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by: liz

I appreciate your good response to this person's question about Vit D and hyperparathyroidism. So many of these websites won't answer a question.

Vitamin d low, calcium and pth high
by: Georgia

I was diagnosed with deficiency of vitamin d(~7) and for about one month now I take vit.d (25.000un). About 1 to 2 weeks ago I measured my calcium twice,the results were 11.8 / 11.3 and pth 102 / 170. My endocrinologist insists that I should take vitamin d and we have an appointment in about one week to tell me what else is to be done.Is it so harmful? I am rather worried!
Thank you!

I'd be worried too.
by: Kerri

I'd be worried too. You should get a diagnosis before taking large amounts of vitamin D.

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