heartburn connected with gluten sensitivity?

I am a 50 year-old female, and have been treated for low thyroid for about 8 years, specifically Hashimoto's for 1 1/2 years. Lately I have been getting heartburn daily. My doctor had me take omeprazole for three months, but heartburn returned within 3 days after discontinuing, even though the medication should relieve symptoms for months. My whole family has diversticulosis, and there are other various autoimmune disorders. My sister definitely has gluten intolerance. Could this heartburn be a symptom of gluten intolerance? I've never heard it mentioned before.

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It doesn't need to be mentioned anywhere
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

It doesn't NEED to be mentioned anywhere for gluten to be the cause. If you want to wait until they do double blind studies on it and publish it in journals, then you'll likely only have to wait a couple of decades. If you want to suffer for that long when it COULD be due to gluten sensitivity, then that's your choice, but I prefer to just have people try it out and see how they feel.

In any case, Hashimoto's, diverticulosis and all other autoimmune diseases almost all SURELY have at least some component of gluten sensitivity.

Besides, please read my page on Omeprazole Side Effects. Do you REALLY want to keep taking that stuff when it can lead to magnesium deficiency and osteoporosis? Wouldn't you want to AT LEAST try going gluten free before subjecting yourself to those types of drugs long-term?

Kerri Knox RN

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Immune System
Side Effects

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Heartburn, acid reflux cure
by: Anonymous

In regard to the person who has recently began to experience heartburn, I have the answer to getting rid of it. I suffered with acid reflux and heartburn for 17 years. I tried everything, nothing worked. I had an endoscopy done and it was discovered that I had Barrett's esophagus, from acid reflux damage, which can be pre=cancerous

One day I decided to go on the Atkin's diet. I needed to lose about 40 lbs. I began eating only natural foods, nothing processed...Meat, cream, cheese,(not processed), eggs, butter, vegetables, fruit, nuts, low carb bread, NOTHING PROCESSED!!! The day I started my new way of eating was the day my acid reflux stopped and it never came back, except if I cheated. The weight loss was not the reason my acid reflux stopped, because it stopped the day I gave up all boxed, processed, white flour, sugar foods. NO MORE WHITE FLOUR or SUGAR.

The only thing to remember is no white flour and no sugar, (which means no more boxed or processed foods...like cake, cookies, pizza, doughnuts, pies, boxed quick meals like macaroni and cheese etc.)

If you buy natural, grass fed, free range, cage free meats,chicken and eggs you will even get healthier and eat organic fruits and veggies and you will see such a big difference in how you feel.. NO PROCESSED FOODS IS THE ANSWER TO ACID REFLUX AND HEARTBURN!!!!!

You don't need to go on a diet just eat natural, God given foods...meat, fruit, cream, eggs, cheese, butter,vegetables, nuts, no white flour, only low carb breads. Avocado's are great, cottage cheese, no low fat! Our bodies need fat to make our metabolism work the way God meant our digestive processes to work, healthy fat is necessary for the metabolism to start making our bodies burn it's own fat versus the empty carbs that we were stuffing ourselves with...I lost 40 lbs...now I also have to say, that the first physical I had after starting this new way of living, my triglycerides had dropped from 320 to 92, my husband, lost 16 lbs and his triglycerides dropped from 200 down to 72..Our good cholesterol went up, mine to 79, and our bad cholesterol also got better.

by: Anonymous

I forgot to mention I also have low thyroid, and I am just recently buying Gluten free bread, but my acid reflux stopped completely 5 years ago the day I stopped all processed foods...

Try it, nothing with white flour or sugar.

If God created it, eat it, if man made it, forget it.....it is processed...NO MORE HEARTBURN OR ACID REFLUX!! I am not the only person who has realized this and it has been like a miracle. My neighbor had to go back on Atkins, because his acid reflux and heartburn returned when he went back to his old ways!

And you never have to be hungry again, and you lose your craving for sweets and hunger pangs just don't happen anymore if you do it correctly and don't cheat with junk food. Try it , you will be shocked, and healthier and you may even lose weight without all the low fat, processed food.

Only eat whole foods. NO LOW FAT!!

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