The H Pylori Breath Test
Is Not the Best Choice

Why doctors would subject anyone to an H Pylori Breath Test when there are MUCH better alternatives is beyond my comprehension. But unfortunately, for those that are suffering from the Symptoms of H Pylori, there are still doctors who will order this test despite their being much easier and cheaper ways to test for the H Pylori Bacteria.

The H Pylori Bacteria is a contagious pathogen that can infect the stomach and cause problems that can range from simple feelings of fatigue all the way to stomach cancer. Symptoms of H Pylori can be SO diverse that doctors simply don't recognize the symptoms and don't test for them unless severe stomach problems are present. Fortunately, doctors sometimes DO test for the H pylori bacteria and there are several tests to choose from:



  • The H Pylori Stool Test
  • The H Pylori Blood Test
  • The Breath ID Urea Breath Test
  • The H Pylori Breath Test
  • Notice that the Breath ID Urea Breath test are NOT the same thing. While both ARE urea breath tests for H pylori, the Breath ID test is MUCH quicker and simpler than the 'standard' breath tests for H pylori that are still being used.

    Why the H Pylori
    Breath Test is Unnecessary

    If your doctor has ordered you to have an H Pylori breath test and it's NOT the Breath ID test, then PLEASE call the office back and ask to have the Breath ID Test, or order an H Pylori Home Test in the mail. There is just simply no reason for your doctor to subject you to this test.

    While it is not painful, it must be done in a doctor's office or hospital, you must be treated as an 'outpatient' and go through the admissions department if it is in a hospital, you must sign a 'consent' form because it is a procedure and the test lasts for several hours.

    During the several hours of the test, you will be asked to wear a big piece of headgear and occasionally blow into a tube that will test the levels of ammonia or urea in your exhaled breath. While this test is accurate, why should you go through this multi- hour long test that requires you to fast the night before and fast during the test while blowin into a tube, then sit around and wait for a while, blow into a tube again, etc. when it's much easier to do a blood test or a stool test?

    Alternatives to the Breath Test

    There are three alternatives to the H pylori Breath test. Here they are with explanations of why you might choose them:

    1. H Pylori Blood Test: The H pylori blood test is the 'standard' test that doctors use and is done just like any other blood test. Unfortunately, it often gives a false positive and the test is not recommended. 
    2. Breath ID H Pylori Breath Test: The Breath ID breath urea test is a much more 'modern' version of the breath test that can be done in just a few minutes right in your doctors office and get the results right there while you are waiting. This has big advantages over the other tests that you have to wait for results and get an appointment if you need further treatment.Unfortunately, though, not all doctors use the Breath ID breath urea test. But if your doctor DOES use the Breath ID H Pylori breath test, then go ahead and get your fast and painless H pylori test done.
    3. H Pylori Stool Test: It's possible that your doctor wants you to be tested for H pylori AFTER you have had Helicobacter Pylori Eradication treatment. In this case, you can't have an H pylori blood test-and this may be the reason that your doctor ordered a breath test. But you don't need a breath test when you can do a stool test. 

      An H pylori stool test is done with a tiny stool sample that is placed on a card that you can take home and simply mail to the lab. If you are not getting any blood tests, then ask your doctor to get you a card for an H pylori stool test or order an H Pylori Home Test here.Some doctors will not use the stool test because they believe that the breath test for H pylori is more accurate. But this is nonsense. The stool test has had extensive research and it has been determined that it is just as accurate and is a good alternative to either blood testing or breath testing. 



    So, if you are scheduled for an H Pylori Breath Test or you are looking for information about Testing For H Pylori , then don't do the uncomfortable, long and unnecessary breath test, ask (or better yet TELL) your doctor that you would prefer to test by getting an H Pylori Stool Test. It's less expensive, just as accurate, takes less time and is done right in your homeā€¦ 

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