My Vitamin D Level is a 4 !

3 weeks ago my vitamin d level was a 4, the doctor has done a repeat blood test after increasing the vitamins, what can the low level mean?


It's not likely that the blood test was wrong. If doctors began doing vitamin d levels regularly, then would find that people's vitamin d levels are extremely low.

So, what this means is that you have not been getting any vitamin d- probably for many years and are now just finding out what this means.

While this is 'common', it's not 'normal' and eventually, if you aren't already, you will be suffering some of the long-term Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms.

What this also means is that your doctor is going to put you on vitamin d to bring up your levels- and he is likely going to do one of two things- both of which are wrong. He will either:

Write you a prescription for vitamin d


Tell you to take 2000 IU's per day of over the counter vitamin d3

Both of these are WRONG, so be glad that you will be prepared for your appointment where the doctor tells you what to do about your deficiency.

You need to read the Vitamin D Deficiency Treatment page CAREFULLY so that you can see that you will need AT LEAST 50,000 IU's of Vitamin d per day- and with your low levels,
it would be MUCH BETTER to take 100,000 IU's per week for a month or two then continue at 50,000 IU"s per week every week until you are retested in 3 to 4 months.

But you do NOT want to be taking Prescription Vitamin D- it is the wrong KIND of vitamin d. So, before you go into your appointment, it would be an EXCELLENT idea for you to familiarize yourself with the dosages of vitamin d that you need, the FORM of vitamin d that you need and print out this study called The Case Against Prescription Vitamin D. Sit down and read it all the way through with a highlighter pen and highlight the important parts of the study so that you are very familiar with why you shouldn't be taking prescription vitamin d.

Also, make sure that your doctor has ordered a CALCIUM level as well. With a vitamin d level that low, you should have a calcium level that is NORMAL or LOW. If your calcium level is HIGH, that is a Vitamin D Contraindication and you should insist on seeing an endocrinologist and NOT TAKING VITAMIN D until you have seen one.

So, I hope that this wasn't too confusing and that you will now be well prepared to go to your doctor's appointment with this information.

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Easy Immune

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Vitamin D level below 4 (4<)

Vitamin D Level of Less Than 4

Vitamin D Level of Less Than 4

What would cause a very low level of Vitamin D.
I have a level below 4ng/ml and just started a weekly dose of 50,000 IU. I got real tired within 2 hours.

Photo by Jiazi

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i have had my vitamin de sserum test done my result is -4

by suhail

hello my name is suhail i have done my vitamin d3 serum test this morning. my result is -4 is it very low defency and what is the treatment required. do i need to be hospitalized or i could be treated wit out being hospitalized how long will it take me to get my levels back to normal.

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Vitamin D Level of 4 with High Cholesterol


My Vitamin D level is 4. My doctor was very concerned and put me on Drisdol 50,000 units once a week for 4 weeks (I'm in to my 3rd week of taking it). He also did another Cholesterol test and my LDL is 104 and my HDL is 43. He just raised my Lipitor to 40mg. about the same time he prescribed the Drisdol. Now because my LDL went up 3 points he wants to double my Lipitor again to 80 mg. I am very tired all the time and have lost 40 pounds. My thyroid tests come back normal.

I had a heart attack 11/1/08, and they put a stent in my Main RCA. so now the doctor's want to see my LDL at 70 since the heart attack. I eat no bad fats. I will choke down a can of tuna once a week and eat tons of brocoli, spinach, homemade beans, chicken breast meat, oatmeal everyday; twice the heart healthy size with unsweetened applesauce. I eat rice, 99% fat free turkey sandwiches. I walk on the treadmill. I also take 75 mg. Plavix and and Ecotrin 81 mg. daily.

I quit smoking the day of my heart attack. It will be 13 months tomorrow. Since these doctor's seem to be adding more and more drugs to my body, I am about to throw in the towel and just say, hey maybe my time is up and it's time to check out!

I was much happier smoking, drinking regular coffee and living life. I am also allergic to grapes (so no wine in my diet), cows milk, and shellfish.

Please help, I don't want to keep adding more and more drugs to my body, but something just isn't right. I am 58 years old.


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Vitamin d level of my wife is 4




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Vitamin D Level of 4

I have a Vitamin D Level of 4. Would the Vitamin D Level of 4, along with a an extremely high level of c-reactive protein(CRP) of 13.3 mean that I would have a bone issue or a Vitamin issue?

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Vitamin D Level of Less than 4

I am 30 years old & I did a Vitamin D finger prick test about 3 weeks ago after reading about Vitamin D benefits. I figured I was probably low due to the fact I haven't swum or worn shorts (or less) outside for years. Also, my sternum hurt with pressure. After doing the test, I started 2000 IU daily.

By the way, I am Caucasian, but have generally (when younger) had a natural tan color, pretty much year round. My dad is 1/8 Native American, but for some reason both he & I show it strongly. Several people have thought I had "quite a bit of Indian" in me, & many have thought my dad was full-blood.

After 4 pills (8K IU total), I started having sort of a dull, all over back pain. I thought it was the position I slept in (I have had back pain upon awakening a few times before, always before on bad mattresses), so didn't put it with Vitamin D.

The next day, my neck, legs, back, hips hurt. It made sense that it was the Vitamin D, so not knowing what to do, I stopped for a couple of days. I then found your site stating it meant I must really need it & resumed. The pain was never as bad (it was very much there, but manageable), but I was kind of sore off & on for about 10 days.

Unexpectedly, once my pain started, actually after 10K units, I noticed something remarkable...One of my bottom pre-molars has always lacked enamel. My dentist told me sometimes it just doesn't form correctly. Hygienists always notice it, but I have always been glad it was not in a very visible spot. To describe it, my other teeth are like dentures, this was like a sponge in appearance. I noticed I really couldn't feel the ridges with my tongue. It still feels drier, but you can hardly see it. Plus, my teeth have almost professionally cleaned themselves. They are stronger in their sockets.

I guessed I was low, but the lab was the speed of Christmas. I finally got my results after almost a month, & it stated <4.

I will test myself again, but I just wanted to know if this sounds like an error, or if a significant number of people are less than 10. I always thought "an epidemic of (even young) people are low in Vitamin D" meant in the twenties or high teens.

I really have enjoyed your site. I feel so much better since supplementing. I wake up easier in the morning, my color is better, I have lost 8 pounds.

Thank you so much for any help you can give me. Have a great day!


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