If You Have Stomach Burning
You Might Have H Pylori

Stomach Burning is an extremely common complaint that leads many to think that they have Too Much Stomach Acid seek medical attention when it becomes a continuous problem. But doctors will often simply give an ‘acid blocker’ medication without searching for the CAUSE. And one of the most SERIOUS causes of severe heartburn IS the H pylori bacteria.



Unfortunately, if acid blocker medications are given for stomach burning

Without finding and treating the H pylori INFECTION, this could be setting you up for ulcers, nutritional deficiencies, food allergies and even cancer!

The H Pylori Bacteria is a common bacteria that infects up to half of the world’s population. It is best known for its ability to cause ulcers, but it is also a risk factor for acquiring gastric cancer and is the CAUSE of gastric lymphoma. While the majority of people who carry this bacteria don’t have any symptoms at all, the most frequent symptom of H pylori infection is stomach burning.

Also called dyspepsia or heartburn, it is an extremely common uncomfortable condition that affects most of us at one time or another. But when it goes on for long periods of time, many seek medical attention.


Why You Shouldn't Take Acid Blockers

But all too often, medical attention is given in the form of acid blocking prescription drugs called Proton Pump Inhibitors. While PPI’s, as they are called, are usually effective at eliminating the stomach burning, unless the doctor Tests for H Pylori Infection, then PPI’s could simply be covering up the underlying infection that is one of the causes of severe heartburn in the first place.



There have been many studies done on heartburn as one of the symptoms of H pylori infection. Usually these have focused not only on whether heartburn is relieved by H pylori treatment, but also the cost effectiveness of the ‘Test and Treat’ method – meaning testing for the H pylori bacteria and eliminating- it versus staying on PPI’s for long periods of time.


"In uninvestigated patients presenting with dyspepsia
at the primary care level, eradication of H. pylori
in those who are H. pylori positive leads to a
cost-effective improvement in dyspepsia symptoms
compared with a strategy of not eradicating
H. pylori in these patients."

Economic evaluation of Helicobacter pylori eradication in the CADET-Hp randomized controlled trial of H. pylori-positive primary care patients with uninvestigated dyspepsia.


In the vast majority of these studies, the 'Test and Treat' method for people with the sensation of Too Much Stomach Acid was the clear winner.

This makes sense!

When you realize that your stomach burning is just a Symptom of H Pylori Infection, then you realize that eliminating the H pylori bacteria eliminates the underlying reason for your stomach burning.

One study even did a direct head to head comparison of the use of the PPI Omeprazole in comparison to treatment of H pylori. The conclusions of the paper entitled Empirical prescribing for dyspepsia: randomised controlled trial of test and treat versus omeprazole treatment, the authors concluded that heartburn returned “in nearly every patient” on the acid blocker and that

"such treatment is also likely to mask an appreciable number of peptic ulcers and cases of oesophagitis”.


Yipes! So, not only can Omeprazole Side Effects mask ulcers, putting the sufferers at risk of stomach cancer, but it doesn’t even work to relieve the symptoms that it is intended to relieve in the first place!


There are certainly downsides to the antibiotic use in the ‘Test and Treat’ method of H pylori eradication, and there are things that you MUST KNOW before embarking on a program to eradicate your symptoms of H pylori infection.

For instance, there are excellent herbal preparations that have been shown to be effective in controlling and eliminating the H pylori bacteria, and that you MUST take specific probiotic bacteria when you take antibiotics for H pylori!

In any event, when stomach burning is caused by the H pylori bacteria, it just makes good economic and common sense to eliminate the underlying CAUSE of the stomach burning, rather than just covering them up and being put at risk for:




This is despite the fact that Testing for H Pylori Infectionis no more difficult than ordering a blood test, and can be even easier than that.



For patients who don’t want a blood test or for children with dyspepsia, there is a completely painless in-home test that is done on a tiny stool sample and is simply mailed back to the laboratory.

So, why would you NOT want to treat your Stomach Burning

by eliminating the H pylori bacteria if you have it?

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