good idea to solve this problem? and also if injection is necessary i don't really care about the pain.


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I don't mean to be mean, but...
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Hi Kumi,

Yes, you can get worsening Pain While Taking Vitamin D. Please read that page for more information.

I don't mean to be mean or disrespectful, but..... you KNEW that you were deficient BEFORE you got pregnant, but you chose to spend your ENTIRE PREGNANCY vitamin d deficient?? Why would you do that?? I just don't understand.

What about your BABY, who has had ZERO vitamin d it's entire time in the womb and ZERO vitamin d since it's birth??

Of COURSE you should take care of your vitamin d deficiency, but you need to be concerned about your CHILD also, who is ALSO going to be extremely deficient as well. Please read my page on Vitamin D in Pregnancy.

I'm betting that you didn't drink alcohol or smoke during your pregnancy in order to not expose your baby to any unnecessary risks, but vitamin d deficiency is a huge problem too...

So, yes, take care of your deficiency, I'm actually not sure why you are so hesitant to take a vitamin that protects bones when you KNOW that you are deficient and when you have been deficient now for over a year through a pregnancy in which the baby draws tons of calcium and other nutrients out of your body...

You also understand, I hope, that vitamin d isn't something that you take once and never take it again. It's not like you'll take the vitamin d that you were given and be finished or wait until your doctor tests you again a few years down the road and take some more if you are deficient. It's a NUTRIENT that you NEED in your body. Just like you have to have water every day, you must have vitamin d for your entire life in order to stay healthy- and so does your baby.

Kerri Knox, RN

Vit D3 deficiency and mental illness
by: Anonymous

Dear Kumi,
There is now research which is making a connection between low Vitamin D3 levels and low melatonin levels during pregnancy and during early childhood with the development of mental illnesses such as schizophrenia. Vitamin D3 is very important for the proper functioning of our nervous system, immune system, heart, muscles, etc. Most children and adults do not get enough D3 and must use supplements.

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