Muscles Aching and Burning While Taking Vitamin D

by Tammy
(Washington State)

i have been taking 2,000 iu of vitamin d3 for about 8 months, and i have had bad things so far, i do not sleep, my muscles burn, and ache all the time, my bones hurt. my head hurts all over when the pain goes to the top of my head it makes me sick to my stomach. and now the muscles in my neck are having spasams. i have no energy. always weak. but just can not sleep. i have had chest pains, and my heart flutters. but the dr. says i have depression. and wanted to put me on meds. i said no. it has to be the vitamins. that is the only thing i take.

please help.

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Happy to help
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Hi Tammy,

I REALLY REALLY am happy to help people, but you have to help yourself first. I have answered hundreds of questions nearly identical to yours in dozens of different threads on this site. In fact, in order to have posted your question, you would have had to completely ignore the links that answered your questions!

In other words, a TINY bit of research on my site- such as looking at the FAQ's on Vitamin D that I have on the page that you put in your question or punching in the search terms:

Vitamin D Pain


Vitamin D heart palpitations

into the search box that is in the upper left hand corner of every single page on my site would have also answered your question.

So, I'll be happy to answer any questions that you have about this... AFTER you've looked for the answer on my site. The answer that will likely resolve nearly ALL of these problems that you are experiencign IS here, right in front of you.... many many times over.

Kerri Knox, RN

vitamin d and insomia
by: tammy

i read some articals about vitamin d and insomia. the thing is that my thyroid is fine now, was on thyroid meds for 9 years. but in july last year he took me off after doing yearly blood work and said all was fine so he took me off. do you think my thyroid needs to be checked again?
thank you

I have no idea
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!


I have NO IDEA if you need your thyroid checked again. However, if you put in the search box on my site:

vitamin d insomnia

you will probably get 8 or 10 threads telling you WHY you are are experiencing insomnia while taking vitamin d and what the solution is. Hint, it's the SAME solution that will help you with the constipation, headaches, heart palpitations, etc.

Your question tells me that you've not read the pages on my site that I asked you to before asking more questions.

Kerri Knox, RN

good advice
by: tammy

I have spent over 8 hours on your site since friday, and WOW...
I have learned so much that just from your site. More than what my own Dr. has told me. I have been taking your advice about the magnesium and taking it since Friday night and now it being Monday morning, the Ringing in my ears is almost gone, the burning and aching muscles are about half gone, and the fatigue, headaches and heart palpitations, and numbness are almost non existent. still not getting a lot of sleep but it will come with time...

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for all the info you put up. I know it will take about a week or so to be 100% but i have been this way since november. and all the dr.s keep telling me is that i was depressed, and anxiety, well i wonder why.

They have ran so many test. mri, ekg, cat, ecg, and spinal tap. about 35 tubes of blood, 8 visits to the ER. When i asked my dr. about the vitamin d back in December he said there is no way that it was the vitamins making me feel that way. i think its time to change dr.s all he had to do was tell me to start taking magnesium and it will help...

Like i said before... THANK YOU.
best wishes to you and keep helping people.


kidneys and magnesium
by: tammy

Hi Kerri.
Me again, sorry for all the questions,
I read that people with kidney problems should not take mangesium.
Just wondering, my mom has only 1 good kidney 100% and the other only functions 12%. can she take magnesium?
She is not on meds for it.
Thank you

Super Question
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Wow! I am SOOOOO glad that you are feeling better. Ugh, I get so frustrated with western medicine that they don't know these things when they are in THEIR studies right on the same medical sites that they use to study every other medical issue.

So, about your mother, magnesium doesn't do any harm to the kidneys, but because magnesium is excreted primarily through the kidneys, any excess CAN build up too quickly and cause overdoses in people with kidney problems. My 'rule of thumb' is that if you have a kidney doctor (nephrologist) then you MUST talk to and get approval from that doctor in order to take magnesium. As well, they need to follow up with magnesium levels regularly in order to make sure that she is not overdosing.

Hope that helps and WOW! I am sure glad that you are feeling better!

Kerri Knox, RN

Fantastic ...
by: Lisa

I wanted to thank you for your website and the amazing amount of info on it. That's what's fantastic :-)
i've suffered with total disability from ME/CFS and FM since 1986. Things are getting worse. i'm realizing just how little i eat in an average day. conclusion ... i do not eat properly. I'm trying to absorb the info on how to help myself with vitamins/minerals and supplements and the most ironic thing is my 86 yr old father who recently passed away, left a treasure trove of Elemental Calcium and Magnesium, D*3 and others i have yet to read about.
Sorry for the long winded way of saying thank you. i sure hope 4 or 5 months from now (or however long it takes) i find myself with even a 10% gain in vitality and a 10% reduction in the relentles sweeping electrical pain i'm in. that would be a great start. :)

More Muscle aches and burning sensation after taking vitamin d
by: Nathan

Nurse Knox,

I have your news letter and I visit your site daily. I know you get on people who don't research our site thoroughly. But I am still having the additional Pain While Taking Vitamin D 3 months after starting the Vitamin d on the advice of my integrative doctor.

My levels were at 20 and he put me on 6000iu of d daily and 600mg of magnesium daily. At the 3 month period my level is at 51, but I still have the burning sensation and muscle aches that worsened with the vitamin d.

Is this still the calcium being pushed back into the bones during the healing process. I know you said that it could be worst for several weeks, before some relief. Could it still be worst after 3 months?



by: Bonnie

I am so thrilled to find this site...I am a Turners syndrome 58 yr old women and just started going to a endo and was DX with BAD osteoporosis..and put on 500 mg of calcium twice day and 1000 IU of D3 3 wks ago and a few days ago I started with servere leg/hip pain and was getting worse each day so I call endo he said oh no thats not doing it keep taking...well I decided to research myself and voila !!! TY again guess I will suffer this out a few wks and see how I do. Waiting to get IV of reclast they are trying to get it scheduled ...ugh wish me luck !

Vitamin D, Not Everyone can Take
by: Anonymous

Vitamin D can be toxic. I can not take the stuff. It gives me headaches, achy joints, hot flashes, I feel dizzy, fatigue, heart palpitations. I never had these reactions until I had to take Vit. D. I stop and the symptoms go away. I used to take a multivitamin everyday but because of the D in it I take it every other day. I do take enough magnesium so I know it is not that. I have have read about others with problems when they take D. Plus I have read what some doctors and chemist say about the dangers of Vit. D.

Almost everyone can take it
by: Kerri Knox, RN

I would agree with you that 'not everyone can take it', but I would qualify that with 'almost everyone CAN take it'. I do not know what 'dangers of vitamin d' you are talking about except in the EXTREMELY rare cases of Vitamin D Overdose, and these dangers ONLY occur when HIGH DOSES of vitamin d are taken. They do not occur unless the vitamin d level is well over 100 ng/ml, and that is not a level you will achieve with a multivitamin that contains Vitamin D.

So, what you are experiencing are Vitamin D Side Effects and there are solutions to virtually ALL of these side effects if you just know what to look for.

Please see my page on Magnesium and Vitamin D page to see why you are almost certainly magnesium deficient. Even if you think that you 'get enough' magnesium, it's unlikely. Most people do not take NEARLY the amount they need, and magnesium deficiency has been called an 'epidemic'. Supplementary dosages of magnesium are recommended to START at 600 mg per day in 2 or 3 divided doses and increase from there, sometimes to as high as 1000 mg or even 1200 mg per day in order to resolve magnesium deficiency symptoms.

And when someone is vitamin D deficient, they are nearly always deficient in the other fat soluble vitamins of A, E, and K. In fact, most westerners are deficient in these and there have been plenty of reports of people having vitamin d side effects who started on magnesium, vitamin K and Vitamin A (not beta carotene) and whose symptoms resolved.

I highly recommend that EVERYONE who takes vitamin d get on the
Vitamin D Absorption Pack in order to get the amount of magnesium, trace vitamins and minerals, vitamin A, and Vitamin K that have been shown to both effectively allow vitamin d levels to rise, as well as helping to prevent Vitamin D Side Effects.

Next, some people are allergic to lanolin, and are unaware that Vitamin D is almost always made from lanolin. The solution to this is to get a

Lanolin Free Vitamin D Supplement from Algae.

The other problem is that many vitamin d's contain rancid oils, magnesium stearate, titanium dioxide, or other 'fillers' that people are allergic to. I have had MANY reports of people who had symptoms after taking vitamin d, and later found out that it was a problem with an ingredient they did not know they were sensitive to. Until all of these avenues are explored, it's really impossible to say that you can't take vitamin D. In almost all cases, it's one of the problems above and not a problem of 'taking vitamin d'.

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Immune System
Side Effects

PS: If you appreciate the free help that I give on my site, please consider making your next supplement purchase through my Health Store in order to help keep this site in operation.

Severe pain for several years !
by: Marcia

I'm 77 yrs. for the past 8 yrs. I have had nothing but pain in my feet , legs, arms , chest pain , can't breathe good ( esp . At night )

I was taking 400 iu ea. day, then my Dr. Put me on 2000 ea day. Have had the worse pain in my right side for two weeks, when I move or get up or down, I feel like I'm going to pass out, having headaches, something I've never had. Feels like spasms in my side. Decided to look up
about Vit D 3 , today. After not taking it this morning.

Thank God for your page . Just can't thank you enough for the information & all the comments . Praying for Everyone, will let you know how I feel, after staying off for awhile ❤️

Thank you!
by: Renee

Thank you so much for providing us with all the info on your amazing website! I am also a sufferer of vitamin D treatment side effects - I started feeling awful a week ago after about a month of taking the supplement.

I really thought I was getting seriously ill and fast and I couldn't figure out why. I have learned so much from you! My doctor never told me any of this of course. Why do we even put our well-being into their hands? The quacks.

I'm gonna stock up on Magnesium and other cofactors ASAP and hope these side effects stop soon. Do you think that maybe a smaller dose over a longer period of time would make them more bearable?

Right now I'm taking 5000 IU a day. . . maybe decrease that to 1500 or 2000 and take it for an extended period of time? Anyway, thank you once again and best of luck!

Vitamin D 3
by: T.J.

I have vitamin d 3 deficiency and all the symptoms to go with it. But taking it hurts me. Headache, vertigo, horrible neck pain and stiffness. My bones hurt too and I have no power in my legs, my right hip hurts, burns and tingles now all the time. I don't take it often because it makes me feel so horrible. Then sometimes it helps. I've tried various brands. I don't know what to do. HELP! ADVICE!

read the thread
by: Kerri Knox, The Immune Queen

Please read the thread, as it answers your question.

Thank u
by: Claudia

I just want to thank u for all the wonderful information you have provided. My mother just recently started taking a very high dosage of vitamin d and she has been feeling the side effects of healing.

She didn't understand why she was feeling so bad and it was causing her a lot of worry and frustration but thanks to your clear explanation of everything that vitamin d deficiency causes I am able to put her at ease. So thank u so much you truly help a lot of people

by: Anonymous

I took vitamin d 50k and trucility my right leg is in so much pain is it related

Burning pain in thigh, legs,arms, feet, bum
by: MK

Hi I'm a 39 year old male, I went for a routine blood test in Feb 17 as I have high blood pressure which showed my vitamin d level at 20,some weeks later my hands and legs felt week. Could not lift anything my doc prescribed me 20,000iu to take twice a week which completed in around 8 weeks, so I finished my course and my level was showing as 69, after starting the tablets I started getting the pain in the areas described above and the pain won't go away its so severe .

Vitamin D3
by: Cindy

Hi Kerri, thank you for all the info you put out there about VitD3 deficiency. It has helped me
How ever I find your comments to others asking about this issue to be rather rude. Yes you spent a lot of time putting together the information we need. We appreciate all your help.
But you don’t have kindness about teaching people . So what if they ask again , answered again. What does it hurt?
You could always direct them to the correct site in a kinder way. People that feel sick or are in pain don’t mean to be waiting your time . They actually look up to you because you have the answers.
If you feel that put out to repeat then don’t put up s comments area.
I worked with patients in a hospital for a long time, I never spoke rude to them. They asked the same question so many times, I answered with love and care so many times. Be kind baby it’s free! You did great on your articles!

My time
by: Kerri Knox

I appreciate your comments, but asking "what does it hurt?" It hurts my time!!! Which is extremely valuable to me. I'm not in the hospital providing a paid for service, I'm providing free information. If someone is unwilling to search a site for free information for the answer, then I'm simply going to refer them back to the original answer and ask them to search the site for the info.

I've usually answered the questions asked dozens and sometimes hundreds of times already. One of the things that I try to do on this site is to help people become independent in resolving their health complaints. If they don't understand how to search a site for info, then they will be learning a valuable lesson being taught how to do so.

Perhaps I could present that more 'nicely' but in the end, I'm providing a MORE valuable service by teaching them to be resourceful than just answering the same question over and over.

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