Eliminate Environmental Toxins and Get Relief
From Chronic Illness Symptoms

Environmental Toxins Are Everywhere

Every single day of your life, you are exposed to an unbelievable amount of toxic chemicals - even in the womb you have a massive amount of exposure. There are over 60,000 man made chemicals, most of which have little or no data on how they might affect humans. And every day, you take hundreds, if not thousands of these environmental toxins into your body through food, air, and contact with products made from them. Some of the chemicals in everyday products have been shown to cause adverse health effects and to weaken The Immune System The thousands that we come into contact with might be making it worse.


“…when an individual receives
exposure to many(chemicals) simultaneously
the harmful effects upon the
immune system are sometimes far greater...”.-Wayne Sinclair, MD, Allergy, Asthma & Immunology

 Some “harmful effects” are illnesses like:


Look at these disturbing facts

    * 287 chemicals were found in the umbilical cord blood of newborns, 180 of these are known to cause cancer in humans.

    * 884 chemicals found in Cosmetics are known toxic substances

    * 98% of all cosmetics contain chemicals that have never had safety tests.

    * Air Pollution indoors is 2 to 5 times higher than outdoors

    * Residue of as many as 63 Pharmaceuticals have been found in city drinking water systems

    * The Toxic Substances Control Act of 1976 labeled 62,000 chemicals as “presumed to be safe” with no evaluation or studies.

    * Approximately 200 common foods and beverages were found to be contaminated with rocket fuel

    *Significant amounts of chemicals, such as triclosan and Bisphenol A, have been found in Breast Milk


Many researchers question a link between Environmental Toxins and chronic illness, but as more research is coming to light, it is getting harder to deny that the thousands of chemical toxins all around you, so that you need a Drinking Water Purifier to keep from becoming ill.

Doesn't the Government Protect Us?

The fact is that the US government requires virtually no testing of chemicals before they are put in our food, beverages and everyday products. And an overwhelming amount of evidence is required before a substance is taken off the market.

*The AMA, EPA, and Consumer Product Safety Commission recognize the adverse health effects of toxic chemicals. Their guide called “Indoor Air Pollution” clearly links common Environmental Toxins to wheezing, worsening asthma and lung disease.

*The Congressional Office of Technology Assessment states “…causes of brain-related disorders are… pesticides, food additives… and cosmetic ingredients"

*The Department of Health and Human Services annual report “Priority List of Hazardous Substances” shows 6 of the chemicals in the top 10 are found in household items such as baby bottles, processed meats and drinking water.

*The European Union has banned toxic chemicals such as phthalates and pesticides that have been shown to be hazardous. The U.S. has failed to do the same.

*Bisphenol A, found in plastics, was found to leach into liquids from containers like baby bottles. Canada promptly banned Bisphenol A - the US has failed to take it off the market after 2 Congressional Hearings

*The newly created class of chemicals called nanoparticles are being added to thousands of everyday products despite FDA warnings that they may be extraordinarily harmful to humans and the environment.

Why we get chronic illness

In the meantime, we are eating, drinking, breathing and absorbing these Environmental Toxins. Even simple handwashing exposes us to chlorine and triclosan. And our bodies have to do SOMETHING with all of that junk.


 When taking in all of these substances, a good Detox System will help cleanse your bodyfrom all of these substances. This involves the immune system, the lymphatic system, the skin, lungs, digestive tract, etc. all working together. Almost every system can be affected by toxic build up.

Attempting to detoxify all of those substances takes energy. Most of these substances are toxic chemicals that our bodies were never designed to deal with. And many of these toxic chemicals mimic the female hormone estrogen. In fact, this is so widely known that scientists named an entire classification of chemicals as Xenoestrogens.

 These Xenoestrogens are not exotic, rarely contacted chemicals. They are environmental toxins that we are in daily contact with like:

  • Bisphenol A - present in most plastics
  • Parabens - found in many cosmetics
  • Organochlorines - ingredients found in pesticides
  • Perfluorinates - used to make non stick pan coatings

 We are quite adaptable beings and the body has many pathways for detoxification, but in the end we just don't know how our bodies are going to react to any of these man made substances.

Getting rid of your symptoms

So, getting rid of your symptoms is straightforward - stop taking so many toxins IN, while supporting your body in getting the toxic buildup out. In other words, detoxification. There are LOTS of things that you can do to start on the process of emptying your barrel of toxic waste and reversing the progression of your symptoms.

I can even help you to do an in-home laboratory Test That Tells You How Well Your Body Detoxifies Substances

Throughout these pages, I'll be giving you tips to clean up your life and to get WELL.

     * Remove household toxins that are making you sick

     * Stop absorbing toxins from cosmetics

     * Simple food changes that you’ll barely notice

     * Get toxic buildup out of your body

     * Go Green in Your Home

* Get a drinking water filter for all drinking and cooking.


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