Calcium Levels and Vitamin D

by Priya Nath Mehta
(Mussoorie, Himalayas, India)

Priya Nath Mehta ( Nathji) at Mussoorie, India

Priya Nath Mehta ( Nathji) at Mussoorie, India

I am most grateful for your studied and detailed response to my query on hypercalcemia and Vitamin D. For the first time I have fully understood the situation which has been very clearly elucidated by you. Thank you so much for your painstaking effort.

There is one thing that is bothering me. I started taking Vitamin D without getting the Calcium levels checked. AS you have pointed out that if the calcium levels are high one must not take Vit D at all.

I have taken 60,000 IU per week of Vitamin D for over three months, making my Vitamin D blood levels come to 103 ng/ml. And I have been feeling better than ever before.More energy than before, greater mental alacrity, better climbing of stairs, good apetite, no constipation.

I have no idea what the Vit D levels were prior to taking Vit D but I know they must have been very low because I am a bookworm author who rarely steps out of the house in the sunshine.

I had been taking plenty of milk for years prior to starting Vit D. But I still got osteopenia, because as you pointed out the calcium must have just been washed out of the system without Vit D.

Now I am taking 30,000 IU per week. I have still been feeling quite well, fit and fine.

Since I don't have any facilities for Calcium testing here, can I conclude FROM SYMPTOMS ALONE that I don't have hypercalcemia? Is there any way of telling whether one has hypercalcemia from the symptoms alone?

Would I have felt so well on high doses of Vit D for over three months if I had high calcium levels to start with?

Would that mean that I am "safe" - vis a vis hypercalcemia?

My past VIT D intake was 60,000 IU per week, which was about 8500 IU per day for three months, which brought up my Vit D levels to 103.

My present intake ia 30,000 IU per week since one month, which is about 4500 IU per week.

So in both cases the intake of Vit D was less than the upper limit of 10,000 IU you point out as the safe limit.

Should I have any worries about hypercalcemia in the absence of blood testing facilities for calcium where I live? Is that any reason why I should stop the Vitamin D for fear of hypercalcemia at this point? Can I assume that my calcium levels must be OK for me to be feeling so well?

I thank you once again in anticipation, as I have great confidence in your fantastic knowledge and also your great ability to explain complex medical issues to the layman in such simple terms.


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Calcium levels and vitamin d
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Hi Priya,

More About Vitamin D

Yes, I believe that your instincts are correct. In the absence of testing facilities, you are probably fine to assume that you do not have hypercalcemia since you are feeling 'fit' and well as you state.

If you HAD had hypercalcemia, it is VERY likely that you would be feeling worse and not better.

And while it would be ideal for everyone to get a calcium level before starting Vitamin D therapy, hypercalcemia is quite rare- while vitamin d deficiency is quite common.

In fact, hypercalcemia is SO rare that I don't believe that the Vitamin D Council, who sent you your vitamin d test, nor Grassroots Health, who is doing testing as well, councils people to get a Calcium level before starting vitamin d therapy.

Also remember too, that people don't 'just' have hypercalcemia for no reason. If you do, there is an underlying metabolic problem- most likely to be hyperparathyroidism- if you have hypercalcemia. So, once your vitamin d levels are up, if you had an underlying metabolic problem like that, you would be likely to remain feeling bad.

So, unless you begin to feel worse, then I believe that you can let your mind be at ease about any hypercalcemic issues.

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Immune System

by: nathji

Dear Kerri,

Thank you for setting my mind at ease. I do not believe there is any other doctor or medical consultant or site where one can receive such wonderful advice as from you! Your explanations are always in such simple and lucid language that even laymen can understand them and derive benefit from them. You are doing so much good to the world through this site which you are running!

With best wishes and regards,
I remain,

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