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Gluten Sensitivity
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Hi Charles,

You posted this at the bottom of my page on Gluten Sensitivity, so you obviously know my thoughts on it. Heck, even your doctor suspected gluten sensitivity since he tested you for Celiac Disease.

So, what are you waiting for? You now know that it COULD be a gluten problem and you've suffered for 6 years, so get of of gluten ASAP and see how it makes you feel...

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

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by: Anonymous

I'd also recommend trying the gluten-free diet. See if it helps.

If it doesn't help, I might also recommend experimenting with a few other things:
? Avoiding drinking too much milk and other pasteurized fluids (they say cooking food can produce chemicals that can cause constipation)
? Avoiding overcooking food
? Avoiding cooking food on high heat
? Drinking lots of water
? Using herbs that stimulate bile flow (such as rue or milk thistle, although if you use them you should study them thoroughly first so that you know the pros and cons and how to use them wisely)
? Exercising (strengthening muscles, too)
? Prunes accompanied by lots of water
? Working on your posture
? Make sure your bones are getting the nutrients they need
? Etc.

You might also consider the following things that can cause constipation (but there are a lot more causes). All of the following have many very similar symptoms to celiac disease:
? worms (or other parasites)
? heavy metal poisoning
? candida overgrowth

Of course, all three of the above are said to be prone to accompany one another.

Also, problems with the spine are said to cause constipation sometimes (hence the comments on posture and bone health).

Anyway, if you have heavy metal poisoning/sensitivity, I would recommend being very cautious about such as removing silver amalgam fillings. That can be dangerous and/or ineffective if done without the proper precautions, they say. Plus, it's expensive and the current established alternatives are debatably bad for you in other ways. I might recommend a more nutritional approach. There are some minerals and things that can block the absorption of mercury and other heavy metals to one degree or another (i.e. zinc, selenium, etc.) Also, avoiding future fillings might be more to the point than removing the present ones. Chelation is an option, although if you have fillings, I suggest you don't let the chelation agent touch them. Some cheaper chelation agents include food grade diatomaceous earth, malic acid, pectin, etc. There are lots of expensive ones. I don't know which ones are supposed to be the most effective. I don't know if each chelates the same set of metals, either. You should know that chelation might actually cause constipation in the short-term, though.

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