Vitamin D and Hyperparathyroidism

Can vitamin d taken as a supplement be used to control hyperparthyroidism.



If you have hyperparathyroidism, that is one of the few Vitamin D Contraindications. You need to see an endocrinologist who is SKILLED at finding parathyroid tumors to find out if that is the reason that you have hyperparathyroidism.

If you have high calcium levels, then it is almost 100% certain that you have a parathyroid tumor and you may NOT take Vitamin D to control this. You should THOROUGHLY read ALL of the information on so that you are WELL prepared if your doctor is not familiar with parathyroid disease.

Do NOT take Vitamin D to control hyperparathyroidism UNTIL you get a SPECIFIC OK from an ENDOCRINOLOGIST skilled at diagnosing parathyroid tumors- and gives you a clean bill of health or you are SPECIFICALLY under his direction while taking the Vitamin D!!!

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Immune System

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Very low Vitamin D, Normal Calcium, High PTH, Normal Scan

by Karen

For YEARS I have been dealing with generalized pain, fatigue and major depressive disorder. I had my thyroid removed in 2005. In the last six months I have had a real problem with shortness of breath and increasing fatigue. I have been worked by the pulmonary clinic and everything was mostly OK. I have had a couple of scary episodes with stridor.

So I started researching and asked my doctor to run a PTH because I thought my symptoms fit hyperparathyroidism. I had a calcium level from my pulmonary workup. I asked Dr. Norman at and he said I didn't have primary hyperparathyroidism.

My doctor wanted me to go ahead and get a Sestamibi scan which was negative. When he called with the results he said he was going send me to an endocrinology.I asked him to get a Vitamin D Level and he did. (I very lucky that I have a primary care doctor that lets me participate in my care.

OK, here are the lab results:

1-8-10 TSH 10.4
2-12-10 TSH 0.04

1-8-10 Calcium 8.9

2-26-10 Ionized Calcium 4.77
2-26-10 Phosphorus 3.0
2-26-10 PTH 158

3-10-10 25-Hydroxy D2 <4ng/ml
3-10-10 25-Hydroxy D3 5ng/ml
3-10-10 25-Hydroxy D Total <6ng/ml (Lab tagged "severed deficiency)
3-10-10 Vitamin D 1,25 44pg/ml

My PCP is out having surgery. The family practice NP called me and said he was going to call 50,00 IU of Vitamin D for me to take once a week. Do I need to try to get in with an endocrinologist before I take the Vitamin D? How urgent this? I feel very lousy.

As an aside, I saw my pain management doc to have an injection in my right SI joint. It was a horrible experience this time. The pain was incredible and I had a reaction in my left leg. It's been a week and the pain has not improved and my right heel and toes are numb as well as the outer aspect of my right leg.

I had a CT scan of my back in December and they found a 3mm non-obstructing stone in the upper part of my left kidney. With my PCP out, I really don't know what to do.

I would appreciate your advice. I feel like since the vitamin D is so low it is important to figure out the cause. BTW, I live in Texas and do get some sun.


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Can You Have Low Vitamin D and Normal PTH and Calcium?

by Naveed

I have a problem related to diffuse body pain and fatigue. I lost 35 kg of weight 2 year back and then gradually developed body pain and aches. My physician diagnosed me with osteomalacia on seeing my labs(vitamin D 19 ng/ml)he advised me to get Vitamin D Injections for four weeks weekly but my problem current labs are:

vitamin D 8ng/ml
calcium 2.4 mmol
PTH 33.71 mmol
albumin 51g
phosphorus 1.21 mmol
my question is:

1-is this a presentation of osteomalacia
2-how i should conform diagnosis(biopsy or DEXA)
3-how should i proceed

Thank you.

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Vitamin D deficiency and Hypoparathyroidism

I have been experiencing all the weirdest, most baffling, and frustrating symptoms I have ever had in my 34 years of life. It started with gastrointestinal symptoms (alternate constipation, diarrhea, abdominal pain) and my gastroenterologist did a full endo-colonoscopy on me and diagnosed me as having GERD. After she gave me meds, I started feeling pains all over my body. Then came tingling of my fingers and hands, numbness in my extremities, and cold intolerance, and louder ringing in my ears. I would also have the weirdest muscle pains all over my body without exertion, and sometimes my muscles would twitch for around thirty seconds. Worse still I could not get a restful night's sleep because these things -- one or a combination -- would wake me up.

Finally (after seeing practically every doctor known to man), a rheumatologist tested me for my vitamin D levels -- it was at 11.3. My CBC also showed a low lymphocyte count (17) but he was not worried about it. He put me on 30,000IU of vitamin D3 a day plus calcium supplements.

When I started these for some reason I began feeling even worse. The muscle pains were really bad and I couldn't sleep for more than 3 hours straight without waking up either shivering or some weird waves of cold or menthol-y feeling going through me. One of my friends suggested I see a nephrologist who was more alarmed at my symptoms and has since sent me off for tests, suspecting I have problems with my parathyroid. She also mentioned that a possible reason for my low Vitamin D may be that I have some cancer somewhere.

The tests she ordered were for urinary calcium and sodium (former was normal, latter was low); ionized calcium, phosphorous and vitamin D again (first two were normal; my vitamin D was up to 17.3); and PTH (whose results I will get tomorrow).

Without knowing my PTH results, do you suppose the nephro is correct in thinking it could be my parathyroid? The endocrinologist I consulted prior to the nephro didn't think so, and was actually thinking I might be having the first symptoms of diabetes. Could vitamin D deficiency be caused by cancer? My research seems to say that lack of vitamin D can cause cancer but not the other way around.

I am already very confused and I am hoping that the end of this long and frightening tunnel is in sight ... please, any help would be really appreciated.

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Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms vs Hyperparathyroid Symptoms

by Joel Philbrook
(Durham NC)

2 weeks ago I was told I have a vitamin D level of 17. they said the lab values was 32-100. This after 6 months of testing to find out why I was having severe fatigue, hypoglycemia,and gastro problems. The symptoms were so great that I could not function -let alone work.

I started taking Vitamin D3 immediately and 3 days later my glucose started regulating, my gastro problems started relieving, and I have more energy. I know I am still on the mend and not 100% yet. I am taking about 2000 IU's of D3 along with trying to eat foods rich with Vitamin D daily. Plus on sunny days I am sitting outside 30 min to an hour.

I have read about Hyperparathyroidism and this has me concerned. I don't know if I have had a calcium test done, so do not know my level. But I have been since taking the vitamin D experiencing more excessive urination. It will be every 30 mins I feel the urgency and have to go.

Is this a possible symptom of Hyperparathyroidism?

Or is this just normal for taking Vitamin D?

Also I am having trouble tolerating the vitamin D3 with having problems with mild to moderate nausea. Do you have any suggestions?

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Vitamin D and Parathyroid problems

by Laurie

I am not sure that I titled my question right but I was diagnosed 6 years ago with Low D levels (15) and osteopenia. The Dr. started me on 50,000 iu of D per week (for 9mo.) and Fosamax. Dr. never mentioned that this (Vit D) caused my calcium to raise.

All blood levels were in the middle normal range before I started treatment. I had very good results in the first year on Fosamax but after that the levels started to drop. Stopped Fosamax after 5.5 years because of stomach problems that prescription Zegrid was not helping. Went to another Dr. and was surprised to find that I had hypercalcemia and hyperparathyroidism. New Dr. pulled me off of all vitamin supplements, halved my thyroid medication and stopped all calcium in my diet......has been just watching the situation for the past 10 months.

I now have numbness in my toes, severe floaters in my eyes, loss of 1/3 of my hair, trouble sleeping, and generally don't feel well. Levels of hyperparathyroid are now higher calcium is now normal but my chloride level is high. Dr. tells me to eat less at last appointment but I am not eating very much now and that is why I was taking a multivitamin. This is not making any sense to me. Isn't my system just taking calcium from my bones?

This week I started 1000 calcium and a multivitamin. What would you suggest?

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parathyroid tumor

by Gina
(Ogden, Utah)

I had a parathroidectomy 5 years ago and was never informed about vitamin d. My pth level and calcium levels are normal now, although mty pth level was a bit above normal for a few years after the surgery,calcium was normal.

I went to a hormone replacement clinic last month, The Doctor ordered several tests. One being vit d which came back as 22. He told me to take 5000 d3 per day and iron supplements. Now I am confused if thats ok with my history.

I am pretty sure the vit d is working because my hips ache so bad. Which is how I found your site! Thanks

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Low Vitamin D but normal to high Calcium level

My recent lab test showed a vitamin D level of 8. Yes 8. My calcium level is 9.0 and has been 10.6 in the past. It has always been normal. I get outside (sunny California) frequently and also eat very well. My doctor recommends I take 50,000 iu of D weekly for a short time, then get re-labbed.

My concern/question is: if my calcium is already normal to high, won't the mega dose of vitamin D make the calcium level even higher? (FYI, my thyroid stim hormone reads 1.39, and free T4 is 1.12)

Thank you. --

Maria Apostoles

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Low Vitamin D. High calcium waiting on PTH levels

by Trish

My twin sister was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism a few weeks ago. My mom and grandma also have/had thyroid issues. My mother has hypothyroidism and my grandmother had a goiter and had her thyroid removed. So i decided to get tested. I also requested that she do a Vitamin D test because my twin was also diagnosed with Vitamin D deficiency (Her level was 16).

I got my results today and I do not have hypothyroidism. She said my vitamin D was level was 18 (we are both lactose intolerant and i wondered if that might have something to do with it...neither of us consume large amounts of dairy products).

She also said my calcium was high and that she was ordering a PTH test. I will get those results in a couple of days. She gave me some Vitamin D (D3 5,000 mg) to take. Should i start these with a low vitamin D but high Calcium level? Do i need to wait until the PTH results come back? Will taking the Vitamin D increase my calcium levels?

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Vitamin D Cure for Elevated Parathyroid?

Hi. If my parathyroid test result was 96 PG/ML with a calcium reading of 10.3 MG/DL and a Vitamin D reading at a slightly low number of 44 NG/ML, would Vitamin D supplementation (or getting more sun) possibly bring down my elevated parathyroid test result? Thanks.

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Could I Have Parathyroid Problems?

by Trina
(Detroit, MI, USA)

I have been ill for about a year now. I have gone to the doctor and complained of migraines almost everyday (at least 20 days out of the month), muscle aches, bone and joint pain, back and neck pain, extreme fatigue, nausea and vomiting, mood swings out of this world, depression, high blood pressure, memory loss. My doctor began treating me for the high blood pressure. Said if we got that under control all the other symptoms would go away. Well, its been a year and she now says I have uncontrollable blood pressure. We can't seem to get it under 153/100. Shes changed my meds 5 times. She also told me a year ago my vitamin d was low. She placed me on prescription vitamin d for 2 months then told me to take 1000 mg daily. She tested my vitamin d recently and its still low. my test results are as follows:

Vitamin d=20 (25-32)
Calcium=8.2 (8.5-10)
PTH=149 (9-69)

She has placed me on prescription vitamin d again and told me after 2 months to go back to my 1000 mg daily. However during the last 3 exams she has been concerned with my neck. She said she felt a lump on my thyroid and ran some blood test and my TSH is 0.2 (0.5-1.0). I asked if I should be worried, should I get an ultrasound, could this be the cause of all my other symptoms that aren't going away? She said she will only order an ultrasound if my vitamin d doesn't improve. Should I get a second opinion?

Should I get an ultrasound? Do these symptoms sound like a parathyroid and/or thyroid issue? Should I take the vitamin d even though I have been on it for a year and it isn't working to increase my levels? Please help. I'm so lost.

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Vitamin D is Making My Calcium Levels High


For several years I've had Vitamin D deficiency - last reading was 24. Most of the Vitamin D3 pills I've taken has caused me problems. The main one being raised calcium levels. (Even without the Vit.D calcium was still slightly raised.)

After seeing the Endogrinologis I was advised to take Lamberts Vit.D3 pills. 5 days after I was in agony. I was told by my doctor that I have Costochrodritis, an inflammation of the cartilage. I also saw the return after 5 years of PalmPlantar Psorasis. I stopped taking this particular Vit.d and after about 3days the pain had more or less gone and the PPP stopped forming new pustules and wasnt so sore.

I emailed the Endogrinologist who replied that this was nothing to do with the Vitamin D and suggested I see a Dermatologist!!!!! Argh.

I then found some 'Vitobiotics' Vitamin D3 I'd taken before without any side effect and have now taken those for the past couple of days and hopefully these will still be ok.

My question are
1, Is and why are there differences in Vitamin D3 pills.
2. Why do they increase my calcium levels.

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Have Not Had Diagnosis of Hyperparathyroid Yet and Confused

by Heidi
(Quincy, IL)

My endo had prescribed vitamin D. I have read your recommendations on over the counter vs. prescription and the whole website. I know that low vitamin D is part of my symptoms and would probably feel better on taking vitamin D. However, my endo has not made the full diagnosis of hyperparathyroid problems yet, even though my calcium is 11, my PTH test was abnormal, and I have a history of kidney stones. He has ordered bone density test and 24-hour urine to confirm some things.

Should I wait til after this testing to start vitamin D so he can make an accurate diagnosis? I am afraid that he will stop at the vitamin D deficiency and not go forward with treatment for the parathyroid issue.

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elevated PTH but can't tolerate Vitamin D3 in any form?

by shona


I would like to put a number of questions to you with regards my current problems which I will number below.
1. Grave's Disease (thyroid ablated with RAI over 20 years ago) ongoing fatigue since then.
2. Diagnosed with Myotonia Fluctuans over 14 years ago by my neurologist, yet to have an EMG
3. Elevated PTH, low normal to normal calcium levels, PTH changes all the time Elevated to normal and back again and so forth.
4. Mild Vitamin D3 deficiency at times, levels do not correspond with the PTH levels being high or normal one test showed a D3 level of 63, range (50-150) and the PTH was high at 8.7, range (1.6-6.9)Following test D3 at 63 and PTH at 5.5 mid range.
Recent report D3 57 and PTH of 7.7.
Another test showed D3 at 65 and my PTH was at 5.7.
This all sounds crazy to me.
5. Periods of extreme pain and cramping (Contractures) sometimes full body rigidity reported in the past.
7. Elevated CPK after taking antibiotics and also Vitamin D3 supplements.
8. Bone pain and tenderness around the long bones.
No joint arthritis except big toe or inflammed joints.
9.Muscular pain and tenderness without swelling or heat.
10.Ongoing fatigue and weakness sometimes I get down and can't get up again unassisted other days I can manage on my own.
11. TSH currently at .9 taking thyroxine.
12. Noticed a decline in Kidney function in some tests but it seems to right itself again (possible kidney stones)?
13. Elevations of CPK during muscle/pain attacks, could be due to possible Myotonia.
14 Muscle biopsy taken a few years ago of pectoral muscle shows only mild type 2 muscle atrophy.
15. Feeling less and less well and I am worried about my Vitamin D3 status. I have read that there are some hereditary problems that can cause the PTH to be high but also cause hypoparathyroidism due to a problem in the Kidneys. My phosphate level is at 1.1 range .8-1.5 however my potassium level changes quite a bit from test to test, sodium level appears to stay about the same and doesn't move in the opposite direction to the potassium.

This is a long winded email and I know there is something going on with my Kidneys and possibly liver as well, I have had my gall bladder removed but my gamma gt is elevated most of the time ALP was high for years but is normal on last four tests.

Have you and direction you could point me in. I have seen numerous Endos and they all say take VD3 Which makes me very ill with CPK rises and muscle pain.

As you have probably realised my now I am the end of my tether and my Local DR hasn't got a clue.

Kind regards Shona

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