There ARE Side Effects of Vitamin D

by Sarah

There ARE Side Effects of Vitamin D

There ARE Side Effects of Vitamin D

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I decided to start taking vitamin d to ensure that I got the recommended daily amount. When I started taking it I started getting horrible nausea as well as a fever, hot and cold flashes and got extremely drowsy.

I took it two weeks before narrowing down that vitamin d was my problem so I stopped taking it. The nausea, fever, flashes and drowsiness stopped almost the next day of not taking it.

I think that vitamin d needs to be further tested before people can promote that there are no side effects, I've been looking into some studies where it states that there are side effects like mine among other things associated with vitamin D.

As well as, finding out that taking too much vitamin d can cause your body to absorb too much calcium. Where it will dispose it into your muscle tissues, (example: heart, lungs) making things hard to function properly.

There are places that actually recommend regular blood testing to ensure that your calcium levels aren't too high so it doesn't happen to you when taking vitamin D.

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No side effects for me
by: Deb

You must be the exception to the rule.

I have taken 20,000 IU's per day (the amount made by the skin when exposed to sunlight for approximately 45 minutes) per day for over a year and have had no side effects.

Let's get both sides of the story here. And are you taking pure D3 or D2?

There's a big difference.

Vitamin D Spray for Immune Health

by: Sarah

I chose D3 cause I read that it was easier for your body to digest then D2.

Another hyperactive response to Vit D
by: Anonymous

I had the same response as another poster here. After increasing my Vitamin D3 to 3,000 IU a day for 2 weeks, I got Heart Palpitations from Vitamin D and became hyper couldn't sleep for days.

I have Hashimotos thyroid disease and suspect they have just not made the link that it may affect that---even though Vitamin D is generally good for autoimmune disease.

Thanks for your reply,


Hashimoto's and Vitamin D...
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Health Queen

Hi Kate,

More About Vitamin D

I find it very interesting that you have Hashimoto's, which is an UNDERACTIVE thyroid condition and when you were taking vitamin D, you became hyper- yet you are equating the Vitamin D with a NEGATIVE side effect on your Hashimoto's!

If that is the case that you have an UNDERACTIVE thyroid and you became hyper, then the vitamin D was likely stimulating your thyroid back to normalcy. Maybe by either reducing the antibodies attacking your thyroid or by reducing the inherent inflammation that is present in any 'itis' condition and every autoimmune disease.

Are you on thyroid replacement? If so, it's possible that if you get your vitamin D levels up, you may not NEED replacement anymore!!

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Health Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Easy Immune

Similar experience
by: Momlady

I've been taking vit. D on doctor's orders with calcium for bone density protection. I missed a few days and felt great. Then yesterday I took it again with dinner. Besides the usual stomach upset and mild nausea, I got a feverish feeling, heart palpitations and couldn't get to sleep. Also felt like the other women, somewhat hyperactive.

52600 units of Vit. D per day.
by: Dale

After taking 32 500 mg of calcium per day for approximately 40 years, my doctor put me on 50000 plus units of Vit. D with only four calcium tablets.


Thyroidectomy and loss of para-
thyroids from cancer in 1956.

This keeps my muscles working.

Swollen Neck Glands after taking Vitamin D

I have been looking and looking for anyone else with this issue. In 2008 after visiting an endocrinologist he found my Vitamin D was down to 25, he put me on a huge dose a little green gel cap of Vitamin D of 50,000 IU to take for 10 days! I started taking it and with in 3 days I started getting swollen neck glands, it was the weirdest thing I stopped taking them
cuz I was not feeling well thinking this is the only thing I was doing different and with in a few days it went a way, I started my dose of Vitamin D and the pain happened again a few days later, this time it didn't go a way for 3 months. I was on 2 rounds of antibiotics due to my swollen glands with my Dr thinking it was a sinus infection that was causing it, and when it didn't go a way I went to an ear nose and throat Dr I spent thousands trying to see what was wrong with MRI/with/with contrast, and he found NOTHING!!

Vitamin D Spray for Immune Health

That was 2008 fast forward to 2110 January. I have been feeling like crap the new year so I started back on my vitamins again adding 2000 IU of Vitamin D of a different brand to my daily dose of Vitamins and with in a week the same neck pain with swollen glands came back, I am not sure if I'm allergic to it or my thyroid does not like it? I have been so down and not feeling well I think I have CFS and in 2007 my HMO endocrinologist stated in my file I may have CFS then.

I would have taken it more seriously but he never mentioned it to me, I read it months later on his notes in my medical records when I got copies of for a new insurance company a year later along with I needed an FNA for nodules too, he never even bothered to tell me any of this no call no nothing, needless to say I did report him to the patient care off since my new insurance was a PPO costing me much more and I got 1200 back from my HMO due to his neglect.

Bottom line if anyone has had issues with VITAMIN D causing them swollen neck / lymph node glands.

I want to get to the bottom of this My Dr thinks I'm nuts!! VITAMIN D GIVES ME A PAIN IN THE NECK!

Vit D
by: Anonymous

Hi, to answer your questions, yes I do believe it was D3, it was prescribed by my Dr it was those little green gel caps.

I am still having those neck pain issues even 2 years later. Its either not related to Vit D after all or started something my body cant fix..? I will say after reading this site for stuff on CFS I did start taking Chelated Magnesium with Kerri's recommendations (Note from Kerri: please read my Magnesium Dosage page because for most people with CFS, taking 200 mg is WAY too low and unlikely to make you feel better- I'm glad it's helped for you though!), after a week of 200 mg I can actually get out of bed and finally after 2 years finally start cleaning house properly.

I recently got some gel caps of D3 to take in 1000 iu dose.. we shall see if it aggravates my neck issues again.. I was taking the fuzzy Vit D thinking it was easier to digest. I just wish I could get rid of my swollen nodes neck pain I think to be honest its from my CFS. Thanks for the replies.

Hi Kerri
by: Anonymous

I find it very interesting you said "If that is the case that you have an UNDERACTIVE thyroid and you became hyper, then the vitamin D was likely stimulating your thyroid back to normalcy"

I have gotten some thyroid energy support by NOW to take but I fear I will become OVER ACTIVE since my thyroid is over twice the size it suppose to be, if I get it back on track IM SCREWED!! RIGHT? My sister has Graves, and had her thyroid zapped, it has not been easy for her at all. I wanted to help mine since my Dr says "its greedy" help it get better care but after reading your post reply, Im worried.. any take on this? At this point even though I have all the signs of low thyroid, I do believe I have CFS since they are very similar, my thyroid blood work every 6 months show its "within range" IM LOST.. any advice? thanks

Vit D & Swollen Neck Glands
by: David

After taking 400 IU vit D for several years, I increased it to 800 IU in July 2007. A blood test in Sept 2008 showed vit d 25-hydroxy D3 at 26 so I increased my intake of vit D to 1,200 IU daily. A blood test in Sept 2009 showed 47 and I continued taking vit D at 1,200 IU.

In Dec 2009 I started noticing swollen glands at the back of my neck. That condition has continued unabated. I will decrease my vit D intake to 400 IU and see if the condition improves.

Heart Palpitations
by: Anonymous

I take about 5,000 IU of Vitamin D daily and I notice that right after I take 2,000 IUs, my heart begins to race. Very uncomfortable!

I will back down on the Vit D to see if this fixes the problem!

Heart Racing After Vitamin D
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Please see my page on Magnesium and Vitamin D, heart racing is a Sign of Magnesium Deficiency from taking the vitamin d.

2000 IU's a day is already a small child's dose. I DON'T suggest that you take LESS vitamin d because at LEAST double that dose is recommended for adults.

What I DO recommend that you do is to follow the instructions on the Magnesium Dosage page and increase your dosage of magnesium. Your issue is NOT a vitamin d problem, but a problem of not enough magnesium.

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Immune System

Neck pain from Vitamin D

I took my first 50,000 dose of Vitamin D on Saturday. A few days later, I had muscle pain in my shoulder. Now on Monday, I have neck pain. I emailed my doctor to see if they were related. But from reading the comments, I think it is.

You Need Magnesium....
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Hi Kathy,

Yep, they definitely ARE related. You need MAGNESIUM!! Please read my page on Please see my page on Magnesium and Vitamin D to see why getting on magnesium per my Magnesium Dosage page will likely fix that problem quickly.

But it'll be interesting to hear what your doctor says about it...

When you feel better after taking the magnesium, please let your doctor know that vitamin d depletes magnesium so that he can make it a ROUTINE practice to give Magnesium Supplements along with the Vitamin D in order to prevent other people from having these problems.

Also, you'll want to read the page on Prescription Vitamin D (and show it to your doctor as well) to see why prescription vitamin d is NOT recommended anyway- and why you SHOULD be taking Vitamin D3 Supplements instead!!

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Immune System


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Easy Immune Health Product Store the next time you purchase your supplements online. Your support allows me to keep this site running and educating as many people as possible. Thank you!

Vitamin D and it's relation to Omega 3 and Omega 6's
by: dan

From what I've understood, aside from helping in the absorption of calcium and magnesium, vitamin D also helps in the metabolism of oils. I've also understood that Omega 6 and 3 are way out of balance in the global diet. Omega 6 is the primary vegetable oil, also known as Polyunsaturated Oil, while Omega 3 is the primary fish oil.

They have the opposite effects in the body, and compete in sense for utilization. It used to be, at least in some cultures that fish was a main food intake, and Omega 3 was more balanced to the Omega 6 oils than is the case today.

Omega 6 stimulates - if imbalanced, overstimulates - immune function and swelling ect. Allergies get worse, swelling gets worse. Cancer, heart disease, diabetes ect. get worse.

Omega 3 does the opposite. Aside from preventing the above named problems, it aids in losing weight, restoring the arteries elasticity, removing plaque from the arteries, brain function, cellular health.

From what I've read, I hypothesis that vitamin D does nothing directly for all the studied effects, but instead, "amplifies" the potential health of the body. The potential being based on what is already consumed.

If the body is in exes of Omega 6, people will get sicker, but if the body has a good balance of Omega 3, people will get better.

If you have the research...
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Hi Dan,

While I agree with your sentiment on the Omega 3, Omega 6 issue, I've not read anything about vitamin d amplifying the effects of these oils- and I've read EXTENSIVE amounts of research on vitamin d and have never even heard a HINT of this being the case.

If you have any of the research on this, I'd be very interested in seeing it....

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Immune System
Side Effects


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Tuna and Arizona
by: Anonymous


I never was able to put 2 and 2 together on why I never had a problem with things like fatigue and pain and anxiety and such while I was a outside worker in California.

Then I took a in-door job and never saw the sun. After about 6 months I started getting very restless and having weird pain and headaches. Within two years of this it escalated to a full blown breakdown that took years to recover partialy from.

In the last 12 years since that breakdown the best I have ever been is a year that I moved to Tempe Arizona and went out everyday and walked a hour in the sun, and was also swimming and useing a outdoor jacuzzi. I had already been taking Magnesium Supplements for a couple of years, so was up on that. The sunshine did wonders for me and I didn't even know why I was getting better.

Then I moved again and went back to being a inside person. Everything slowly went back to bad and worse.

I finaly connected these dots after moving up to Maine and was working outside all summer and getting slowly better, even in that Northern light, and then winter came on and down I started going again.

I have been taking 5,000 D3 a day for a little over a week. I started getting very stressed and thanks to Kerri pointing this out, I realized I had not been on Magnesium supplements in a long time. I started taking them with the D3 and its shuting down the restlessness and anxiety.

Just saying as Kerri is: MAGNESIUM

I had odd side effects too!!
by: Anonymous

My dr looks at me like I'm crazy, but my breasts went up a cup size, I started having rolling hormonal mood swings, my teeth ached and I finally figured out that the shaking in my hands was probably because of the D. I have recently stopped taking it, and while most of the side effects have gone away, the hands are notably less trembly, but still shakier than they ought to be. I'm really disappointed. Living in Washington State, while I do get outdoors more than most people, it was a great pick me up.

I feel so weird!
by: Quigley

I read most of the comments here...I have extreme Hashimoto's Disease, diagnosed in 1994, thyroid is entirely shut down except a nodule that is working on my right lobe. Like many HD patients, I have low D.

I took my very first green gelcap 50000 iu D3 last night and woke up with strange pressure in my head and vibrating sensations with waves of achiness and weakness/heaviness and slight numbness in my upper limbs, shoulders, and throughout my torso. It is in my lower extremities as well by not so noticeable.

I lay down to nap, hoping it would go away, and I just shuttered all throughout my body the entire time I was trying to rest. I never did reach a restful sleep. That is not normal for me. My pulse is normal but I almost feel anxious in my chest.

I am calling my endocrinologist tomorrow and I am sure she will tell me something bogus. I am not a hypochondriac. I did not expect anything but good to come out of this pill. I did not even think about it when I first woke up but the sensations were too prevalent to ignore. There has to be a link to them and the D3.

Is this tiny pill so powerful that it could cause these types of side effects right off the bat?

BTW, I am reading your page on Magnesium and Vitamin D right after I send this!


Crazy Girl.
by: Sandra

I cant remember when I started the Vitamin 50000 iu that my endocrine put me on due to Graves.
But after reading all these comments, I'm in a rage.
For a few months now, I've been experiencing severe mood swings, insomnia, pain in back of my neck, palpitation. I just had surgery for eyelid retraction from the famous thyroid disease. I am 44 yrs old and have had my hormones checked and was told by my primary doc my hormone level are normal not in menopause and to go see psychiatrist. lol I am not crazy.

Im the ex pain Vit D pain in the neck
by: Renee

Ok, Here is where I am in 2011. I started taking LOW DOSE NALTREXONE (LDN) for my fibromyalgia, I read fibro is really undiagnosed thyroid issues.. and read that LDN can help throid too, since all it does is regulate the immune system, anyway been on it since April 2nd 2011. To be honest it really helps with the pain! BUT after a few months my thyroid was not having any of it.. and I started getting pains in my neck again and sore throat..

My doctors are not interested in helping me since I have been begging for help for years.. Told me I need to see a shrink, my pain is all in my head, yeah this is with my TSH levels at 3.0 and my T 4s low? So anyway I looked up a shrink and found one who was also a Naturopathic Doctor. SHE SAID, like Kerri says on this site, she gave a thumbs up for vitamin D with magnesium.. She also put my magnesium dose up to 800 mg AM and 800 mg PM! I also added some Cod liver oil and orange flavored Vitamin D from APEX I think.. seems to be doing the trick..

Also she gave me some DHA and EPA to use 1300 mg a day split am and pm. that sure did make my brain fog go a way.. so, KERRI is right more magnesium helped me, but I needed to take a lot more then I even realized, I may cut my dose in a few weeks when I go back to her but for now, the combos are working well..

Thanks Kerri for your site..

D3 vs D2
by: Anonymous

Hi all, I and my teen both were given the D2 50,000 IU Vit D2 gel caps, we are both under 30 she was 22 and I am 24, after 2 months of taking one a week, we re tested and NOTHING CHANGED!! I did some research and ran across this lady who told me to use D3, the D2 doctors give are worthless, not sure if its true but I lived it, seems true for me.. so I got some D3 under the tongue melting D3 and with in another 2 months, I was up from 24 to 29, so that's much better than the doctor given D2 gels. I was only using 2000-3000 since I am D sensitive but taking the Magnesium I have been just fine! Also this lady said to take Vit K with it but I didnt since my N. Dr had me on a certain amount of Vitamins and K was not one of them.. I adjusted my food to give me what I needed during the day.. HOPE THIS HELPS!!

Vegan Vitamin D3 Was My Answer
by: Anonymous

I had swollen lymph nodes happen when I started supplementing with Vitamin D [D3]. The glands in my neck swelled up and I had ear pain too.

Then I discovered the connection. Most Vitamin D [in the better absorbed D3 form] is sourced from lanolin, to which I am sensitive. Lanolin is derived from sheep's wool.

I couldn't take the D2 form of vitamin D as it upset my stomach terribly. Vitashine has just come out with a vegetable sourced form of D3. One capsule is 5000IU. I've taken one a day for nearly two weeks and am starting to feel a big difference. And the major plus is that I had none of the reactive/swelling symptoms.

If you've ever gotten a rash from a wool sweater or carpet, or have had a bad reaction to skin cream, lanolin may be the culprit and could be causing your symptoms. For me, paying a bit extra to make sure I get the D3 I need without the allergic reaction is definitely worth it. Hope this helps.

Hashimoto - Swollen glands
by: Julie -

I have Hashimoto and am subject to swollen glands as well. I found that when I drink decaf Green tea, take a one a day with Vitamin D, take fish oil tables and jog for about 20 minutes every other day it seems to keep my neck glands moving. I personally think that taking too much of anything is not good for our bodies,variety is key - I also eat at least 4 servings of vegetables a day - focusing on the ones that have the biggest bang for their buck - spinach, avacados, brocoli, and cauliflower and kale - I eat a salad for breakfast and feel wonderful all day long. Lastly, stay away from hair color - do hair color weaves instead as the hair color seems to send my body into a tail spin with rashes and swollen joints and glands!

Hyperparathyroidism not Vit D likely the problem
by: West Coast

I would suggest that anyone who is having a reaction to Vitamin D have their blood calcium levels checked to rule out parathyroidism. The symptoms sound like hyperparathyroidism. The association with Vit D is that Vit D increases the absorption of calcium. The parathyroid regulates calcium in the blood and hyperparathyroidism results in too much calcium in the blood. So when you add Vit D you are increasing the amount of calcium absorption in your tissues. You should not be taking any calcium supplements.Hyperparathyroidism is almost always caused by a benign tumour on the parathyroids. Once it is removed, the body will rebalance itself and calcium levels will quickly return to normal. Then take Vit D and magnesium.

Source of Vitamin D is a Factor
by: Anonymous

The source of most Vitamin D supplements on the market is cholecalciferol - and the source of that is Lanolin from sheep's wool.
I personally am allergic to wool, and this form of Vitamin D makes my face swell up, and causes allergic reaction.
This may be the case for many people with Hashimoto's thyroid disease, since it is the immune system that is the problem. (therefore allergic reactions are common).

Try fish oil as a source of Vitamin D - but better yet, Emulsified Fish Oil. A compromised immune system is soothed by it, and can better receive and utilize the Vitamin D from this source.

And yes, Magnesium is very important. Look for a form your body can easily use - I recommend an ionic form, if you can find it.

Hope this helps!

I blame D3 for giving me problems.
by: Anonymous

When I became dreadfully constipated, had back problems and other issues. I began to consider my supplements.

I could not leave the house because I had a constant and urgent need to purge. Unfortunately my urges were mostly unproductive, however I dare not stray far from the bathroom.

My back is painful and at times I feel nauseous. Eventually, I Googled “which vitamins and minerals cause constipation” and I concluded that I was over dozing on D3. I was taking 5000 i.u’s per day.

I have osteoporosis and I did not consult my doctor before taking D3. I simply phoned a pharmaceutical company who supplies vitamins and minerals and asked for their advice.

I stopped taking my supplements three days ago. However I need to know how to get rid of the toxic effects of D3.

Please help.

Blame anything that you want to
by: Kerri Knox, Registered Nurse

You are free to blame anything that you want to. Or you can actually learn why you are having constipation and 'blame' your own magnesium deficiency instead of the vitamin d. Please read my Vitamin D and Constipation page to see why it's your own magnesium deficiency that is causing problems.

And how by just stopping the vitamin d, you are just ignoring your magnesium deficiency AND causing yourself to be vitamin d deficient.

You are NOT vitamin D toxic and in fact, you are probably still deficient since you need magnesium in order to absorb vitamin d.

Kerri Knox, RN

I just wanted to thank you Kerri
by: Nora

I have visited your site many times in recent weeks. I only wish I had found it about seven years ago. I perhaps could have prevented all those years of suffering.

I have a doctor, well a few doctors, four to be exact that kept putting me on high doses of Vitamin D2, 50000 IU weekly, I kept telling them how I was not dealing well with it and they ignored me, repeatedly.

This last time, I just could not take anymore. I was in such pain and the vitamin d seemed to be making all my symptoms more pronounced. Symptoms like difficulty swallowing, nausea, bone pain, muscle aches, all over body twitches, severe depression, insomnia some times, always exhausted, sometimes sleeping for a very long time, but never rested and spasms. The list goes on and on. I told my doctor this and she just ignored me and had the nurse call me later when she got my vitamin d results back and they were no better and had gone down a point or so even, 14 I believe.

I got on the internet and researched and researched, and came to your site, at last!!! Finally information that made sense!!! I could barely move at this point, it was as if my body were not my own, or at least I did not want it to be mine.

I got up early and went to the store and bought some magnesium and vitamin D3 supplements. I came home and started taking them right away. I then tried to sleep, I woke up a few hours later and still ached all over. Oddly enough, I started feeling better quite quickly though. Before I knew it my pain was gone, the twitches were gone, heart palpitations almost gone, and chest pains almost gone.

It has only been a month or so but most of my symptoms are gone or lessened greatly. I feel like my body has a long way to go in restoring itself, but I have something I have not had for many years, HOPE!!!


I wish I could find a doctor that would help me to evaluate my overall health and help me to get on the right supplements all the way around. The chances for that seem to be slim to none, since my doctor didn't even know that I needed magnesium along side of the vitamin d. I am just so angry, and sad that I suffered for so long and was treated like a hypochondriac by my doctors.

Same thing happens to me
by: Anonymous

The same hyperthyroid-like storm you experienced also happened to me. I have combed through a lot of the research on Pub Med. Looks like new studies need to happen because right now, there isn't commercial commercial an explanation for it. Doctors are all like, "Wha?! Vitamin D isn't even in the same pathway. That's impossible..." The symptoms happened though. And they're no joke. So some specific undiscovered pathway is happening in our metabolism of vitamin D3 (in tablet form) that science just doesn't understand yet. The science hasn't caught up... And yes, every patient is different and every person has their own unique and specific metabolism and reactions to medications/dosages. Some hypothyroid patients may be able to take d3 in tablet form, no problem, while others, (like you and me) cannot. Let's hope the research on this catches up soon! And believe me, you're not alone on this. Good luck to ya!

Nice to see I'm not the only one
by: Anonymous

Have Hashimoto's and have tried taking vitamin d, both D2 and D3 during different trials (doc continues to encourage me to do so). In every case it has seemed to lead to more problems, not fewer. The problems have ranged from mood to just feeling physically ill, low grade, for days and sometimes weeks on end. Have had the doc look for other causes, but nothing found. In latest attempt to get on vitamin d, I've combined with magnesium. The experience has been subjectively different, but nevertheless difficult (more depressive, depressive-anxiety).

Vitamin D Ponderings
by: Rick

Some food for thought after reading the comments here. When one individual takes x amount and has no problem and another individual takes y amount and has a problem there are lots of possibilities. Not everyone is the same. A few things come to mind. 1. When people take a supplement of any kind, how much of that supplement are they already getting in their current diet? For example, one person may take 20,000 IU of vitamin D3 per day and have a diet devoid of any other source of D3. While another individual may take 5,000 IU and get D3 from other sources rich in D3 from their diet. 2. How much am I absorbing? I have read Vitamin K should be taken with Vitamin D3 for better absorption and effectiveness. How much vitamin K am I getting in my diet? There could be other absorption issues as well. Continue the research. We each need to find what works best for us as individuals.

by: eileem remmy

No, I am another exception to the rule. My blood tests showed I was low on D. I tried for the first time D3 lowest dose 400 IU. 1st day nausea, 2nd day felt strange & sick, 3rd day 1 hour after Vit D heart was racing & felt very sick & weak. I can only imagine taking a higher dose....I probably would have been in the E.R.

Vitamin D and Swollen Glands
by: Mark

Hi Dr. Kerri!!

Thanks for having this page. Found it via Google search and it has added some validity to my issues.

I have seen Dr. Klimas and Dr. Rey at the NeuroImmune Institute at Nova Southeastern Univ in Miami for an unexplained immune inflammatory condition (or at least that's what I think it is). They did a complete workup of my immune functions which only they can decipher the results from. Nobody else has a clue! Just drawing from some of her ultimate conclusions, this is what she said to me:

1) Your natural killer cells are very high, yet we don't have any idea why. You don't seem to have any active infections even though your lymphs are also slightly elevated.

2) Your immune system seems like it has been burning itself out over something, and now it is depleted. You have high anti-inflammatory markers everywhere.

3) I am concerned if you don't take it easy on yourself, you will evolve to some form of lymphoma.

I had numerous symptoms like muscle fasciculations, neuropathy, cramping calf muscles, fagitue, etc. Over time - major lifestyle and dietary changes, this calmed down and completely stopped. However anytime I would take anything to "boost" my immune system, my symptoms would flare up with a vengeance. So I decided I needed to calm my immune system instead.

Fast forward to today. My vitamin D levels are naturally at about 30. I ended up with a possible melanoma and a basal cell carcinoma on my skin a couple weeks ago. No idea how long the melanoma has been there. Bottom line - time to go on Vitamin D. I had tried Vitamin D before, and same thing: a very strange immune reaction. Glands in my groin, armpits and neck seemed to "wakeup". They would have piercing pain just for a second, then ache a little. Nothing major but subtle and some discomfort. Aware of them being there at all times. Also significant drowsiness and tiredness.

Same thing happened to me yesterday. Popped only 2,000 IU and about 4 hours later, the right gland in my groin started aching and pinching repeatedly. About 6 hours after dosing I had marked fatigue and tiredness - but also a sensation of well-being and calm. Its very weird. Its almost as if its causing inflammatory reactions and also causing anti-inflammatory reactions. After popping another 1,000 this morning - one hour later as I type this my right groin gland is pinching again and aching a little. This can't all be due to magnesium depletion. I took 400mg yesterday. Will do so again today.

Side effects
by: Anonymous

I started taking drops which contain k.Two drops are 1000 vitamin d.A while after taking them,my head feels full of pressure.I do take them with a very small amount of fish oil.I do take magnesium and before this took 2000 d in gel capsules with no problem.Doctor is concerned because my levels dropped from 40 to 31 in a month,even taking the drops.I am going to try the gels again,but yes,vitamin d can have side effects.It is a hormone and everyone reacts differently.

Taking 'some' magnesium....
by: Kerri Knox, RN

Everyone DOES react differently, however, as I pointed out, the vast majority of side effects are due to other nutritional deficiencies and/or poor quality supplements.

So, taking 'some' magnesium does not ensure that you are not still magnesium deficient, and your symptom of head pressure is a classic Signs of Magnesium Deficiency. Also, depending upon what kind of magnesium you are taking, you may be getting virtually no magnesium.

Additionally, taking your vitamin d with 'some' vitamin K in it does not ensure vitamin K sufficiency. Even most stand-alone vitamin K supplements have paltry amounts of Vitamin K, and upwards of one milligram (one thousand micrograms) is recommended by experts such as Gary Gordon and the Life Extension Foundation. I would be willing to bet that the Vitamin D you are taking has only a few micrograms at the dosage of Vitamin D you are taking- just enough they can claim that it contains Vitamin K!

And are you taking preformed Vitamin A as well (not beta carotene)? As deficiencies in Vitamin A, Vitamin K, and magnesium have all been linked to Vitamin D Side Effects.

Additionally, the rancid oils in most supplements are a major problem, and some people have serious reactions to even the tiny amounts of rancid oils, magnesium stearate, or other fillers that are in some supplements. But without trying out these solutions, and without even changing supplements, you determined that your head pressure is due to the vitamin D, even after reading the thread where I discuss these issues! Why?

These conclusions people make without making an actual experiment of it to determine why they are having problems like yours, frustrate me to no end. There are MANY solutions to these problems. And almost no one has these problems when they are exposed to the sun, which means that it's not the vitamin D itself, but something inherent in the supplement that is a problem.

If you got head pressure in the sun when you followed all of my other instructions to get all of the nutrients that are in the Vitamin D Absorption Pack THEN it would be logical to conclude that it's the 'hormonal' aspects of the Vitamin D that is causing your adverse symptoms. Until then, the logical conclusion is that it's one or more of the reasons that I discussed in this thread- especially since headaches (and racing heart, as Eileen has) are a classic signs of magnesium deficiency. And to expect to relieve longstanding magnesium deficiency by taking a pill or two and not have symptoms anymore, is unrealistic. In many cases, it may take weeks of following a high dose magnesium regimen as I outline on the Magnesium Dosage page, for people to be able to take Vitamin D without inducing magnesium deficiency symptoms. It's simply not applying the right solution that is almost certainly causing these problems. Not the vitamin D.

Additionally, I'm not sure why you and your doctor are alarmed at your levels dropping while you are taking 1000 IU's a day. A standard dose for adults to MAINTAIN their dosage is between 3600-5000 IU's per day; an INCREASE in levels requires even higher doses than a maintenance dose, usually around 7000 IU's per day. That is 7 times what you are taking. It's quite the 'normal' reaction for your levels to be dropping while you are taking a newborn infant's maintenance dose of Vitamin D, instead of an adult dosage.

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Immune System
Side Effects

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by: Anonymous

Vit K-2 will keep extra calcium from building up in your system from taking a lot of D-3. It puts it in your bones where it belongs.

Active Vitamin D vs Inactive Vit D important info
by: D Bailey

Vitamin D levels active vs inactive
Most doctors only test "inactive" vitamin D levels and it's usually low, but if you have autoimmune diseases it's more important to have your ACTIVE vitamin D levels checked (which is the 1,25 Dihydroxyvitamin D level) since if it's too high you do not want to take vitamin D supplements because high Active D increases autoimmune inflammation. This was explained to me by a very intelligent doctor in my area and then came out on the Autoimmune Summit talks.

The active secosteroid hormone 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin-D (1,25D) often reaches excessive levels in normocalcemic patients suffering from chronic Th1 inflammatory illnesses, including sarcoidosis and rheumatoid arthritis. This is due to unregulated production of 1,25D in the mitochondria of activated macrophages.

Phagocytic cells parasitized by cell wall deficient (CWD) L-forms of bacteria drive this dysfunction of vitamin D metabolism. The paracrine levels of 1,25D rise and the level of substrate 25-D falls. If studies measure only the 25D precursor, a low 25D may be misinterpreted as indicating the patient requires vitamin D supplementation. Our data show that active 1,25D hormone may be elevated, even with a low level of 25D substrate because of the inflamed macrophages’ hyperactive conversion to the active hormone.

In sarcoidosis, for example, this dysregulated vitamin D conversion can mean that even a moderate intake of vitamin D through ingestion or solar exposure can cause the 1,25D hormone to become high enough to stimulate osteoclastic action, and bone resorption. Data presented here suggest that this extra-renal synthesis of 1,25D is more widespread than previously thought and because it leads to vitamin D hypersensitivity, has important implications for research, diagnosis and treatment of chronic disease.

The relationship of our data to past research on the role of vitamin D in several diseases is discussed. The assay of both the active 1,25D and inactive 25D metabolites will lead to additional clinical data, potentially improving both diagnosis and care of a variety of autoimmune and other Th1 illnesses. The high recovery rate using a new antibacterial protocol (initially developed for treating sarcoidosis) and the normalization of 1,25D levels, subsequent to such treatment, emphasizes the importance of measuring both the active 1,25D hormone and the 25D substrate. It should be noted that serum must be properly handled and transported frozen in order to obtain accurate 1,25D test results.

Further, an increase in 25D levels induced by vitamin D supplementation may lead to long-term disease progression by facilitating proliferation of the intracellular CWD bacterial pathogens.

Authors: J. C. Waterhouse , Trevor G. Marshall, Belinda Fenter, Meg Mangin and Greg Blaney (The Stillpoint Project, Vancouver, Canada).

Vitamin D
by: Milk & Cookies

I had a bad experience taking Vitamin D a long time ago. Tried it again and in 2 weeks broke out in hives. Yet another blood test show that I'm deficient, so this time I go to a health food store and they give me "plant based vitamin D!" Worked like a charm!! Perhaps I shouldn't say that too fast, but it's been 2 MONTHS since I started taking them and I've been good....EXCEPT for about 2 weeks ago, my eye started twitching and I have no idea why. I called my doctor today to get a prescription for another blood test. The weather is getting ready to change and there will be more sun, maybe I won't need the vitamin as much. We'll see!

Hives is an allergic reaction
by: Kerri Knox, RN

Hives is an allergic reaction. You were merely allergic to something in the SUPPLEMENTS you were taking, but not allergic to the vitamin D. You proved that you are not allergic to the vitamin d by taking another kind and not having a reaction. That's called an n=1 experiment. You are trying different things and using yourself as the subject of an experiment to find out the reason for your negative reaction, and it worked!

If you are allergic to lanolin, then that is why you had the allergic reaction, and why the plant based supplement does not give you the same reaction. Hopefully, though, you are using an Algae Based Vitamin D Supplement since all other plant based vitamin D supplements are the wrong kind of Vitamin D. Humans need Vitamin D3, and all plant-based Vitamin D is Vitamin D2 (algae is not a plant, so I can rightfully say ALL plant-based supplements are the wrong kind). If you go back and read the thread, the answers are there as to why you are now twitching. That's easy to solve and indicates some nutritional deficiencies.

Kerri Knox RN

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Immune System
Side Effects

Chronic Fatigue or Gluten Sickness
by: Mgregor

Has anyone on here with chronic fatigue or myalgia tried a gluten free diet. Not gluten low, not gluten free trendy but certified gluten free no cross contaminating, legitimate gluten free diet for at least 3 weeks??

I am asking because it was the only cure to all of my worsening symptoms at 36. And a godsend that saved my life and my marriage. My friends daughter got diagnosed celiac and almost a year later she was urging me to try it. I went and stayed with her for three months (because my marriage was at breaking point, as was my body, 16 hr sleep cycles). And what do you know... within three days I had eliminated symptoms ofGluten Sensitivity.

I went from chronic constipation to lots of relief. Since then I no longer live on an allergy medicine. I no longer bloat and pass out. All my eye problems vanished. My skin problems. Anxiety gone! I don't have stomach pains or discomfort. My feet aren't pins and needles with pain anymore. My capillaries aren't visible and tender. My ankles don't retain any fluid. My joints don't hurt. My muscles are no longer rigid. I'm not a grey color anymore. I actually have a bit of natural color.

I'm still melanomically challenged and half ginger, lol. But I look like I've recieved sun without any now. I'm beginning to have a life now at 6 months gluten free I am not in school yet and am on the verge of my fitness routine but I can be happy now. And get out of bed. Eat pain free. Go shopping!! :-D Eat and enjoy it :-D. I'm decorating for the first time in my adult life! It's awesome. Oh yeah and my night vision is restored so driving is better. I could go on and on. I hope I have though. I hope I've covered most of it.
Chronic Fatigue? Try it!! I ask only one thing, make it count. Google all the pit falls and unexpected ways to contaminate yourself. I just want it to be legitimate, the chance you give yourself to see if it's gluten woe-ing you. ;-* best wishes everyone! !

2000 IU's per day
by: Kerri Knox, RN

2000 IU's a day is not 'too much vitamin d'. In fact, despite that it's 10 times more than the french government recommends, it's probably half of what the average person needs. There is extensive research on this.

The body does not, in any way, produce it's own Vitamin D. And the people who are actually doing the research on Vitamin D suggest that Vitamin D is epidemic in the US, which is leading to some of our very high rates of chronic illness.

In France, I suspect that people get more time in the sun, as they walk more and tend to spend more time out of doors than most Americans. They also tend to eat foods higher in fats, which tend to contain more Vitamin D. Hence, the French are probably less Vitamin D deficient than Americans, and so health recommendations would be different for the 'average' person in France than the 'average' person in the US.

In any case, having 'optimal' levels is what is important, and however much Vitamin D it takes to get to those levels is not 'too much', it's just right.

It's a mistake to measure vitamin d in dosages, instead it's important to measure it in terms of Vitamin D Levels.

2000 IU's might be 'too much' for a lifeguard in Hawaii or a grandmother who gardens in the midday sun in a bikini for two hours a day, but it might be not nearly enough for an overweight businessman who never gets out in the sun.

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Immune System
Side Effects

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Vit d
by: Anonymous

I have been taking Vit d 3 , 5.000mg with K2 and a magnesium supplement, while I feel better than I did before taking them I am constipated and feel a bit nauseous every day, do you think I need more magnesium? I am taking 500mg of it at present
Thank you

33 year old male
by: Overheating

I began taking 5,000 IU of vitamin d3, and I took it for about a month before stopping just so I could figure out how to proceed. While on it, I did notice an improved mood, however, I also experienced some unpleasantness, some of which has been discussed here as magnesium deficiency, BUT not all.

-Overheating. I was constantly too hot, and that's not like me at all. It was about 40 degrees F here, so it was cold, and when my boyfriend and I were at home and out shopping on multiple occasions I complained about how it was burning up (even though it wasn't). It was worrisome to me and strange. After stopping the D, this hasn't happened since.
-Sleep issues, was hard to fall asleep
-Hyperactive feelings. When hanging out with friends, I was feeling so hyper and I noticed I was laughing out loud at things that I didn't even find funny! I just had this hyper stream of energy running through me.
-Feeling a bit "off". I felt like I wasn't fully "in the moment" and able to focus on everything.
-Heart palpitations

I was taking magnesium, up to about 500 mg, which I'm guessing Kerri will say wasn't enough, but I didn't go higher than that at the time because it was making my stomach feel a bit weird. It was magnesium glycinate. I know that some of these issues totally reek of being magnesium related, BUT- the overheating thing actually was really weird and I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere else. Thoughts? Also for the record, I don't have thyroid issues as far as I'm aware and am not on any thyroid meds.

Vit side effects
by: Anonymous

When I take vit d I get heart palpitations. Actually a missing t wave that has been seen on a ecg. I also get extreme mood swings, anger and tears and if I continue to take it I end up with all this being constant. I get very hot, chest pain, shaking. I have no diagnosed thyroid issues and I have taken magnesium bisglycinate for a long time- 400-600mg a day. This is from only 1000iu of vit d3.

Heart palpitations... from Vit D3?
by: Rich R

I have been trying to identify why I get palpitations, by removing various items form my diet. First, I learned that I am very sensitive to caffeine and when I eliminated it from my diet, my heart no longer pounds at night. The other issue with heart palpitations appears to be linked to my Vit D intake of 1,000 IU each day. I noticed that about two hours after taking the D3, especially with a bowl of cereal and milk, my heart palpitations are much worse. My doctor previously advised me to take Vit D3, as my Vit D levels were a bit low. I know that 1,000 IU is not allot, however something is causing me issues. Thanks

Vitamin D... or cereal and milk
by: Kerri Knox, RN, The Immune Queen

I've written extensively on Vitamin D and Heart Palpitations. However, 1000 IU's of vitamin D is ridiculously low, and unlikely to cause this problem.

So, you may want to consider that the problem is not the 'vitamin D' per se, but:

1) That your vitamin D supplement is in a rancid oil, or a vegetable oil that is bad for you and making you react. This is the number one problem for most Vitamin D problems.
2) Cereal and milk. These are 'non-foods' that lead to inflammation. Your body is probably going crazy and creating a massive stress response when you eat that.

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Immune System
Side Effects

PS: If you appreciate the free help that I give on my site, please consider making your next supplement purchase through my Health Store in order to help keep this site in operation.

Felt like I was dying
by: Jzizzles

Every time I take vitamin D supplements, I get a horrible pounding headache.

I can stand in the sun all day and never got any issues with that.

I then switched to the topical Vitamin D lotion and rubbed on too many right before bed.

Woke up feeling antsy and my skin was very sensitive to the touch. Hard to explain. Also had a fever of 100.3 degrees and pounding headache.

I took a shower to wash off what wasn't absorbed already and the very next day, my 100.3 fever went back to normal. Headache is gone, blood pressure return to normal, heartbeat return to normal, skin no longer feeling sensitive.

I applied 1 pump before and was fine. The moment I pumped 4 times and applied it all over, this happened.

Natural Vitamin D is the only way to go. Not this artificial D3 stuff aka rat poison

I am so glad I found this
by: Dotchi Anni

I have severe Vitamin D deficiency and I have tried to find a Vitamin D I don't react poorly to. My latest D adventure made me think. Everyone acts like this is a huge mystery and NO ONE reacts poorly to it. But my son and I both do.

I get fever, chills, watery eyes, stuffy nose, extreme fatigue (compared to my mild fatigue that is usual for me) and I just feel SICK. I thought I was losing my mind.

Figured it out!!
by: Windingdown

Oh for years I was having such big issues with D but it was D2 not D3!! Also added co supplements to help the D3 absorb better, thankfully I am plugging along trying to get my D up always, I found out I have VDR issues since I had a DNA test I found out so much more health possible issues.

by: Anonymous

I suffer from panic disorder and take an SSRI, which really helps. Anyway, I started taking vitamin D and started getting anxiety, which progressed into panics.

I couldn't figure it out, but I forgot to take Vitamin D for several days (I hate swallowing pills), and the panics subsided. I started taking the vitamin D again and they came back. I told my husband and he kind of laughed and said, "You should be taking Vitamin it's healthy for you, but if it bothers you then stop." So I stopped and within the week I felt better.

Anyway, a month went by and I was leaving to pick up my niece for the weekend, and I started feeling anxious, but I went and panicked on the freeway; after the weekend it was time for my new semester to start (I'm a college professor), and I was feeling way more anxious than usual. I started crying and told my husband I didn't want to go back to work. I went but had a stressful time.

When I got back, I was shaky and freaked out. Then my husband told me that he thought my reaction to Vitamin D was all in my mind, so for a week he'd been sneaking liquid vitamin D into my water to show me it was in my so I could take it. I'm off vitamin D and panic-free. I don't understand the mechanism, but I do know that vitamin D increases my anxiety.

[Kerri's note: Read the Vitamin D Side Effects page and the magnesium and vitamin d pages that I outline in the thread. I tell you the mechanism, and it's the same reason you likely have anxiety in the first place.

You'd be better off resolving your other nutritional deficiencies AND your vitamin d deficiency rather than resolving none of them.

Your husband put vitamin d in your WATER? Vitamin D is not water soluble. You would have noticed an oil slick on the top of your water and tasted an oily sensation that would have made you think the glass was not cleaned properly.]

A note on D3 and calcium
by: Robert

I've noticed a lot of comments on the negative effects of calcium buildup where it shouldn't be.

One thing people are missing is that Vitamin K2 helps tell that calcium where to go in the body. K2 helps pull calcium out of places it shouldn't be and put it back in the bones and teeth where it is supposed to go.

Also, D3, K2, Calcium, and Magnesium are great teammates, but you have to get enough water and enough health fats in for them all to work together properly (K2 is better absorbed when you take it with healthy fats).

Loss of Libido from Vitamin D Supplement
by: Anonymous

When taking any brand of Vitamin D3 supplement, I have a total loss of libido. The latest one is Prairie Naturals liquid Vitamin D3 in organic extra virgin olive oil and mixed tocopherol concentrate. I am fine with tocopherols and evoo. After stopping the supplement, libido returns in a week or so.

No side effects from plant based vitamin d3
by: Anonymous

A few years back my doctor recommended a low dose of vitamin d3. I started taking 1000 iu but soon had numerous symptoms, such as, muscles pains, twitches, hot patches of skin, major pain and stiffness all over my body, insomnia, daytime fatigue, etc. It took me a while to recover.

I tried taking it again last year but after only 2 days of 400 iu, I felt it coming on again. I tried magnesium and other supplements with it to no avail. I'm happy to say, after daring to try plant based gummy vit d3, I have been able to take 1000 iu a day with no ill effects. I'm beyond elated.

High vitamin D
by: Anonymous

Can someone please tell me why my vitamin d levels are very high (told by rheumatoid) I have never take. Vitamin D in my life but she said (don't know amount) that they are very very high

Vitamin D Level
by: Kerri Knox, RN

What is your vitamin D level, and WHICH Vitamin D level is it? Is it:

25,OH Hydroxyvitamin D level
1,25,OH Hydroxyvitamin D

These are two entirely different levels, and they mean two entirely different things, even though they sound a lot alike.

vitamin d
by: RG

my doctor advised me 60,000IU once a month back in my in America i did not get that dose without prescription of i m taking 5,000IU three times a week ...every time i take it with my lunch..i feel pain on right side of stomach near kidney ..i d'not know if it is due to kidney ..and also discomfort in my stomach ..anyone experiencing same problem

Thought I was going crazy
by: Michelle

My dr put me on 2000iu vit d cause I was borderline low. After taking it for a week and a half at work on day I started to feel horrible. My heart started to burn, I got really cold, had heart palpitations my limbs got numb, cold, and started to tingle.

Came home layed down for an hour felt fine. Then the same thing happened the next day and the day after that. I take a few meds for dizziness and sinuses so when I had an episode my fiancé asked what I took that day. Then I put 2 and 2 together and said the only thing I added was the D.

I stopped taking it 2 days ago and still have the numbness and tingling and anxiety out of the blue during the day but hoping that goes away the longer I don't take any vitamins for a while. Went to my family dr before I read up on the D cause I was worried thinking I was or had a heart attack.

He said not to worry because I have no heart problems in my family history. I do have an appointment with a cardiologist just to be safe in a few weeks. But since I just started jace these problems since starting to take the vitamin D I'm almost certain that's the cause.

Vitamin D
by: Anonymous

I can't take vitamin D. It gives me stomach pain. I'm not allergic to vitamin D but can't seem to take any form of it. I've tried the capsule, gel, once a week perscription and even the topical for vitamin D but all gave me the same results.

Muscle aches and anxiety
by: Anonymous

I have started and stopped vitamin D3 several times now, to rule out anything else that might be causing these symptoms. It seems to correlate to the vitamin D... after a couple of days on a very small dose (1,000-2,000 units), I experience a maddening feeling, like anxiety but worse (mania, maybe?), coupled with irritability, muscle cramps in my arms and legs, a rapid heart rate (resting pulse of 100-104), and my teeth ache. The symptoms together are extreme and sent me to the ER the first time because I felt like I was going crazy. I have no psych history. The first time it happened, I had taken 2,000 units a day consecutively for 7 days. My experiments since then have been just a couple of days, and the symptoms return in that time but less severely.

I had my magnesium level checked, and it's actually a little above mid range. Definitely not low, not too high, but closer to the high end of the scale. I know a lack of magnesium can cause these symptoms but that doesn't seem to be my problem. I keep tabs on my nutrient levels due to Crohn's disease, so I know everything else is in range as well. Is there any other reason for this to be happening when I take vitamin D? My vitamin D level is quite low at 17. My calcium is somewhat high at 10.4 but my parathyroid level is right in range of normal, so my doctor doesn't think I have a parathyroid problem. I also had a scan which showed normal thyroid and parathyroid glands.

by: Anonymous

Started taking D3, as I live in the NW and also have hypothyroid issues. Started taking it in December, 2016, noticed with swollen neck glands in March, 2017. Thyroid levels are low, so started on low-dose synthroid again and boom - glands swelled like crazy. Stopped the D3 and things are slowly calming down. Unsure how the reaction was triggered or what triggers it, but apparently this is something to keep an eye on and talk to your physician about.

by: Anonymous

I had a very bad reaction to vitamin D3. Fall down vertigo. Doctor put me on 2000mg. Doctors said it couldn't possibly be D, so I continued to,take while undergoing tests. All negative. Then, my blood pressure went haywire. Never had hypertension ever. Also, got palpitations and bad diarrhea. I quit taking D and in a week I was better. This after 9 months of agony. My doctor still doesn't think D can cause vertigo. He acknowledges the diarrhea and is ok with me not taking it.

by: Kerri

Normal serum levels of magnesium are useless in knowing if you can benefit from magnesium. See my page on Magnesium Level. If you have Crohn's and do not take magnesium already, you will almost certainly benefit from taking magnesium if you are having these problems taking vitamin d.

Rx vitamin D makes me hyper to.
by: Anonymous

I've notice rx vitamin D makes me hyper to I take 1x a week. After I take I'm hyper energetic till 5days later and I can't sleep at night. Till the 5th day and I start to drag again. For me taking it is like a steroid shot tuns of energy.glad to here others experience simaler thing I'll talk to doc soon.

k2 anyone??
by: Anonymous

If you want d3 work right must take k2. It is why grass fed dairy is less costic. Fixes our health issues too.. Look for technical explanation... I'm not that smart but can follow the theory and science....

Vit d and calcium
by: Anonymous

I have been taking vitamin d 1000iu for the past 10 days then added calcium 500 mg for 5 days and i felt restless and my legs wont sleep and i felt burning sensation in my whole body. Then i started feeling pain on my side. Could it cause kidney stone this fast.

Kerri's note: You don't need calcium, you need magnesium. Please read the thread again.

Vitamin D
by: Evi J

I believe Leo ‘s dreadful experience. I have a sensitive stomach which reacts violently to certain medicines and vitamins. It’s a an experience that even some doctors don’t seem to believe. I, too, need to take Vitamin D because tests show i’m at a very low level ...but right now i’m having a nightmare about taking it. I’m searching for an alternative that won’t leave me helplessly suffering for several days. Anyone who doesn’t get affected so badly as this would never believe this possible.

Enlarged beasts...not a bad thing...hahaha
by: Beverly

I started taking 5000 iu of vitamin d3 and after about 1 week, I noticed my breasts are bigger. I should mention, I'm an A its not necessarily a bad thing. I can't relate it to anything else. Not premenstrual, or anything. Should I worry, or just enjoy the bigger boobs?

Wow so many facts there
by: Satah

Zero facts. You obviously have some sort of issue in your body that you might want to get checked out. Don't assume because you have this issue with dvit that we all are going to. Most of us are extremely low in d3.

by: Eva

Vitamin D in gel/oil form can go rancid and even can possibly be toxic, which can make you sick. If you have too much Vitamin D in your system, you will have a higher level of calcium in your system, and that will make you sick also. If you are deficient, then it's important to get your levels checked regularly.

Bad side effects too
by: Anonymous

I’ve not pin pointed some of my issues of hot flashes and night sweats and even irregular periods from taking vitamins D (d3) also have been suffferig fevers and flu symptoms for almost a year been to so much doctors and one I stopped the D they went away. I just can’t believe it and would like to know why and hope this helps someone

My experience
by: Anton

I have Hashimoto and hypothyroidism. I took 5,000 IU from Solgar, and I got negative symptoms - swelling of the tonsils, pain in the neck, difficulty breathing, anxiety. I will try to increase my magnesium level and change the manufacturer of vitamin D3.

vit d and peticarditis
by: Anonymous

I was diagnosed with post viral peticarditis and put on NSAID but adding to to it my vi d level is 9 ..all other immune tests and thyroid were normal
stated d2 and d3 supply. month later I felt knee joints pain ant left foot top swelling and pain (bursitis) and mild muscles twitches there any link to but d supply? what I need to do.

Vitamin D3 and swollen hands
by: laura

I have been taking vitamin D3 for three week 5,000 IU daily. I wake up every morning with swollen hands and joints in hands hurt. I am allergic to sheep dander - I get the hives. Could the vitamin D3 be causing the hand swelling? I’m taking Vitamin D to help with winter blues. Help!

Couple things
by: thingything

Couple things to note...

Take D3 pills or use the lotion in the morning, using it at night can interrupt your circadian rhythm.

D3 increases absorption of calcium which is not a bad thing.... The reason it collects in areas it shouldn't, like the arteries, is because of a vitamin K2 deficiency. K2 is really only found in Grassfed raw dairy, liver, and egg yolks. The amount varies a lot based on the nutrition given to the animals... so pretty much everyone is deficient in K2 unless you are going out of your way to get it. And we wonder why there is so much heart disease!

No pain no gain sometimes
by: Anonymous

I was tested at a 7.6 vit d level - went on a vegan coconut oil based to start and it was terrible immediately. (Even triggered my menstrual cycle over ten days early?!) Switched to a vegan D3 capsule and after a few days, things normalized out. I was so low for so long the functional MD suggested it might be an adjustment. It has been almost 2 months and I'm at 20! I'm was taking 1000 iu - worked up to 2500 iu - now at 5000 iu all daily and usually at night to sleep off any effects. I still have issues and my immune isn't functioning full yet but this is the best improvement I have seen in decades - my hair is growing vs falling out and I have actual finger nails which need to be trimmed for the first time I can ever remember. Remember - if you were not well to begin with - it can take some time for your body to adjust. No one will know quite like you how it is effecting your body and I have found a few things do cause more pain at first and then level out to good things - listen to your own body and communicate with your doctor. I use a functional MD and highly recommend finding a doctor like this if you can afford it.

Most vitamin d is from lanolin
by: Kerri Knox

You're allergic to your vitamin D. It is made from lanolin. There are non lanolin based vitamin D preparations you should try. Or get your Vitamin D from plenty of sun.

Difficulty swallowing
by: Anonymous

I started vitamin D2 Ergo 50,000 once a month. It took me four years to finally realize something. It causes me difficulty swallowing, throat pain, and some gagging at night. Doctors blamed acid reflux and yes ty treat it. Finally they realized they were wrong and gave up. However, either lymph nodes in my neck, or glands in my neck swell up around the time I read my D2 each month. So one month I skipped it and I had to problems. The next month I took it again and had problems. Then I skipped it the following month and had no problems. Obviously, there's a relationship between the D2 and the throat issues. The problem is I'm severely deficient and need vitamin D. What can I do?

by: Proud mom

I started D2 about a month ago and started symptoms of what I thought was anxiety. I am experiencing temp from 99-100, headaches an heavy chest. BP and EKG normal. Anyone else experienced this?

Vitamin D sensitivity?
by: April

About 2 months ago, I started a 10,000 liquid D3 DAILY dose as I was found deficient in D (I had no symptoms of deficiency) after a visit with my doctor. About 1-2 weeks into this dose, lymph node swelling, neck pain, muscle pain, weakness, insomnia and the 3 week mark, my body was a mess and the doctor was ordering MRI's, bloodwork, and misc testing. I have just crossed the 2 month mark and am finally researching on my own to discover that Vitamin D was the only addition to my regimen and I am on no other medications other than a magnesium supplement on occasion to help with sleep. I stopped the vitamin just over a week ago and have noticed improvements. Reading through the comments, I wonder, could I be sensitive to the vitamin or is there a crazy simple explanation?

Swollen glands
by: Anonymous

I thought I was the only person on the planet who had problems with vitamin D supplements. Everything you Google, you’ll find nothing. Within about 3 to 8 hours after taking only 1000 IU, I start to get swollen glands in my armpits and my groin. I get a lot of inflammatory reactions, tendinitis, another strange things if I keep taking it for several days. It’s a real bummer because with Covid you need to have your vitamin D levels up. But I simply can’t take it. It causes massive problems all over my body. My levels are normal at about 33. And I can get it through sunlight no problem. But a supplement? Forget it.

Thanks for this page!!!
by: Sydney Silver

I started in on high dose D3 and 3 weeks later was bedridden. But I looked up in YouTube and found some people who pushed through and their pain from taking it gradually went away. 5 weeks later my pain is slowly going away but, oh it’s so slow. It gave me furious inflammation feelings in my sternum and the pain would move on different days to different areas.

It’s kind of resolved now to swollen lymph nodes on my right arm and neck feeling like a pinched nerve.

I assumed all of this was because my body desperately needed vitamin d: I was level 14’to start:

I read that vitamin d activates your killer T cells and they multiply like mad. So I was hoping the swollen lymph nodes (which may be pinching nerves) were because my body finally had the weapon it needed TO FIGHT! Not that it was cancer! And I’m so grateful l found this page and see all these other people with swollen nodes from the D. In my theory it’s a good thing because it means I have millions of activated T cells fighting for me now, you want swollen nodes when you are sick, the sickeness symptoms hurt (like fever) but they are actually the body’s defense system and method to kill fugues and cancer and all kinds of stuff.’if you’re sick and don’t get swollen lymph nodes that’s very scary? Meaning your immune system is down.

And then I started coughing …. Now I’m bringing up mucus with a semi persistent cough which also means to me that my body is fighting. Perhaps there was gunk in there or lung cancer cells and I’m finally getting rid of it!

However I will also try upping my magnesium and also try a plant based d?

One can also get a uvb reptile bulb and put it in your ceiling for more d (but the sun is better it also has infrared light for mitochondrial energy and more)

Also if you put mushrooms under the uvb bulb for 14 hours they suntan and make plant based D to the tune of 257,000 iu per cup!

So I think I’m going though immune system activation symptoms (we are sick! It should be that way when healing) but just in case I’ll get more magnesium and a plant based d and try that?

Also another thing

When I was a kid I had intense growing pains. The vitamin d , k, calcium, magnesium etc is supposedly RE-growing our nerves bones n muscles.

Couldn’t it just also partly be growing pain. For a while it had "teething" feelings in my gums, AND all along my arms in the painful areas …. I felt like muscles might be regrowing. If you look it up, when nerves regrow it causes intense pain- you’re feeling raw new nerves where they have been dissolved and numb for years.

Anyway I just wanted to know if my swollen lymph nodes are normal from taking d, and they are, so I feel enormously better and I’m going to push on


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