Should You Be Worried About
 A Melatonin Overdose?

It's good to be concerned about any supplement that you take and whether you can have a Melatonin Overdose is always a good question to ask. In this case, melatonin safety is absolutely amazing and the risk of an overdose of melatonin is extremely minimal.



Melatonin is extremely safe and there are some very interestingMelatonin Benefits that you may be interested in learning more about. Melatonin safety is well-documented, and in the past decade that melatonin has been used as a supplement it has received an amazingly low amount of reports of Side Effects of Melatonin- even at high dosages and even at EXTREMELY high dosages!


Melatonin Safety

Except for the Melatonin Long Term Effects, melatonin safety is WELL documented and it's been found that a melatonin overdose is extremely hard to do- even when giving Melatonin for Children . In fact, it's so hard to give someone melatonin toxicity that scientists trying to find its toxicity level in mice couldn't do it. When scientists do preliminary studies on substances to try to find out levels of toxicity, they have developed a number called the LD 50. The LD 50 is the dose that will consistently kill half of the mice that they give the substance to. Well, Melatonin HAS NO LD 50 because no matter what dosage was given to mice, they just simply didn't die!

"When government scientists set out to find
melatonin’s “LD 50”- the dose that’s lethal to
50 percent of the animals receiving it - they
couldn’t make a rich enough concentrate to kill
a mouse. And when researchers fed human
volunteers 6 grams (6,000 mg) of the stuff every
night for a month stomach discomfort and some
residual sleepiness were the only reported
side effects."




In humans, while no one has gone experimenting trying to kill people with melatonin, people HAVE tried to kill themselves with it! There is a report of 3 people who tried to commit suicide by taking a melatonin overdose. 2 of the people took 20 tablets of 3 milligrams each and the other one took 50 tablets of 3 milligrams each. All 3 were completely fine, had almost no Side Effects of Melatonin, no symptoms and required no medical treatment!!

The Melatonin Benefits are that this makes perfect sense because these people trying to commit suicide took a lower dosage than the daily dosage given to volunteers in several different studies!! One study gave women 300 mg per day, every day for 4 months in a row. They had no problems at all. One study gave people one GRAM, 1000 milligrams, a day for a month with no problems. And yet another study gave people 6 grams (6000 milligrams) every day for a month with only some sleepiness in the morning.

One Case of Melatonin Overdose

Melatonin Overdose is so rare as to be nearly nonexistent

In all the literature, there has actually only been ONE true reported case of Melatonin Overdose and that was an elderly man who took melatonin the evening before a surgery and became temporarily confused, which resolved without medical treatment.

While the report called this an overdose, the gentleman only took 24 milligrams of Melatonin Supplements. With all of the safe reports of melatonin being taken at dosages 50 TIMES greater than the dosage he took, it puts into question how they determined this was an overdose. It seems unlikely. In any case, melatonin is extremely safe and there is really no known dose that causes a melatonin overdose.



You know that melatonin safety is unparalleled when 6000 mg of Melatonin Supplements have been taken every day for 30 days in studies with no problems- it's more likely that you would go broke before you would ever have a Melatonin Overdose. While it may be very difficult to overdose on melatonin, it's not recommended that you try- and there are some very interesting Side Effects of Melatonin at high dosages that most people would not want to experience without being aware of what could happen. Now that you know how difficult it would be to OVERDOSE on melatonin, keep reading to find out what the right Melatonin Dosage is for you...

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