Too Much Stomach Acid
Is Almost Never the Problem

Despite the fact that your doctor told you that you have Too Much Stomach Acid and that is why you have recurring heartburn, in most cases the real problem is actually not enough stomach acid!!

While this sounds totally crazy, especially when you can FEEL the acid burning- it's just not likely the case that too much stomach acid is the problem. And even though antacids, such as Omeprazole- also called Nexium, Aciphex, and Protonix, that decrease stomach acid even further, work temporarily, they never actually solve the problem- and they can actually make things worse by keeping acid levels in the stomach too low for too long.


Stomach Acid Battles Bacteria

We are SUPPOSED to have highly acidic stomachs!! While people worry about washing their hands after using the bathroom and using hand sanitizers constantly, by FAR the greatest amount of pathogens that get into your body are through your food and drink.



Highly acid stomach levels are greatly effective at killing the enormous amount of these bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites that come into our bodies in our food. Very few things can live in this battery acid environment. But by believing that you have too much stomach acid and taking antacids, you make your stomach a less acid environment and less effective at killing these pathogens.

These intestinal pathogens are a much more common problem than most people believe. The most common pathogen is one that you might have heard of before. The H Pylori Bacteria, a bacteria that can cause ulcers and gastric cancer, is present in high levels of people all over the world.



Intestinal Candida is another problem in the chronically ill that is, at least in part, caused by chronically reducing stomach acid which reduces the presence of Good Bacteria and allows the yeast to flourish, making YOU feel very ill!

And these are only two intestinal pathogens that cause problems in people with chronic health problems. Other common digestive tract infections that go unrecognized for YEARS by traditional doctors are:

  • Blastocystis Hominis- very common in those with IBS
  • C Difficile Infection- a result of too many antibiotics, as well as the suppression of stomach acid from the Side Effects of Omeprazole
  • Entamoeba Histolytica- a parasite that can affect the liver
  • Giardia- it's NOT just from exotic travel


The list of potential intestinal infections goes on and on. While you could never ever get your hands even CLOSE to being free of germs, the acid in your stomach effectively keeps it almost completely sterile! Why do YOU want to change the environment that nature made to keep us healthy!


Stomach Acid Helps Absorb Nutrients

Many nutrients were designed by nature to be absorbed in the presence of an acid stomach. Calcium, iron and vitamin B12 specifically are the nutrients that get absorbed the LEAST when you are effectively reducing stomach acid. And what are the most common nutrient deficiencies in the elderly who always think that they have too much stomach acid and chronically take antacids:

  • Calcium: One of the most common and devastating problems, particularly in women in western countries, is lack of calcium ABSORPTION. Western women actually have some of the highest calcium Intakes in the world; we also have the highest rate of osteoporosis!! It's not a LACK of calcium that is the problem with osteoporosis, it's the inability to ABSORB it that is the problem.

    The problem of osteoporosis is a combination of the epidemic problems of:

    which all work against you to prevent the absorption of calcium and can even lead to low Blood Calcium Levels despite plenty of calcium. Too much stomach acid is NOT the problem!

  • Iron: Nearly all elderly have chronic iron deficiency anemia which leads to fatigue and weakness. This is likely a result of reducing stomach acid levels as we age, as well as the chronic use of antacids and proton pump inhibitors.
  • Vitamin B12: Vitamin B12 Deficiency is one of the most undiagnosed problems in the elderly population which often lead to undiagnosed Mental Changes from B12 Deficiency that resemble 'Dementia' and 'Alzheimers'. These types of mental changes are continually getting diagnosed in younger and younger people- even children! But Vitamin B12 Deficiency is rarely suspected or tested for.



As you can see, you NEED high levels of stomach acid, and reducing stomach acid with antacids and proton pump inhibitors can and does have SERIOUS consequences. Heartburn is simply NOT a problem of Too Much Stomach Acid in the vast majority of people and reducing stomach acid is just not the answer. Keep reading to find out what IS the right answer for improving your recurring heartburn

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