Epsom Salt Uses... 
It's All About the Magnesium

While it may sound strange, most of the Epsom Salt Uses are due to its rich magnesium content. Epsom salt, also known as Magnesium Bath Flakes, are not really 'salt' at all, but Magnesium Sulfate- while salt is sodium chloride. And this high magnesium content is what makes the Epsom Salt Uses so unique.

The main uses of Epsom salt crystals are as a magnesium supplement, but you don't want to take this magnesium supplement by mouth, the high laxative effects of Epsom salt crystals makes it an excellent laxative, but a poor magnesium supplement. But didn't I just say that it was a GOOD magnesium supplement? It is, just not how you would think that it is. Epsom Salts in the form of Magnesium Bath Flakes makes for a relaxing magnesium supplemented bath!



When you pour about a pound of these Magnesium Bath Flakes into your nice warm bath and soak for 20 to 25 minutes- or until your water gets too cool for you to be comfortable- then you will be absorbing magnesium right through the skin. While people with kidney failure or renal failure should avoid doing this because they need to limit their magnesium, most people can get a lot of benefits from this simple and inexpensive little trick that is one of the best Epsom Salt Uses that there is.

Who Can Benefit from a Magnesium Bath?

Epsom Salt Uses for the bath can be beneficial for almost anyone who has the Signs of Magnesium Deficiency- and that is a LOT more people than THINK that they have magnesium deficiency. Even if you have had your Magnesium Level checked and it is normal, you could STILL be magnesium deficient. Standard magnesium blood tests only catch those with severe deficiencies, leaving the rest of you with normal levels to BELIEVE that you do NOT have magnesium deficiency.

But the truth is that if you have ANY problems, such as:

then you are probably magnesium deficient and may benefit from these Epsom Salt Uses. If you get Muscle Cramps at night, have any trouble sleeping, or have children that have trouble calming down before bedtime, then taking an Epsom salt bath followed by an application of Transdermal Magnesium Gel just before bed may just surprise you with its effectiveness.

In fact, take a look at a real-life story of how Epsom Salt for Fibromyalgia significantly decreased this woman's pain in less than a week!


But I Don't Have a Bathtub

You can still use Magnesium Bath Flakes as a Foot Soak. Simply pour a half pound or so into a bucket of warm water and slip your feet into the soak for the same 20 minutes or half an hour or until the water becomes too cool to enjoy. While you will not absorb quite as much magnesium as you would if you are doing an Epsom salt bath, you will still gain some benefits from these Epsom Salt Uses, and the advantage of a foot bath is that you can enjoy one even if you are watching television, playing a card game or even having dinner with your family!

Epsom Salt Uses for Stress

Magnesium is depleted every time that you feel stress and is a required component for Adrenal Gland Health. If you are consistently stressed and/or have Adrenal Gland Fatigue, then it's likely that you could benefit from a higher Magnesium Dosage or an Epsom Salt Bath after a stressful day at work. Magnesium is SUCH a powerful stress reducer that it has actually been used in the ICU for patients with severe 'Sympathetic Response' of some disease states where the blood pressure and heart rate becomes dangerously elevated.

Tetanus is a dangerous condition where literally every muscle in the body is in a state of maximum contraction, to the extent where only the head and heels are touching the bed. Yet intravenous magnesium has effectively been used as a muscle relaxant and sedative in tetanus. If magnesium can work as a sedative and relaxant for these people, then it will likely help for whatever tension or stress you are experiencing. 

What about an Epsom Salt Laxative

While some people SWEAR by Epsom salt laxatives for constipation, this is NOT recommended (and must NEVER be done by those with kidney failure). While most of those with chronic constipation ARE magnesium deficient and constipation is a 'classic' Sign of Magnesium Deficiency, the reason that an Epsom salt laxative works is not because it replaces magnesium, but because it is so high in mineral content that it has an amazing ability to draw water into the colon. When the colon 'swells' with water, then you expel the epsom salt as well as the water.

Epsom Salt Uses as a laxative can not only make you dehydrated, but it can cause you to have a Magnesium Overdose, a rare but real problem that you want to avoid. And if you do take Epsom Salt orally, and fail to use a high quality food grade Epsom salt, then it could have been processed with toxins that were never intended to be in your body and you could be doing yourself more harm than good. If you have constipation, a better plan is to take Magnesium Supplements to 'bowel tolerance' as outlined on the Magnesium Dosage page. 

Getting Bulk Epsom Salt

Bulk Epsom salt for these Epsom salt uses is generally easy. Drug stores in most of the major cities carry it in 5 to 10 pound bags. But if you can't find it locally, then it's easy to order it as Magnesium Bath Flakes for an inexpensive through the skin magnesium supplement.

Epsom Salt Gel For the Skin

Epsom Salt Gel is also called Transdermal Magnesium Gel and it uses a much higher quality of magnesium than Epsom salt crystals and is a non-oily lotion-like substance. It is sold in a convenient Topical Magnesium Spray or as the Transdermal Magnesium Gel.

Either can be used immediately upon getting out of the shower or bath- even if it was a magnesium bath. The bottles are small enough and have enough concentrated magnesium to make them effective to take with you on a long day where you are traveling or to just leave at the office to 'dose' yourself at lunch, before a stressful meeting or even right in the middle of getting a headache- as using Magnesium for Migraines can really be effective.



While you do need to be aware of the possibility of a Magnesium Overdose, it is very rare and most people who follow these guidelines for safe Magnesium use are surprised at how the Epsom Salt Uses outlined above could help your Signs of Magnesium Deficiency or just to help get you through a stressful day.

Keep reading to find out how to take magnesium supplements safely and effectively...

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