The H Pylori Solution
Eliminate H Pylori
Once and For All!

The H Pylori Solution is currently your best option for eliminating the H Pylori bacteria that lives in your stomach effectively- the first time!

Have you been diagnosed with the H pylori bacteria, or do you think that you might have H pylori? Do you have a loved one who has H pylori or you suspect that they do? Are you confused about your treatment options or looking for non-drug options to get rid of H pylori? Have you already tried and failed to get rid of it before, then this Ebook is a MUST READ!

What Is The H Pylori Solution...

h pylori solution. The only guid to H pylori treatment and eradication that you'll ever need

The H Pylori solution is the only resource that you'll ever need to discover and get rid of the H pylori bacteria the first time.

    ✔ Are you worried that you might not get rid of your H pylori the FIRST time (or the second or the third!)?

    ✔ Are you worried about your family getting H pylori too?

    ✔ Are you worried about getting the infection back again from someone else?

    ✔ Are you worried about side effects of antibiotics?

Speaking bluntly...your fears are well founded. H pylori is a contagious bacteria and there ARE consequences to taking antibiotics that your doctor just isn't going to tell you about. In any case, antibiotics don't always get rid of your infection!

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This is the Solution You're Looking For

Even if you follow your doctor's advice to the letter, you may not get rid of your H pylori the first time- or even the second or third times.

In fact, there is a 1 in 3 chance that you WON'T get rid of it with the regimen that your doctor gave you- but it's not likely that he'll tell you that.

In this book, you'll find out what else your doctor isn't telling you. You're doctor WON'T be telling you about:

  • Steps you can take to improve the odds that your antibiotics WILL work to eradicate your infection
  • Whether or not you should worry about your family's health- and steps to take to help and protect them too.
  • The ONE antibiotic that you should NEVER EVER take for your H pylori- yet your doctor may have prescribed it for you anyway
  • What to do if you can't or don't want to take antibiotics (there are effective methods)
  • The exact method you can use to eradicate H pylori without antibiotics

kerri knox, rn
Kerri Knox is an ER/ICU nurse with 15 years of experience. She is also a Functional Medicine Practitioner, helping people suffering from chronic illness and chronic pain issues to find relief and become healthy again.

Just finding out which antibiotic that you should avoid
is worth the $19.99 all by itself.
This one piece of information could save you
YEARS of pain and disability!!
But your doctor might not even KNOW this
and may give you the antibiotic anyway!!!

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How 'The H Pylori Solution'
Will Help You...

Unlike going to your doctor, you'll get a chance to learn about ALL of your options to get rid of H pylori and the pros and cons of each one.

Your doctor will give you a prescription and send you on your way, but that is not the only way to get rid of your H pylori, nor is it necessarily the best- for YOU!! Everyone is different and antibiotics MAY be the best for you- but they may not be. Find out which method is best for you.

With The H Pylori Solution you'll get:

  • Detailed help choosing the RIGHT method for you
  • Exact step-by-step instructions to keep you from having to guess about ANYTHING
  • A Question and Answer Section where you can get even more help from a real live person at no extra charge!

You'll never be alone and you'll never have to guess what to do next. It's the SOLUTION to H pylori eradication that you won't find anywhere else!

In This EBook You Will Discover....

  • Find out what single factor can make the biggest difference in getting rid of your H pylori the first time.
  • Which of your symptoms might be from H pylori (and which probably aren't).
  • Which medications your doctor gives you that you SHOULD take- and which ones that you SHOULDN'T

These questions and more are answered in 'The H Pylori Solution'!

and that's just the start of what you'll learn and the help that you'll receive....


How Much Does
'The H Pylori Solution' Cost?

The H Pylori Solution is a 50+ pages Ebook jam-packed full of tried and tested research-backed investigation and a step-by-step PLAN to get rid of your H Pylori and to get you feeling better again!

Remember it's not just about treating your symptoms and getting rid of your H pylori, it's about making your body HEALTHY again.

The Ebook normally sells for $39.99, but right now, it's just $19.99 for The H Pylori Solution.

You also get these 4 Bonuses:

  1. The Vitamin D Fact Sheet- a $9.99 value
  2. A forum for you to get your questions answered- a $199 value
  3. The Chronic Stress Solution Ebook- a $19.99 value
  4. Done for you supplement choices, making it easy to get what you need. We spent hundreds of hours poring through all the choices to get you the best deals- $250.00 value

With the instant download Ebook and the bonuses, that's over
$500.00 of REAL value for only $19.99

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H Pylori Solution
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