Hidden Gluten is Everywhere
Just Reading Labels Isn't Enough

Hidden gluten is EVERYWHERE. If you attempt a Gluten Intolerance Diet, and I suggest that anyone with a chronic illness do a trial, you must be vigilant about the gluten that are hiding in processed and pre-prepared foods. You can find gluten in the strangest places.

Hidden gluten can be found under many different names, so it is important to read labels very carefully to avoid any amount of gluten until YOU know what degree of gluten sensitivity you have. But just reading labels isn't enough. Gluten is found in some surprising places, so you must be well educated and know how your body reacts.



People have different degrees of gluten sensitivity. Some people are not bothered by tiny amounts of gluten, while others are so gluten intolerant that walking into a bakery will make them sick! The following is only a partial list of hidden gluten. But you must be the one to know everything that goes into your mouth.

Hidden Gluten is Everywhere

Food Additives are Hidden Gluten

• Hydrolyzed vegetable protein

• Modified food starch

• Dextrin

• Natural flavorings

• Artificial flavorings

• Anything labeled an extract

• Vanilla flavoring

• Malt flavoring

Beware of Pre-Prepared Foods

• Soups

• Stews

• Salad dressings

• Sauces

• Imitation ‘Krab’

• Imitation ‘meat’ products for vegetarians

• Gravies

• Anything that is thickened or ‘creamy’

Even Some Natural Products

• Veined cheesed like blue cheese, Roquefort and Stilton

• Brown rice syrup

• Soy sauce

• Malt vinegar

• Textured vegetable protein

• Anything in bulk ‘bins’. The bin may contain residue from a previous product or may have been contaminated by someone who came before you

• Any non gluten grains, such as oatmeal, that are made in the same plant or with the same equipment as gluten-containing products.

Alcoholic Beverages

• Distilled liquor or 'hard' liquor, wine and mead are OK, but can affect your health in other ways. Use sparingly or eliminate completely.

• Beer is made from gluten grains and therefore contains gluten



Supplements and Medications

Yes, even supplements and medications may have gluten containing fillers. Assume that they DO have gluten until proven otherwise. You may need to switch brands or check with the manufacturer if you are unsure.

 Hidden gluten is in SO MANY products that it is best to take an attitude of assuming that a product DOES contain gluten until you prove that it does not!

If you are new to being gluten free and all of this seems daunting, don't worry. At first, it will be difficult finding out what you can and can't eat, but once you find the foods that you CAN eat and the best places to shop, it will quickly become routine.

Thousands of people have done this before you and thousands will be going through this at the same time as you.

You CAN do this. Your health is worth the effort.

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  • The Paleo Cookbook- Delicious gluten free recipes that you can DOWNLOAD RIGHT NOW! Get started eating gluten free right away.

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