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gluten free shopping list is a must if you have Gluten Sensitivity, gluten intolerance or celiac disease, or just think that you might and want to try The Gluten Intolerance Diet. Always read labels and look for Hidden Gluten in any processed, canned, pre prepared or boxed foods. Always remember that, for some people, the smallest amount of gluten can set off another immune reaction and destroy all of your good efforts.

Your best bet is to buy all natural, whole, fresh foods. Fruits, vegetables meats and unprocessed non-gluten grains are your best choice. If you choose to have milk products, then raw unpasteurized dairy is less allergenic than pasteurized dairy. Many people who have gluten sensitivity also have multiple other food allergies. Corn, soy and dairy are frequent allergens for those sensitive to gluten, so eat these infrequently and with awareness of how you feel.



Let the gluten free shopping list be your guide. Remember, being gluten free is not an excuse to continue eating non-nutritious foods. Gluten free pies, cakes, cookies, crackers and a whole host of other gluten free fast food and junk food is out there for the taking. Most of these have minimal nutritional value and contain high amounts of sugar or sugar substitutes. DON'T fall for it. Use gluten free eating as a way to eat foods that are good for you and that will improve your health.

 I recommend that ANYONE with health problems do a 60 day trial of gluten free eating- and the resources I recommend are:

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No other books on gluten free eating focus on healthy gluten-free eating like these books do. Most others simply substitute unhealthy, processed gluten free foods for the gluten containing junk foods that most people eat.

While I encourage you to try gluten free eating if you have any health problems, eating gluten free junk food will not improve your health in the long run.

Good Luck!

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Proteins: Organic and Free Range is Best

___ Grass Fed Beef                      ___ Free Range Chicken 
___ Turkey                                     ___ Lamb
___ Fresh Fish                               ___ Eggs 
___ Scallops, Shrimp
___ Organic Cheese -sparingly (Feta, sheep's milk, goat's milk)
___ other________________
___ other ________________


Vegetables: Organic is best. Frozen is OK.

___Asparagus                                ___ Kale 

___ Beets/Beet Greens                    ___ Lettuce -variety. Not iceberg.
___ Avocado                                  ___ Green Beans

___ Bok Choy                                 ___ Broccoli
___ Mushrooms                              ___ Cabbage
___ Onions                                     ___ Carrots 
___ Cauliflower                               ___ Celery
___ Sweet Potatoes/Yams                 ___ Tomatoes
___ Collard/other bitter greens           ___ Corn -if not allergic
___ Bell Peppers                              ___ Leeks
___ Squash (variety)                        ___ Chard
___ Spinach                                    ___ Parsley
___ Cucumber                                 ___ Eggplant
___ Arugula                                    ___ Garlic
___ Other ___________ 
___ Other ___________


Herbs: Fresh is best. Dried is OK.

___ Basil           ___ Cilantro
___ Dill             ___ Ginger
___ Oregano      ___ Rosemary
___ Thyme        ___ Turmeric 


___ Brown Rice
___ Millet
___ Wild Rice
___ Buckwheat 
___ Quinoa
___ Amaranth
___ Coconut Flour-(for baking)
___ Oats - if labeled gluten free (Bob's Red Mill)


___ Blueberries or any other berry
___ Apples 
___ Melons
___ Peaches, pears
___ Fresh tropical. Pineapple, mango, papaya
___ ________________
___ ________________
___ ________________


___ Black, Pinto
___ Garbanzo, Lentils
___ Mung, Adzuki, etc.



___ Olive Oil (Extra Virgin, Cold Pressed)
___ Butter (Organic for sure, Raw if possible) 
___ Flax Oil (cold pressed and refrigerated-NOT for cooking)
___ Raw Organic Virgin Coconut Oil 
___ All Nuts and Seeds OK, except Peanuts and peanut butter (peanuts contain harmful mycotoxins)


___ Balsamic Vinegar/Apple Cider Vinegar
___ Celtic Sea Salt or Pure Himalayan Salt
___ Natural Mustard
___ Mayonnaise - read ingredients
___ Bragg's Aminos (tastes like soy sauce)
___ Honey
___ ___________________________
___ ___________________________



___ Herbal Tea or Green Tea 

___ ____________________

___ ____________________

Good luck. I hope that you enjoy your Gluten Free Shopping List.

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