Vitamin D 50000 IU and anxiety attack?


I was told by my doctor last week that my vitamin D level was 11. He prescribed 50,000 IU for me to take once a week for 3 months. I took my first dose three days ago and on the second day I experienced what I am guessing was an anxiety attack.

I have never felt this way ever and hopefully won't ever again - but I honestly thought I was going to die. I thought I had completely lost my mind! SO SCARY! It lasted 10 minutes, but since then I still have not felt "right". Just wondering if you've ever heard of this happening to anyone else. I'm guessing it was just way too much Vitamin D for my body at one time.

I am NOT a medicine taker - I never take anything other than Tylenol! My doctor doesn't seem to be concerned that this happened, but it scared me half to death!

I am a fairly healthy 38 year old female, but went to my doctor because I was feeling extremely tired and was experiencing body/bone aches. He did bloodwork and that's when he told me about my Vit. D deficiency. So now I am terrified to take any Vitamin D. However with levels at 11, I obviously need it.

What's your advice???

Thank you!

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Yes, you absolutely need it...
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Yes, yes, yes. You MUST continue to take Vitamin D and get your levels up. A level of 11 is VERY SERIOUS and you need to get it resolved. So, the first thing to do is to Ditch the Prescription Vitamin D and instead get some Vitamin D3 Supplements in capsules of 5000 IU's and start by taking one of those a day and working up to 2 a day if you don't have any problems.

Then continue taking the 10,000 IU's per day until you get your next Vitamin D Test done in about 2 ot 3 months.

My guess about the anxiety attack is that you became MAGNESIUM deficient by taking the vitamin D. You need magnesium in order to convert Vitamin D into its active form, and it's likely that you are mildly to moderately Magnesium Deficient, as MUCH of the population is. And when you took the Vitamin D, it 'pushed you over the edge' of moderate to severe magnesium deficiency causing what seemed like an anxiety attack.

So, before you start up on your new 5000 IU Vitamin D Supplements it would be a great idea for you to 'fill up your tank' with magnesium by following these Magnesium Dosage Guidelines.

Once you are able to get your levels up, it would be a great idea to continue getting Vitamin D and Magnesium in sufficient amounts by taking a Multivitamin Supplement that contains adequate amounts of both. And there is really only one multivitamin that I know of that contains 5000 IU's of Vitamin D (perfect for a maintenance dose) and 500 mg per day of magnesium (a good maintenance dose too).

So, take a look at Jigsaw Health Daily Essential Packets as I suspect that if you already have SEVERE vitamin D deficiency and moderate magnesium deficiency that its likely that you are deficient in other vitamins and minerals too.

Hope that this helped. Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you
by: Anonymous

Thanks for your response - and so quickly - what a GREAT site. I have another Doctor's appt. tomorrow and will mention the magnesium to him.

I am also breastfeeding my 11 month old daughter and wonder if this is also taking away some of my own nutrients. (forgot to ask you that initially).

Thank you again.

Hopefully I'll feel better soon!

Good luck...
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Hah! You can mention the magnesium to your doctor... IF you want to get a big blank stare. Your doctor is NOT going to know anything about Vitamin D requiring magnesium to be converted into its active form.

But, you didn't say that you were nursing before! Yipes! You should get your baby's Vitamin D Level checked too. If you are so deficient, then she is going to be as deficient as YOU!

So, INSIST that you doctor get your baby's Vitamin D level too. She's at VERY high risk of Vitamin D Deficiency, Yipes! Please see my page on Vitamin D and Breastfeeding to see that a woman needs to be taking upwards of 6400 IU's of vitamin D per day in order to even get enough vitamin D in breastmilk to meet your baby's needs.

And you need to make double sure that you are taking really really High Quality Multivitamin and Mineral Supplements in order to prevent Vitamin D Side Effects.

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Easy Immune

by: Anonymous

I will have my daughter checked as well. So funny about the doctors and the blank stare. I swear they only read every other page in their medical books and missed half of the stuff out there!!! :) Thanks again!!!

Adverse Side Effects
by: Anonymous

So - I tried the Vitamin D AGAIN - obviously the 50,000 prescription strength was too strong and gave me a weird "panic attack" feeling... so I tried 1,000 IU and it made my heart race (so badly that I ended up in the ER), gave it a couple of weeks and tried 400 IU and same scenario...horrible panic/anxiety feeling and heart pounding so strong that I thought for sure I was having a heart attack again.

Not sure why I am having this reaction to the supplement - is it possible to be allergic to it???

I have since been in a state of panic/anxiety and can't shake this horrid feeling ever since I started taking the supplement. Can you maybe shed some light on this for me since my doctors all think it's just anxiety (which I never had like this before taking the supplement)

by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Please see my page on Vitamin D Side Effects. I also have specific page on Anxiety from Vitamin D.

The cause is the same: Magnesium deficiency. Did you happen to try taking any magnesium? And since you kind of feel anxious all the time now, go to my Magnesium Dosage page and try getting on some magnesium.

So, yes, there ARE people who are allergic to vitamin d, but vitamin D is a NUTRIENT that is required for the body. Almost no one is allergic to a nutrient. You can test this by drinking a glass of vitamin d milk. If you don't have the same reaction, it's not an allergy to vitamin D, it's just magnesium deficiency, and probably deficiencies of other Vitamin D cofactors, such as Vitamin A and Vitamin K.

If the magnesium calms you down, then it may just be that the vitamin D is really triggering a magnesium deficiency like I mention on my Vitamin D Side Effects page.

I highly suggest to everyone that they take the Vitamin D Absorption Pack so they get a full spectrum of 'insurance' to prevent the known problems of cofactor depletion when taking Vitamin D.

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Immune System

Still have anxiety
by: Anonymous

I never had my Magnesium Level tested, therefore I have never taken magnesium. I tried taking Vitamin B12 for the anxiety because I was told that would help instead of going on an Anti-depressant/anti-anxiety med. not very fond of prescription pills!

However when I took the B12 it made me feel very anxious and just 'weird' again! Why is it that I can't take vitamins??! Very strange. I still can't break this anxiety/panic cycle that I'm in and it's really scaring me since I feel like something more is going on with me since I've lost 16 lbs - which isn't good when I only weighed 116lbs to begin with.

Not sure what's going on - but doctors seem to brush everything off as anxiety these days and throw a anti-depressant at you like it's candy!!

Anxiety and Magnesium...
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

I'm not at all sure why you are so hesitant to try magnesium. It's almost certainly your problem. Please read my Magnesium Level page to see why it is not only WORTHLESS to have a magnesium level, but it's actually counterproductive to do so.

Then, when you read my Magnesium Facts page you'll see that you possibly are having trouble with all of your OTHER nutrient levels because of magnesium deficiency.

Many other nutrients simply cannot be normalized until your magnesium is normalized!

Magnesium should be one of the very first nutrients that you should consider in almost every single chronic and acute illness that there is!! Vitamin B12 will not calm down anxiety from magnesium deficiency.

Good luck.

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Immune System

Vitamin D and anxiety
by: Anonymous

I have been put on vitamin D 50, 000 as well, and having Anxiety from Vitamin D. I never had this problem before, and all my other lab looks good. I do not like this feeling of anxiety, it disrupts my life, cant concentrate on my school or work. Anything else except the magnesium?

Anything else?
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Have you TRIED the magnesium yet? That is my first suggestion and the one most likely to help. When you read the Side Effects of Vitamin D page and the Magnesium and Vitamin D, you'll see that taking vitamin D uses up magnesium in order to make the active form of vitamin d in the blood (and requires it in order to convert it as well).

And if you read the Signs of Magnesium Deficiency page, you'll see that anxiety is one of the hallmark signs of magnesium deficiency.

So, please go to the Magnesium Dosage page and follow the instructions there to see if that will improve the anxiety related to taking vitamin d.

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Immune System

Epsom Salt Bath?
by: Anonymous

Is this also a good source of magnesium? Also is it safe to do while still breastfeeding? I was confused when i went to buy the Magnesium Supplements because I didn't know which ones to buy, so I opted for the Epsom Salt since I knew this was also a good way of getting it into your system. Can you tell me which Magnesium Supplements is the best to get for my situation. ANXIETY and PANIC!!

Thank you!

by: Anonymous

So I took 1/2 of a 400mg magnesium oxide pill this morning...the oxide type is all I could find at the 4 stores I went to - I have to say I actually FEEL a difference in the way I felt today!


If this really keeps up and works so that I don't have to take anti-depressant/anti-anxiety meds - I will be extremely happy :)

I really believe that the original 50000 IU of Vitamin D that I took 3 MONTHS AGO - really messed my chemistry up!

Let's hope the magnesium is an easy and quick fix for me.

Panic attack and hives
by: Laura Kelly

Ah, the blank stare from my doctor! That is what I got when I asked if I could be allergic to the Vitamin D 50000iu he gave me. Along with the major panic attack, I got a rash all over my thighs and hips.

After going to the ER, my doctor, the dermatologist and a rx of prednisone (sp?), when I asked the same question to my dermatologist, she said, "Sure, you could be allergic to anything" and "I think you just solved your own problem". I have since started taking 2 of the 1000 mg vitamin D's and am starting to feel better after only about one week.

I think it is crazy that more doctors don't know about this reaction. Even the ER doctor gave me a rediculous look and shook his head no about the possibility of being allergic to the Vitamin D 50000 units.

My a href="">Anxiety from Vitamin D was very scary and the worst one I have ever had. My chest hurt and by blood pressure was 150/116 with a pulse of 114!

I am now interested in the magnesium connection.

Thank you for all of your helpful information.

Laura Kelly

Vitamin D and panic attack
by: Laura Kelly

I looked at my blood work results and was unable to see anything that said Magnesium. However, it was flagged for a low level of sodium, serum 134 L. I think this is related to electrolytes too.

Laura Kelly

Sodium is an electrolyte...
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Hi Laura,

Yes, sodium is another electrolyte, but is more related to potassium than magnesium or vitamin d. But a sodium deficiency is easily remedied by eating more salt.

But I really suggest that you don't use table salt, but rather sea salt or Himalayan Mineral Rich Rock Salt. Regular table salt is a chemical, not a food. And it may very well be the reason why 'salt' contributes to health problems while people in areas where there are high levels of mineral salts in food and water don't have these health problems.

But going back to the magnesium, please read my page on Magnesium Levels because you simply do NOT need to have a magnesium level in order to take magnesium- and having a normal level will likely only confuse you anyway.

As long as you don't have kidney problems (you'd be under the care of a nephrologist if you did), then its safe to take magnesium without having a level.

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Immune System


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Panic Attacks and Vitamin D3 Doses and Brands Make a Difference
by: Anne

I'm 50. Past 3 years took D3 off and on. Took 1000 iu/day Solgar D3 from 2007-2008. Blood level at 1 year=23 ng.

Tried higher iu but had too much vulva & body itching (since 2006 many food/sun/MSG sensitivities).

Doses 5000-15000/day. Horrible rashes. Few months later, D3 level was 63 ng. Quit D3 because of the itching. End of 2009--33 ng level.

Tried different brands of D3. Allergic to dyes, fillers, gelatin. April 2010 tried liquid form of D3. Still itching with 1600 iu few times a day, few hours apart. Quit in May.

Total hysterectomy 09/09. 3 weeks ago had vaginal rectocele surgery. Week later, 1st panic attack ever. 3 different times to ER for breathing problems (couldn't lie down/felt I was suffocating/had to have cold air blowing on my face/be up and around pacing inside house). UTI discovered first time--my first ever (still had Foley in). Did CT Scan, lung x-ray also.

Bad vaginal pain w/Foley second time & went to ER 2 days later. Had breathing problem also--Foley removed (at 2 weeks now); given Septra. 3rd ER visit 2 days later for smothering feeling. Hard to breathe, bladder pain.

Given Rx for Ativan--nothing physically wrong--just anxiety/panic, although they found 2nd strain of bacteria (UTI). Added Cipro. Didn't want to take Ativan if I could avoid it.

Noticed Climara estrogen patch lasts longer when I take D3. Figured maybe I was very low in D3. Found info online for D3 & panic attacks. Decided to try D3 drops while I was a 4th time having suffocating and claustrophobic feeling. Within a minute I was fine and could lie down and go to sleep.

Took 1600 iu the next 2 days but broke out in rashes (also tried Allergy Caps D3, but gelatin capsules made me break out worse.) Slept fine. Even though itched, felt I would rather itch than fear sleeping.

Skipped day, rash gone. Fine but woke up at 3 a.m. to pee and couldn't lie down because of the panicked, smothering feeling. 1200 iu gave immediate relief. Helped with restless legs feeling, also. Slept.

Think my body could not handle larger amounts of D3 given at one time. I seem to do fine (now 4 days of no itching) taking 600 iu/ea 1-3 hours now, for 5-6000 iu/day. Also take 3 mg melatonin nightly to sleep.

Thought maybe I was allergic to D3. I want to let others know that maybe it's the capsule itself, the fillers or dyes, or maybe too much D3 at once and to try spreading it out over the course of each day.

Drops are from Bio-Alternatives. Only ingredients D3/water. 100 iu/drop. Sublingual.

Was drug given to me during surgery to cause depletion of D3? Any diff. meds given because the of donor cadaver graft--maybe an anti-rejection drug? No panic problems after my hysterectomy surgery.

I would never take Rx form of D3 50,000 iu. C only imagine reaction my body could have. The D3 definitely works! Just for me, the brand and dosages needed individual tweaking. I hope my experience can help someone!

Vitamin D and Anxiety!
by: Carol


I can't tell when these posts were made. But I looked up this specifically trying to find out if anyone eles had experienced this.
I definitely hav felt "weird" since starting the 50,000 mg dose. And I feel my fatigue has gotten worse! I had actually been feeling a bit better and my OB found my Vit D level to be at 21 and put me on this supplement. I am having trouble thinking clearly at times and am having a href="">Anxiety from Vitamin D.

I can't even concentrate enough to look up what to take for Magnesium Supplements and am hoping , but worried that that will be enough to resolve this. I can't function correctly and don't want to take any more at this point.

I am wondering how the original poster is doing at this point and would welcome her comments as well


reply to anxiety attack (Carol)
by: Anonymous


I am the original poster of this thread - and here I am 10 months later - and I am still not feeling right. It has been one loooong fight for me. I swear ever since I took that 50000 IU of Vit. D and experienced a panic attack - they have not stopped since.

I have never experienced anything like this. I have a 20-month old and a 4-year old at home with me and feeling the way I feel is just awful! My health feels like it has done a complete turn around (in the most horrible way) and I can't get back to where I was. I can deal with aches/pains, but when it comes to the mental aspect of things - I am a mess and I can't handle it! I don't care what any doctor says - this all started from the Vit. D. I tried the magnesium as suggested on this website, but it made me feel even "weirder" after taking it, so now I am just leery at any medical advice suggesting that I take more pills.

I hope this doesn't happen to you :( I would give anything to feel better - and apparently doctors think anti-depressants are the answer.

No More Panic Attacks but Weight Gain from D3
by: Anne

I remember suspecting previous weight gain from D3 the times I have taken it, and I've gained 15 pounds in three weeks. I cannot find anyone else on the Internet who speaks of weight gain--only weight loss! I'm currently taking D3 drops of around 4,200 iu/day.

I do morning and evening Epsom Salt footbaths in warm water (1 cup Epsom). I also am taking Dolomite tablets, two servings a day, totalling 1,064 mg Calcium and 504 mg Magnesium per day. I began the Dolomite about five days ago.

I get tremendous cravings and eat more. When I lower my D3 I have fewer cravings. But if I miss several hours in between drops, I start having vaginal pain (not sure if from recent rectocele surgery or previous bladder infection). And my chest starts to feel heavy, like a panic attack is on it's way. I take the D3 drops, and I'm fine again.

Does this have to do with D3 helping with inflammation and infections? And I'm still healing inside and needing the D3?

Please let me know if you can why I would be having strong food cravings with D3. Am I out of balance with some other mineral or vitamin? Am I the only other person in this world who gains weight with D3? It's very frustrating! Please help! Do I need more or less magnesium? What's the ratio of D3 to Magnesium I should be taking, and do I need the calcium also, or should I be taking Magnesium only? (I had a total hysterectomy Sept. 2009.)

No Ratio
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Hi Anne,

I don't know why you get food cravings or have gained weight, but that is usually a blood sugar issue and has to do with not eating enough protein, or eating too many carbohydrates or processed foods and having blood sugar swings.

Eating a paleolithic diet as outlined in The Paleo Restart Program often helps. Most people who are worried about gaining weight will also avoid fat and you NEED fat to regulate blood sugar. The right kind of fat is your friend- not your enemy.

As far as dolomite tabs, those contain magnesium carbonate, one of the worst absorbed forms of magnesium. And there IS no 'ratio' of magnesium to vitamin d that is proper. Please read my page on Magnesium Dosage to find a better dosage of magnesium for you.

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Immune System


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still having problems
by: Anonymous

I wrote back to you almost a year ago after taking a 50,000 IU of vit. d and experienced a horrible Anxiety from Vitamin D. Needless to say - they have not gone away and it's been almost a year.

I have lost weight - which is not good since I only weigh 105 to begin with. I have had numerous tests - MRI, CT scan, EEG - you name it...everything coming back normal. Some bloodwork has showed that I had some antibodies for celiac disease, however the second round from a second opinion - showed that I didn't have the antibodies in my blood. I then went on to have some allergy scratch testing done and low and behold my arm swelled up pretty badly on the peanut one!! I am 38 years old and have NEVER been allergic. I am also having a hard time taking any type of medicine, Tylenol, Advil, vitamins, etc.. you name it - it's like my body can't break it down correctly.

My question to you is...why is all of this happening to me?? My doctor just keeps saying it is all anxiety/panic. I tend to think otherwise. Although my anxiety and panic are pretty high now because I am frustrated as to what is going on with my body. Didn't know if you could shed some light on my situation. I am looking anywhere for any type of help... since I am getting nowhere with my doctor and I am still feeling like I am on my death bed everyday. Not to mention I am a stay at home mom with two very young children that depend on me. Please help :(

Can't say why this is happening, but...
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Hi Melissa,

While I can't say why this is happening to you and it sounds like you are in a tough situation, I can say that it's EXTREMELY likely that you have Gluten Sensitivity despite the fact that one of your tests came back normal. Please read my page on Diagnosing gluten Allergy to see why testing is unreliable when tests come back negative.

And the fact that you are all of a sudden getting allergies to things that you didn't have allergies to before make me suspect that you have Increased Intestinal Permeability which is allowing food particles to cross from your digestive tract and into your bloodstream.

This is likely to have been caused from the Gluten Sensitivity and possibly from intestinal pathogens as well. There is a strong connection saying that the stomach bacteria called H Pylori might be in part responsible for Food Allergies.

So read over those pages and let me know if you have any questions...

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Immune System
Side Effects


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Vitamin D 50000 IU do work
by: B. Cooper

My stomach was removed in 1998. I found out in 2007 about my vitamin D level. At this time it was a -15. My body was going crazy and I was hurting all over.I started taking vitamin D 50000 IU it casued more disconfort and some anxiety. I had to keep telling my self it is not me being crazy it was the vitamin D 50000 iu doing this, after about the third week I felt like a person again. I take these vitamin once a month.

They are to strong to take every day. Their is no room for your body to digest them. I am just telling you how it works for me.No one will care as much or understand you until they are where you are.

dose too high to start
by: felipe borrero

i suffer from panic attacks, and what you had was a panic attack because too much serotonin at once, also you need magnesium when taking vitamin d, and that was the main error of your doc, maybe not giving you high dose magnesium to balance the vitamin d......

i suggest start your vitamin d just 1000 a day, start there, and add magnesium, you havenĀ“t felt the same because of magnesium deficiency...

Be careful when taking D3!
by: Anonymous

If you're currently taking D3 (or even D2), and are experiencing problems, it may be in your best interest to STOP taking vitamin D! For now that is...

Take Magnesium Supplements daily until your symptoms improve. It could take days/weeks/months. Also, stop taking calcium supplements as well. For now, focus on fixing a very possible magnesium deficiency.

As soon as you feel completely restored to better health, you may begin to slowly introduce vitamin D back. D3 is the safest form to take, and D2 should be avoided.

Take 1,000-2,000 IU's daily for 2 months. Keep in mind you will be taking Magnesium Supplements for life, as in today's world it is almost impossible to get enough from food. After 2 months, get a Vitamin D Test tested. Also, pay attention for any adverse signs you may previously have experienced from vitamin D, and make sure none have returned.

Then try 2,000-4,000 IU's daily for another 2 months, and get your levels tested again. Keep listening to your body, and make 100% absolutely SURE that these higher levels of vitamin D are bringing you plenty of benefits, and preferably NO adverse reactions.

Keep working slowly on raising the amount of vitamin D you intake, and get those levels up to somewhere around 6,000-12,000 IU's daily as this is usually the range needed to get your levels to a very beneficial range.

Remember, the key here is to make sure you're not magnesium deficient while taking vitamin D, and to raise your magnesium levels to an amount needed to properly benefit from taking vitamin D. If you do not like supplements, then you can get your magnesium from raw cacao, and get your vitamin D from sunshine, or a safe tanning bed.

I'm not here to give any medical advice. I'm simply stating my opinion on what I think would be a safer route. It is up to you to decide on what's best for you.

by: Kristie

As someone with anxiety...sometimes when you have your first panic attack you also become better at bringing them on yourself. I don't know if you understand what I mean but you worry so much about having them that you have them. Sometimes anxiety isn't caused by a deficiency rather anxiety and stress CAUSE the deficiency. You may (as I did) need to learn to RELAX somehow and manage your stress....this sounds like a simple answer but I mean really study how to manage stress the right way and change the negative thoughts. I have had anxiety for 10 years and am still learning. Also recently learned that I also have a vitamin D deficiency (which led me here). I also am afraid to take almost everything and flat out refuse to take anti-depressants (too scared) so trying to manage without. I can relate and type away on this comment forEVER but I DO know that vitamin D is VERY important in fighting anxiety. I suggest staying off GOOGLE unless you are going to type in "benefits of vitamin D and anxiety" :) Internet can be very scary. Basically I just wanted to comment that you may simply be so afraid to have that horrible feeling that you are causing them.....don't take offense if that sounds bad because I do it.

50,000 IU Vitamin D= Panic Attacks
by: Anxiety Guru

Hello all,

I wanted to share my story. In August of 2010 I experienced my first, severe panic attack. I was reaching for the phone ready to dial 911 for an ambulance. My significant other ended up calming me down and called his father over to the house, whom is an EMT. My symptoms were this odd, feeling in my chest. It almost felt like a tightness. I also had extreme terror, I was shaking and I felt like something terrible was going to happen. It was the worst feeling ever! My heart rate went up of course, also.

Anyhow, after more attacks that were similar and 2 ER visits I was slapped with a diagnosis of panic attacks. I took matters into my own hands. I researched, read a ton and prayed. I had it narrowed down to either my birth control pills, Hypoglycemia or the extremely high dosage of Vitamin D3 that my physician prescribed for me. I was given 50,000 units to take once a week for 3 months in May of 2010. Well, when I finished the D3 the anxiety hit me hard. I actually found this site a while back and it made so much sense to me. The D3 depleted my body of magnesium! I went out back then and bought magnesium to try- but, since my anxiety was at an all time high I was even afraid to take the magnesium (I didn't know what would set off the horrid symptoms so I avoided anything I could). I got off BC pills and I cut way back on fast foods (MSG). I began drinking more water and exercising. After learning so much about panic attacks I began to cure myself. I still have anxiety- but nothing like what I experienced in 2010. My life is "normal" again. I just wanted to take the time to write this out on here for anyone suffering. I do NOT agree with this high dose of vitamin D3 that the doctors are prescribing. I think it's a shock to the system...and who knows maybe the dyes, oils, etc. react poorly to some people.

To anyone suffering with these severe anxiety/panic attacks I truly wish you a speedy recovery! The first step to overcoming them once you start having them is to stop fearing them- it is so true that what you resist will persist. Best of luck!

50000iu vitamin D feeling terrible
by: Anonymous

Hi I just wanted to add to the discussion. I took this vitamin D dose in April and have been feeling dreadful ever since. Terrible Anxiety from Vitamin D, muscle spasms, nausea, insomnia, twitches and can't function. I read this site and have been taking magnesium but although slight improvement I am still suffering. I'm sure that the vitamin D overloaded my body and have been to A&E and doctors several times but nothing showing.

I had surgery in Jan and was prob deficient in magnesium but getting back out of this is proving really difficult. I'm taking mag citrate up to 400/500 mg daily and just got a spray to see if that helps. Any help or suggestions as to how anyone beat this would be gratefully received. I wanted to warn people to follow the advice on this site and take magnesium or much lower doses of D! I wish I had seen this information as I was reluctant to take it and would not have. My D level is now over 110 Be very careful

Thank you for this helpful information
by: Anonymous

I've been taking D 50,000 twice a week for 4 weeks now and it really gives me the anxious feeling everyday so this is really a big help on my condition. Any other things that i can do to stop my Anxiety from Vitamin D?

Take More Magnesium
by: Kerri Knox, RN

Is there anything else you can do? You can take more magnesium! Please read the Magnesium Dosage page that I referenced several times in this thread, and you'll see that taking '400 to 500 mg' is not even the correct STARTING dose to fix magnesium deficiency! It's no wonder you are not feeling better when you are not even taking a dose that is the right STARTING dose to correct your obvious deficiency.

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Immune System
Side Effects

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Anxiety Attacks
by: Anonymous

Hi, I,m going to throw a cat amongst the pigeons. My wife's anxiety attacks and mine as well, only started after having a flu vaccine. After three years the vaccine/cytokine affect is slowly wearing doen and both of us are losing the anxiety attacks. No wonder why ypoung children and high schoolers are in panic mode. Just a thought for your research- Ross

Get thyroid tested
by: Anonymous

Anyone experiencing an increase in anxiety and weight loss should get their thyroid tested, as they are classic symptoms of overactive thyroid. I notice you have a young baby, and your thyroid can definitely go screwy in pregnancy as well. Good luck!

Agree with post about thyroid dysfunction
by: Anonymous

I started having anxious symptoms taking supplements after a pregnancy. I reacted poorly to B-complex and vitamin d. My thyroid hormone levels were lower but in normal range, and my TSH was borderline. However, my antibodies were high. Hashimotos.

I suspect some of us may have problems with the way we metabolize oral supplements. After almost 20 years, of careful sun exposure, I am now sure to get a reasonable amount before I slather on the sunscreen. I hope the original poster is feeling better!

I implemented tools to get me through. Four years later, I still cannot take oral b or d supplements.

by: Anonymous

I feel for you. Just wanted to share what I have experienced and tried doing so far.

I am tired of taking supplements. "Take vit D and then others to support this". What about eating the right nutritients instead? Why do professionals always push for artificial vitamins and minerals? I too experience high anxiety due to Vit D and am taking all the other vitamins and minerals that are suppose to support vitamin D. Still have those symptoms. I recently changed my diet but continued taking all supplements recommended by my physician. I decided to stop all supplements starting today. I feel on edge all day long and can't sleep at night. I just learned that people who consume lots of dairy and animal protein might struggle with calcium and vit D deficiencies as it increases the acitity in your body. I stopped dairy 3 years ago because of an autoimmune illness and now cut down on animal proteins. I recently increased my vegetable and fruit consumptions, preferabley organic, and consume more beans and legumes. I have 2-3 vegatarian days per week. I want to see if I changes my health without having to take pills as they also cause me stomache upsets ocassionally.

My niece is a vetetarian for over 20 yrs (I still enjoy animal protein) and does not take supplements. She was never diagnosed being low on vitamins or minerals.

This is just me. Just wanted to share what I am going through. I try to do a lot of research and try to find out what works for my.

I wish you good luck.

it does it for me too
by: Anonymous

I searched for vit d and panic attacks and I can say tonight I felt super weird and cusping on a panic attack after 5k iu. strangely, the walmart natures bounty doesnt make me feel panicky, but this spring valley brand does. the sensation lasted about 3 hours for me. not sure what's up. I figured I couldn't be the only one, google search brought me here.

Getting vitamins
by: Kerri Knox

Getting vitamins from food is great... if you can get it. But where, exactly, would you get Vitamin D from in your diet? You'll be eating a LOT of wild salmon. You can get sun, but many don't live in a sunny area.

Not being DIAGNOSED with a nutrient deficiency doesn't mean someone doesn't have one. Doctors rarely test for them.

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