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Yep. It certainly could be gluten and/or dairy
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Yep. Your husband's health problems could very well be caused by food sensitivities and/or eating crappy food.

Trying to cut out gluten and dairy completely could absolutely resolve his problems- but just switching all of his gluten-containing junk food to gluten-free junk food is not the recommended way to do this- but is what most people try to do.

Eating dairy free and gluten free junk food is not going to improve his health overall and it's likely that all of these years of eating processed foods, etc is going to catch up to him with other severe chronic health problems like diabetes, heart disease, etc. Junk food, whether they are full of gluten or not, contribute to poor health. His body is trying to tell him something and he's not listening.

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Try going yeast free
by: Anonymous

I've had the same symptoms and went yeast free now my symptoms are gone.
But be careful, Citric Acid is made by fermentation process and you cannot consume that either, it's found in all soft drinks, fruit juices and some canned foods.
Stay away from cheese, soya sauce, mayonaise ect. Anything with vinegar or made by fermentation process.
Peel fruit before eating and stay away from dried fruit. Stay away from grapes which has yeast under the skin

Your husband's symptoms will clear up if he's prepared to go yeast free.

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