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You do NOT have low vitamin d from not drinking milk
by: Anonymous

Hi Trish,

First of all, you do NOT have low vitamin d levels from not taking dairy products. Please see my page on Vitamin D Foods to see that you would have needed to be drinking over a gallon of milk a day in order to have it affect your vitamin d levels significantly. Regular store bought milk is CRAP and should be considered a processed, unhealthy food that you are probably better off having NOT had for your whole life!

Second, please see my page on Vitamin D Contraindications to see that high calcium levels are one contraindication to taking vitamin d. Whether you 'should' or 'should not' take vitamin d until your PTH comes back is a decision that you will have to come to on your own or with the help of your doctor. I cannot help you with what you 'should' do, I can only provide you with information to help you in your own decision making.

Kerri Knox,RN

PTH results
by: Trish

My PTH levels came back at 137. They have done a parathyroid scan and didnt show anything. They also did a DEXA scan which showed osteopenia. They said it was -1.6. They have me scheduled for an ultrasound and a 24 hour urine collection now and they are going to redraw labs on 2/22. Right now i am on 150mg of Wellbutrin every morning for depression. 40 mg of celexa at night for anxiety, i take 12.5 mg of ambien cr at night to get at least some sleep. They told me to stop taking the vitamin D for now. Should i be concerned? Is this something other than hyperparathyroidism? I'm getting worried about things like cancer or kidney disease or something. I really wish they would do all of the tests on one day. My work is getting upset about me missing for all these tests.


Please read
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Please read The MOST LIKELY scenario is parathyroid disease. That said, it's often VERY VERY difficult to diagnose and if your doctors don't find anything, you may need to find a parathyroid specialist.

Other than that, you need to read to find out more. I really can't answer any questions beyond that on what else it 'could' be or if your doctors can't find anything. The answers are on or with a parathyroid specialist and not on this site.

Kerri Knox, RN

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