Sinus Infections and Gluten Intolerance

by Cindi Santos
(Mesquite, Nevada)

I tried to find some information on your website about how or if these two things are related.

I usually have a minor to moderate problem with sinus drainage. I have been eating mostly GF for 9 months but have slipped on that a bit here lately with the holidays and guests.

I went to the doctor today because I have had what he diagnosed as a sinus infection. I did not mention gluten at all. But the drainage has been terrible. I know you are going to say- well then quit eating gluten. Just wanted to ask if you think that is what caused the infection or something else.

I mean infection and just drainage and stuffiness are two different things. Just curious on your input.

Thanks and Happy New Year.
Cindi Santos

PS I wrote to you 9 months ago...Thank God for neighbors, if you remember. I have now lost 14 lbs just staying away from gluten.

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Could Sinuses and Brain Fog Be Related to Gluten Sensitivity

by charles

i have been suffering with sinus problems and brain fog for 6 years i have been tested for allergies the only thing they found is allergic to dust mites. Hah, who isn't.

I have also had blood tests for Celiac Disease results were negative. Also have had a lot of stomach problems mostly constipation but it is much better since I'm taking meamucil and eating fresh fruit. I have been to 4 different ENT's in 6 years- diagnosis is allergic rhinitis.

Of course they load me up with nasal sprays that doesn't cure any thing no one seems to be able to get to the root of the problem I am sure that there is one.

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Trying to diagnose husband's chronic sinus disease/asthma

For 20 years my husband's sinus has produced inordinate amounts of mucous, which he continually coughs up but also gets into the lungs. His asthma symptoms are treated with inhalers. He has had 2 sinus surgeries, which were not the answer. Allergy testing revealed dust mite sensitivity, but bedding solutions did not help either.

Could this be caused by a gluten or dairy sensitivity? His diet is not great... a lot of white breads, especially sourdough, and a lot of cheese.

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Glutan sensitivity causing Sinusitus, weakness foggy brained, and no energy

by Rico
(Metro Minneapolis, MN)

Over last 5 years, I have been diagnosed with Acute Eosinaphilic Sinusitus with a Gluten intolerance at Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN. I have stayed away from anything with gluten and wife has worked hard to provide GF alternatives for me. However, I have continual runny nose problems, asthma, and occasional sinus infections.

I was also treated for Candida overgrowth about three years ago and was on a special diet and my Internist administered an anti fungal drug.

At this time, I need to find out what the REAL problem is and I believe its associated with an hypersensitive immune system. In order to make me feel better, I recieve kenolog 80mg shots every 4-6 months and feel about 80% normal with energy I used to have. I hate to get the shot because I feel its a coverup and know the reprocussions will be desinigration of my connective tissues as well as bone structure. I do take supliments to supposedly offset that problem.

Im also taking 150mg Advair inhaler twice a day to keep the itchy coughing spells to a minumum and yes it works, however my skin now bleeds and bruises very easily if I get a small scratch or bump.

I am a 60 year old male and feel perhaps like an 85 year old may 90 year old. I am self employed for 15 years, married and fairly happy....:o).
SO my question is, what would be my next step to return to good health. Any ideas would be appreciated. thank you kindly!

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