Finally Have Relief From Bone Pain After Vitamin D Treatment

by Anne

I wrote in November when I was found to be d deficient and was just starting Vitamin D Therapy.

First: Thank you sooooo much for providing excellent information about vitamin d deficiency!!!

Second: After 5 full months of taking 10k iu/ day of d3 + magnesium + calcium + multi heavy in b's, I happily report that I finally am starting to feel better! In fact for the last month I've had no bone pain at all! I'm still healing in other areas, but wow! What an improvement!

Now....I've got to say that things really got worse before they got better and I know now that severely deficient people can experience an increase in pain and other symptoms for many months (not weeks, I'm afraid), and it's normal. But just wanted to thank you!!!!

I and now others often refer people to your site for good info on d deficiency... You've helped a lot of people!! Thank you

Anne in Seattle

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Pain with D supplementation will subside
by: Anonymous

I was seriously deficient in vitamin D. With high D supplementation, magnesium, and vitamin K I experienced bone pain for almost 8 months. People need to be prepared for that. If your bones need rebuilding, it will take time and there will be some pain. Stick it out. When you come out on the other side, you will feel stronger and better. Be sure to get enough magnesium and vitamin K for the process to go correctly. [Kerri's Note: And Vitamin A Too!]

Low Vit D
by: Darcy

I suffered for over two years, came home from work and would sit on ice or heating pad and had very little energy. I saw Neuro, Ortho, Neu Surg and spine doc. I did find out I have herniated dics as well as pars defect...However, the pain was so different and intense, muscle aches, bone pain, pins, needles and buzzing in my back and legs...finally thought for sure I had some disease and went to Rheumo...where he did three pages of blood tests and found out very low in vitamin D. Did the 50,000 a week for twelve weeks
and feel like a new person! I can live my life again...pain free!!


Suggestions for Pain Control During Vit D Healing
by: Juli

A few weeks ago, I learned that my body is extremely deficient in Vit D. I'm currently working my way back up to a healthy level. A few days ago, the severe bone (and joint?) pain began. It seems like it kicks in soon after I take my D in the late morning.

At first I was really scared but fortunately I found this website and am relieved to know that the pain is part of the healing process. However, it does hurt!

Does anyone have any suggestions for managing pain associated with this Vit D healing? My dog has bone cancer and I give her Yunnan Baiyao and Curamed (a curcumin based anti-inflammatory). Both of which seem to help her a lot so I was thinking of trying one or both. I'm only interested in treating naturally (no conventional NSAIDS).

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Suggestion for relief from bone pain while healing
by: Elizabeth


Thank you for your website. I am similar to a number of others in that I have experienced an increase in bone pain upon taking vitamin d. In fact, when I initiated vitamin d therapy, the bone pain was excruciating. It feels like a deep, pulsating ache similar to severe growing pains. Sadly, I am in my seventh month of treatment and I am still experiencing this pain. However, the severity of the pain has lessened. I am adverse to taking pain medication but relented when it was so unbearable. I find that I manage the pain better if I take the vitamin d in larger doses several days in a row at the beginning of the week and simultaneously take a couple of days worth of hydrocodone. If I were to take the higher doses of vitamin d every day I could not proceed due to the constant aching. I have to give my body mini breaks during the week.I can see why people may give up on vitamin d therapy as the pain of healing can be severe and doctors are often baffled by that reaction.

Hang in there

Lower back pain due to Vitamin D deficiency?
by: Abhi K

Hello All,

I am 34 years and I am obese. I am originally from India and I live and work in the US.

I had routine blood work done with my Family doctor in India and the outcome was severe low Vitamin D Deficiency(about 8.18 ng/ml) in Jan-2014.My Doctor recommended that I take one pill Vitamin D Supplement(60 K Units)- just once per week

However, somehow, this thing completely slipped out of my mind and starting Sept 2015, I am experiencing random instances of joint pains(lower back pain and hip pain).

I haven't checked my Vitamin D lately, however,given the fact that it was quite low in 2014 and I did not take any supplements/medication,I am sure it must have gotten worse by now.

I am quite active as possible(Exercising and involved in lot of house work and Yoga as well), hence it was baffling that at such a young age, why should I experience such horrifying instances of joint pain!

I read through each of your experiences(thanks for sharing) and I do have the following queries

- I spoke to my Doctor today and he advised me to take the Vitamin D supplement(60K units - once per week as prescribed earlier in 2014)
- It is advisable to get my Vitamin D Levels checked prior to starting to take my supplements or should I just go ahead as advised by my Doctor?
- Secondly, most of your experiences do mention that some amount of pain is triggered as part of the healing process? Is this definitely going to happen? Is additional pain inevitable as part of healing process?

Thank you, appreciate your responses

Yes, get a level
by: Kerri Knox, The Immune Queen

Yes, get a level. How would you know that you are vitamin d deficient without a level? Symptoms alone do not determine vitamin d deficiency.

And no, healing symptoms do not always occur, but they are more likely with those who are very deficient and who are taking higher dosages, and who are deficient in magnesium or other cofactors.

pain with vitamin D
by: J

yes I to am so glad for this info... I am on 50,000 units once a week for 4 months... than levels come back up but fall back down so I am back on it... I do get the bone pain in wrist, fingers, neck, hip it is terrible... was just going to call my Doctor thinking I am having a hip problem than read this... before it hit the big toe... they said I had qout put me on meds for that got sick from the meds worst than the pain... no one said I needed other vitamins also... the first time I told a doctor I was feeling pain after the pills were informed both by dr & pharmacist vitamin D would not cause that... seems like doctors and pharmacist need a whole lot more training... I really don't know if I can keep taking it as the pain is really bad but I hate to think how bad off I will be if I don't... would the pain stop if I took lower does every day or a larger does each week to get more to the body faster?

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