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Yipes! Why are you Still eating gluten!!
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Hi Regan,

So, if you read my page on Diagnosing Gluten Allergy, you'll see that diagnosing this disorder is REALLY difficult and that doctors will almost ALWAYS err on the side of a person NOT having gluten issues. So if a doctor does tests and says that you should go off of gluten, then you have a SERIOUS problem with gluten and need to get OFF of gluten ASAP!!

If you want to talk to a doctor about your tests, then PLEASE do one of two things:

1) Call that doctor that did the tests, tell him that you have moved and ask to speak to him on the phone.

2) Have the office send your results to your new doctor and have that doctor discuss them with you.

But it sounds as though he DID explain your results- they were positive and you need to get off of gluten!!

Don't ask me if the rash is due to gluten, get off of gluten and find out for yourself! I hope that this doesn't come off at flippant or mean, but your doctor told you that you are gluten sensitive and you should, in this case, listen to your doctor!

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Immune System

by: Anonymous

Thank you Regan for posting your question AND a huge thank you to Kerri for responding. This might be the answer to my prayers!!!

I have spent the last 2 years trying to find out what has been going on with my face AND the last 7 years trying to diagnose what is going on with my little boy. NOT ONE SINGLE PEDIATRICIAN or SPECIALIST ever suggested that Celiac or a gluten intollerance could be the culprit and it was never tested for...after reviewing this site, I am more convinced than ever, that it brother was diagnosed with Celiac at the age of three AND although I never had any symptoms (and my son's are far different from my brother's), it all makes sense!!! My pediatrician blew off the idea of Celiac disease because my son has always been in the 95th percentile for growth,never had diarrhea or abdominal distention. However, after reading the possible symptoms on this son's symptoms are all there And so are mine.

Up until 2 years ago, I was an attractive woman with pretty, clear skin. I have never had acne and only a few pimples during my teens. Now I don't want to leave the house! I consistenly have these painful, red or white pimple-like (almost blistering)bumps around my mouth, lips, and nose. My face also gets flaky in those areas. My family doctor and dermatoligist both DX'd rosacea and I have spent tons of money on lotions, potions, and cleansers with NO relief. I avoid alcohol and spicy foods with NO relief. I have avoided Flouride toothpastes with NO relief.

I am not even going to discuss what My poor son has gone through.

Thank you for the posts..I have got my fighting spirit back and I am going to demand that tests are run for both myself and my son.

Thank You

Then you are still not going to get any answers
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

And what if those tests come back negative, as they almost certainly will? Regan was actually LUCKY that her doctor said that she was 'slightly' gluten sensitive. Most doctors ONLY test for Celiac Disease and if you don't have it, which you probably don't, then your doctor will tell you to eat as much gluten as you want to.

Why are you going to go through the hell and confusion of months and months of testing and money in order to get told that you don't have the problem that you are looking for when simply stopping gluten will probably tell you MORE than any test will- AND you'll get 100% certain results within WEEKS...

If you have your fighting spirit back, then use it GO OFF OF GLUTEN for a couple of months....

Kerri Knox, RN

cystic acnea
by: Anonymous

Cystic acne is devastating and I was even asked how did I think I would cope in the future? because my condition was only going to get worse!
My skin turned to leather from the antibiotics and creams that were so cheerfully dispensed and I was repeatedly offered chemical peels to "HELP"
the cost of each peel was $175 and I would need them regularly but as a private patient.
Since being on a gluten free diet my skin has changed completely, I feel like I want to tell every sufferer who is popping pills and smearing creams.

People are making vast sums of money from our misery and we have such low self esteem we never question their motives because we believe they may be able to end our suffering.

allergy to sodium lauryl sulfate
by: Anonymous

an allergy to sodium lauryl sulfate can cause that flaky blistery rash around mouth and nose. its in almost every toothpaste. I had the same thing. its in shampoo too! nasty stuff...

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