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100% gluten free?
by: Shelly Walston

With Hashimoto's, do you need to go 100% gluten free to have any benefit? Or would a reduced gluten free diet help? Being married with my husband cooking and a very busy schedule in which we eat out a lot, it is hard to be 100% gluten free. But I have always eaten a lot of bread products - so I'm wondering if avoiding that will help my Hashimoto's.

100% gluten free
by: Kerri Knox, Registered Nurse

Everyone is different and different people respond or don't respond to differing amounts of gluten. There are plenty of stories of people who have been diagnosed with Celiac Disease who went off of gluten and had no benefit, then checked into it closer only to find out that a medication or a condiment had gluten in it. Then they went off that tiny amount of gluten and got dramatically better.

So, it's POSSIBLE that you could have good or even great results minimizing gluten, but until you know how you react to gluten, it's good to make every effort to be 100% gluten free, then once you know how you react, you can add gluten to the extent that your health or your lifestyle permits.

Kerri Knox, RN

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