An H Pylori Blood Test
Is Not Your Best Choice

Getting an H Pylori Blood Test is one way to find out if you have an H pylori stomach infection, but there are problems with the test, and it's not the best way to find out for sure if you have the bacteria. As discussed on the H Pylori Bacteria page, H pylori, also called Helicobacter Pylori, is an opportunistic contagious bacteria that lives in the stomach and can lead to ulcers, stomach cancer, and a wide variety of problems that are usually NOT recognized as being Symptoms of H Pylori, but that can improve or resolve completely with effective H Pylori Eradication.

But the only way to know if you have an H pylori infection is to get Testing For H Pylori . There are 3 possible ways that you can accurately test for H pylori:



Why Would You Get an
H Pylori Blood Test?

 Since doctors are partial to doing blood testing when it is available, you are most likely to get an H pylori blood test if you go through your doctor. However, the H Pylori Blood Test does not test for the bacteria itself; it tests for the antibodies to H pylori. 

And this is where the problem lies. Unfortunately, if you have EVER had an H pylori infection, you might still test positive for the antibodies in the blood, sometimes even for life. And even if you have been exposed to the H pylori bacteria and fought it off, without having ever been infected, you could still have low levels of the antibodies in your blood. 

This means that it's common to get 'false positive' blood tests. In studies, the reported 'failure rate' of H Pylori Eradication is about 1/3 of all people who get treatment, however, it might just LOOK that way because doctors are using the H Pylori blood test to retest for the bacteria, and are getting false positive tests. 

Diagnosing H Pylori with an H Pylori Blood Test. Is it your best choice?

Immune Response from H Pylori

It's this Immune System that is interesting to you because the response that tries to fight off the H Pylori Bacteria is also responsible for the Symptoms of H Pylori that doctors will not relate to H Pylori Infection. Whenever you have an infection, an immune system response can make you feel tired, sluggish, depressed, have joint pain and many other 'vague' symptoms- just like when you have the flu, only less so when you have a chronic, low-grade infection like H pylori!

 Yet doctors refuse to even consider the possibility of an H pylori infection could be contributing to the problems of those with chronic fatigue syndrome, Symptoms of Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis or any other chronic health problems- unless that person has digestive problems.

But H pylori infection can also occur with NO STOMACH PROBLEMS at all. In these cases, doctors would call it 'Asymptomatic' H Pylori infection- but if you have fatigue, joint pain, depression and even Vitamin B12 Deficiency or iron deficiency anemia. While you don't have the 'classic' symptoms- you STILL have symptoms. So how can your doctor call it asymptomatic? 

Better than an H Pylori Blood Test

You don't HAVE to get a blood test for H pylori, though, and an H Pylori Stool Test is painless, inexpensive and much more accurate. H Pylori bacteria produce a substance known as an 'antigen', and this antigen can be checked in the stool. What makes the stool test so accurate is that the antigen can ONLY be detected in the case of an active infection. So anyone who has ever had an infection, or who has just been exposed and fought off an infection will not test positive. So, the H Pylori stool test has almost no cases of 'false positives'. 

The other advantage of a stool test is that:

  • It doesn't require a blood draw
  • You don't need to go into a lab
  • It's painless
  • You can get tested 1 month or more after finishing treatment for H Pylori
  • You can easily test children or even housebound elderly
  • It's done privately in your own home

Aside from being more accurate, here's a couple other reasons that you'd need to choose an H Pylori Stool Test over an H Pylori Blood Test:

  1. If You Don't Have a Doctor or Your Doctor Won't Test You: If you find it much more convenient to NOT go through you doctor in order to get an H pylori Test or if you have asked your doctor to test you and he has turned you down because it's 'Not Indicated', you can still get an H pylori test. The H pylori stool test can be ordered HERE and you don't need a doctor's permission. 
  2. If You had recent H Pylori Treatment: Then you MUST get either the stool test or an H Pylori Breath Test because the antibodies to the H pylori bacteria can be found in your bloodstream for many months after the bacteria itself is eliminated. In this case, the H pylori blood test will not necessarily be accurate and could still show that you have an infection even if you don't. In this case you must NOT get a blood test for H pylori.
Think H Pylori is bugging you? Don't get an H Pylori Blood test, get an H pylori stool test

Getting an H Pylori Blood Test is an inaccurate way to get testing for h pylori in most cases, but is ordered most often by doctors and gives lots of 'false positive' results. You deserve better than to test falsely positive and be put through a regimen of antibiotics that can have serious side effects. The H pylori stool test is the easiest and most accurate way to be tested. Keep reading for details on how to get an H Pylori Stool Test…

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H pylori Resources

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  • Hydrochloric Acid Deficiency Test- Find out if your heartburn is from 'Too Much Stomach Acid' or too LITTLE!!

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