Gluten and Skin Conditions

by mary manry
(cherokee village , ar)

Do Gluten and Skin Conditions Go Together

Do Gluten and Skin Conditions Go Together

Can gluten intolerance cause skin conditions- specifically I want to know if it can cause rashes on the legs, arms and back?

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Could my Skin Rash be from Gluten Sensitivity?

by Glory

I have been suffering for 4 years with a rash.

I am 56 years old female. My Doctor prescribed Allegra and Zantac. Then I started a gluten-free diet a month ago and the skin rash is getting better.

I'm wondering what type of disease might be the one I have? I never been allergic to anything. Could it be my hormones changing?

Thank you,


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Gluten = Acne?

by Nikki

I have read a few times that gluten may be a cause of acne. I am very aware that diet is a large part of acne and because of it, have always been very health conscious. However, in the past year, it seems to have gotten worse. I have already cut out dairy a while ago thinking it would help.

I am 23 and feel like it should have been gone years ago, so i am becoming gluten free for a month to see if it helps. Could I have a gluten sensitivity that may be contributing to my acne?

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Can Skin Lesions Be a Symptom of Gluten Sensitivity?

I have lesions on my arms that I can never get cleared up.I am wondering if I have leaky gut and the root cause is gluten sensitivity.

I have been diagnosed for Chiari 1 Malformation and have had my brain decompressed about 1 1/2 years ago. I recently had a nutritionist say that he thought the lesions were a fungal infection.

I do think it could be fungal. My family doctor says topical treatment with Lamisil is probably the best way to go, rather than subjecting my liver to internal medications. I have given up pop and all artificial sweeteners. No coffee or black tea, only green tea or herbal tea.

I am using Stevia, honey,raw organic cane sugar, pure maple sugar or agave nectar for additional sweeteners--none of which I find I need much of. I did buy a Vita-Mix and am juicing organic (mostly) fruits and vegetables with a buttermilk and whey protein base. I cannot seem to tolerate soy. I did see a rice protein at the health food store--would this be a better alternative for me? Should I give up the whey protein and buttermilk? Should I go to rice or almond milk?

Thank you. I am just now beginning my search to get rid of these unwanted pounds. Weight Watchers includes the use of so many artificial sweeteners, which only seemed to make my hunger worse! I cannot do high protein diets, I have proven that several times. I become very ill. I have gout and take a cherry extract. No beer, some wine. I don't eat mushrooms any more. Is there information here to lead you to believe that I have a gluten sensitivity?

I have flatulence, depression and exhaustion too. I do medicate for depression. Should I continue to take probiotics?

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Could Excessive Itchiness be Due To Gluten Sensitivity?

I've had excessive, extreme rashes the past few days. It gets ESPECIALLY bad at night, and they're all over my body, especially on my legs, upper arms and chest, and abdomen. I've been to a doctor about this, and they have suggested I have some sort of food allergy.

I have not eaten anything unusual lately, so I think it may be an allergy that has been building up in my system. Also, in the past few months I've had major digestive problems. Just about everything I eat upsets my stomach, so I'm very careful about my diet. How can I determine if these problems are linked to celiac diseases?


Well, gluten sensitivity generally does not cause sudden itchiness. That sounds like a food 'ALLERGY', which is different from gluten sensitivity- which is an 'intolerance' or an 'autoimmune process' that is very different from an 'allergic process'.

But it does sound like you might have gluten sensitivity AND be very toxic since you have severe digestive issues.

This is what I would do if I had your issues:

1) Get The Healthy Urban Kitchen Book and it will teach you how to eat a 'HEALTHY' gluten free diet that is low in toxins and is also 'mostly' dairy-free, which is usually another common food intolerance.

2) Dump ALL of your household cleaning products and body cleaning products ASAP and replace them with HEALTHY and non-toxic cleaning products.

So, even if your itchiness goes away without doing anything special. It sure sounds like your health is headed in the wrong direction and that you are going to end up with some chronic health problems (if you don't already) if you continue doing what you are doing.

Want to learn more about getting your health back on track and resolving your digestive issues? Let me know and I'll help out the best I can.

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Easy Immune

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Rash and Digestive Problems from Carbs

by Kim

I have had a rash on my arms and legs for two weeks that is not itchy and has no clear relation to any known allergens. In accordance with your list of common Symptoms of Gluten Sensitivity, I often get infections in my eyes.

I become very gassy when I eat pasta, but seem to do okay with bread. Years ago I had giardia and H Pylori at one time. Since then I've felt relatively healthy, but the digestive tract has never fully recuperated.

Like just about everyone in America, I'll say that I am very tired a lot of the time. I am an active person, but I do relax, do yoga daily and eat healthy. I think I probably carry less stress than the average person. Think it could be a gluten sensitivity?

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Can mouth ulcers be from gluten sensitivity or gluten intolerance?

Could constant mouth ulcers be linked to gluten sensitivity? I have had these for 30 years and no one seems to know why. I was at one point thought to have celiac disease but tested negative.

Then it was thought perhaps it was bechets disease but there is not test to determine that and other than steroids to clear up the ulcers, nothing can be done to help. Any suggestions I will welcome?


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Gluten & Eczema

by Stephanie Stone
(Seattle, wa )

Could a gluten intolerance cause severe eczema that is hard to manage?

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Could the Rash on my Face be Due to Gluten Sensitivity?

by Regan Colburn
(Los Angeles)

I'm wondering if gluten sensitivity could be the reason for the weird rash on my face.

It goes through cycles of being red, then getting scaly and rough and then sometime even having small tiny 'white head' looking bumps. It's always in the same spot-just to the left of my mouth.

Any feedback would be appreciated!



P.S. I have been told I'm slightly gluten intolerant by a doctor who performed a test but the results were never really explained to me as I moved to another city and never heard from the doctor...long story.

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Could Gluten be Causing My Itching

by Ann

for the past year and a half, I have been experiencing chronic hives. I am on daily antihistamines (cingular and allegra) and still experience major flareups twice a month, when I menstrate and ovulate. Could this be triggered by gluten?

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Could an 18 Year Old With Chronic Skin Problems Have Gluten Sensitivity?

by Rochelle

My 18 year old daughter has been suffering from an intense itchy rash around her mouth...on and off lesions on her gums and in her nose, swelling and flaky skin on eyelid, swollen symptoms change every day and throughout the day. also has elevated ANA and major vitamin deficiencies, especially vitamin B3 and D3.

We've been to dermatologists, allergists, rheumatologists and internists since October with no particular lead on what is going on.

She is feeling well other than the skin issues...blood work showed herpes simplex 2 and past epstein barr...what do you think??

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