under active thyroid and celiac disease link?

by Joe Jagatic
(Los Angeles)

I have Hashimotos disease and have been hearing that there is a link between Hashimotos and Celiac disease and vice versa?

My other question is that I have been Gluten free for approximately 8 months mentioned this to my doctor, he gave me a blood test they came back normal.

If I have been gluten free would anything show up on the test?



Hi Joe,

I'll answer your last question first. No, you MUST be eating gluten for anything to show up on a test. But unless you truly have full-blown Celiac Disease, relying on blood testing (or even on an intestinal biopsy) is futile for many reasons.

If you haven't already, take a look at the Diagnosing Gluten Allergy page. And even if everything is PERFECT, you can still have Non Celiac Gluten Sensitivity which has been misdiagnosed with diseases as severe as Lupus!!

So, don't rely on testing of any sort to see if you are affected by gluten. It's a shame that your doctor wasted all that money on testing when you were gluten free. It was really just a big waste of our precious health care dollars.

Then, first question. Yes, there is a HUGE link between Hashimoto's and Gluten Sensitivity. I've talked about the link before on the page Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and Gluten and I've also collected the studies that show this on the Celiac Disease Research page.

Hope that this helped Joe,

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Immune System

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Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and Gluten

by Mary

In your practice, have you seen any thyroid antibody (hashimotos') patients reverse their condition by avoiding gluten?




Hi Mary,

It's funny that you ask because I reversed MY hashimoto's using a combination of diet and nutrients. So, one of the things that I did was to first- go gluten free. Even though I am not noticeably gluten sensitive, I do believe that that was part of the reason that I was able to reverse my hashimoto's. Although a gluten-free WHOLE FOOD diet such as The Body Ecology Diet is imperative- not JUST a gluten-free diet with gluten free pastries and junk food.

Next, a really good whole food multivitamin with:

Vitamin D

such as Jigsaw Health's Essential Daily Packs all contributed to reversing my thyroid issues.

Studies support the Facts about Selenium in its importance in the production of thyroid hormone. Iodine is important for the thyroid as well, but ONLY if you have adequate selenium, otherwise it actually CREATES more problems than it solves.

Thyroid problems can also be worsened by Vitamin D Deficiency, and since the Vitamin D Facts show that Vitamin D is an antiinflammatory and an immune system stimulant, then it makes sense that it can help with autoimmune problems.

So, that is the combination that I used and I recommend using a food based multivitamin supplement with:

200 mg of selenium

5000 IU's of Vitamin D

Food based Iodine is an important part of the recipe too, and some may need to add an absorbable iodine supplement such as Nascent Iodine as well as eliminating the FLUORIDE in your water that can contribute to overall depressed thyroid conditions.

The multivitamin that I recommend is Beyond Any Multiple or Jigsaw Health's Essential Daily Packs.

So, yes, I believe that anyone can reverse their Hashimoto's with lifestyle, dietary and supplement management.
Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Easy Immune Health.com

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by Molly

I have had hypothyroidism for 40 years (I'm now 47) and was recently diagnosed with Hashimoto's. I read your article on the advantages of going on a Gluten Free Diet, which my naturopath has recommended. How can I tell if it is actually helpful for me? Strictly through bloodwork?

I didn't feel badly before and I don't notice much of a difference right now. It's hard to go on such a restricted diet without feeling/seeing a difference. I'm also a vegetarian (but I eat fish).

Just wondering if your article is still up to date or if you have more recent input.

Thanks for your input.

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Is gluten sensitivity related to hypothyroidism?

by Susan

I have been hypothyroid for over 12 years but some of my symptoms never go away. Some have gotten worse. My digestive issues have gotten worse and dry skin and hair are much worse. I also have allergy symptoms every day if I don't take an antihistamine such as zyrtec or banadryl daily. But, these don't help my digtestive issues.

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