Strange Symptoms- Could it Be Gluten Sensitivity?

by Christina Jackson
(Springfield, MO)

For almost 5 years, I have experienced alternating diarrhea (with whole pieces of undigested food in the toilet, as if I just took it out of the kitchen and spat it into the toilet bowl), or I would be constipated, sitting in the bathroom for up to an hour waiting for nothing. (gross, right?

Next, I started getting really really severe pms, and irregular periods. (Either early, late, or months just plain skipped).

To go with everything, I started getting sick every time I eat lactose or potatoes, and after I eat any form of bread or pasta- fuhgeddaboudit- I get foggy headed, tired, headache, bloating and cramping.

The last (and scariest straw) was in 2007, when I experienced my first episode of Peripheral Neuropathy. I got cold and tingly in my face and arms, and I had a strange sensation which resembled numbness but also tickled. I thought I was dying and went to the ER, where I was dismissed and the doctor told me to eat a banana. I get that almost everyday now.

Top all that with daytime fatigue (I can sleep 8 hours at night and then sleep 5 hours in the middle of the day and still wake up exhausted), sinus problems, muscle aches, and a plethora of other little annoyances- and I am a full blown mess.

My last doctor ignored me completely when I asked about gluten and then suggested I had a late stage brain tumor. That made me feel GREAT. I aced the preliminary tumor testing without a flaw, and he still wouldn't listen to me about an intolerance. So I just stopped seeing him.

About to start a gluten free diet. What do you think?

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Yipes! Get off the Gluten!
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Hi Christina,

What do I think? I think that you should have gone on a Gluten Intolerance Diet a long time ago. You do NOT need the OK of your doctor to try this out for a couple of months. Go for it and stay off of any dairy at the same time.

Also, I would DEFINITELY have your Vitamin D Level checked since a lot of your muscle weakness and fatigue could be Symptoms of Vitamin D Deficiency as well.

If your doctor won't check your vitamin d levels, then you can get an In Home Vitamin D Test here.

So, get off of that gluten, get your vitamin d level checked and let us know how it goes. Be sure to take a look at The Essential Gluten Free Guide if you have not already researched going on a gluten free diet, the diet is NOT intuitive and you need to make sure that you know what you are doing.

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Immune System


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