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Thyroid vs Parathyroid
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Hi Trina,

So, first of all, you have NOT been taking an appropriate dose of vitamin d for a year, so I would not expect your level to be normal. First of all, you should not be taking prescription vitamin d. Second, 1000 IU's is the maintenance dose for a newborn infant, not an adult. Third, how did your doctor know to give you the prescription vitamin d for 2 months before putting you on a maintenance dose? After the two months of taking prescription vitamin d, you could still have been severely low. Giving the higher dose for 'two months' and then giving 1000 IU's a day is not the appropriate way to get vitamin d levels up. So, stop panicking that your vitamin d level is low. I would have been surprised if it was normal since you are taking insufficient amounts of vitamin d.

Please follow the instructions on the Vitamin D Therapy page and follow the directions in order to bring your levels up to normal.

Next, you are equating thyroid with parathyroid. The parathyroid glands are teeny tiny little glands that sit on top of the thyroid. They are too small to feel, even when they have tumors, and if your doctor is feeling a lump in your neck, it is NOT due to the parathyroid glands having tumors.

Next, your calcium is normal, so therefore there is no reason to believe that you have parathyroid problems. Parathyroid hormone levels go high due to vitamin d deficiency. Have your doctor check your parathyroid hormone again after you've followed my instructions on the Vitamin D therapy page. If your PTH level is not lower, THEN you can worry about your parathyroids, but there is no need to worry about them at the moment.

Next, your THYROID level is too low. You likely have hyperparathyroidism and need to be followed up with that. The lump in your neck may be related to that, but you'll need follow up with your doctor to find out.

Kerri Knox, RN

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