My Doctor Said Not to Worry About My Vitamin D Level

by Krystee

I called to ask my Dr what my report said on the Vitamin D test I did and the nurse reported that my number was 14.3 and that the Dr didn't call me because although it was a little low it wasn't anything to worry about.

How can I determine for myself where my levels should be and how do I know exactly how much D I need to incorporate into my daily regime?

Thank you!

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What level WOULD worry him?
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Hi Krystee,

So, you might want to ask your doctor what level he WOULD be willing to worry about? 12, 10, 8? Or does he only worry about it when you have Chronic Pain From Vitamin D Deficiency, Cancer from Vitamin D Deficiency, or Multiple Sclerosis.

By ANYONE'S standards, your level is VERY low and it needs to be taken care of. Your doctor's attitude is one of the reasons why we have so much disease in the US and why health care is so expensive- doctors are simply unwilling to promote activities that prevent disease.

So, Krystee, you are VERY smart to be looking into this and not just taking your doctor's word for it. You can read more about how much vitamin D to take on the Vitamin D Deficiency Treatment Page and be sure that you Take the Right Kind of Vitamin D.

So, what other lab results would your doctor consider to be not worth worrying about if they were at HALF the level that is the LOWEST on the normal page:

* If that was your Red Blood Cell count, you would need a blood transfusion.

* If that was your oxygen level, you'd need to be on life support

* If it was your white blood cell count, you would need to be admitted to the hospital and have a bunch of tests run

* If it was your bone density test, you would probably have broken several bones already

* If it were your estrogen level, you would be in early menopause

and on and on. Yet a Vitamin D Level of HALF of what it should be is nothing to worry about?

Anyone else out there- all other tests that doctors do would be considered a CRITICAL lab value if they were HALF the lowest normal level on the test.

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Health Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Easy Immune

Vitamin D deficiency
by: Art

You need to do research about vitamin D. It may not be critical level; however, it's considered low. If yours is close to 14 and your doctor ignores it then you should get a second optinion. Some doctors don't know about recent research. Vitamin D is as important as any other vitamin. If you are low on energy and have issues with sleep (too much sleep) consider taking vitamin D in liquid form.

Low Vitamin D Level
by: Angela

Hi, I just got my Vitamin D test back and it shows 11. A year ago this August, it was 24 so my doctor put me on 50000 units of cholecalciferol. Today it came Back as 11. I’ve been taking the supplements every day. I’m tired a lot and have edema of the tongue. The underneath part swelled 5 years ago and never goes down. I canswallow and breath and have seen a few specialists, but no one knows what it is. I guess my doc will read my blood test results in 4 months when it’s time for my next appointment and decide what he wants to try then. Should I be worried with the low level?

Thank you!

of course you should be
by: Kerri Knox

Of course you should be worried about a critical vitamin deficiency. There is no reason to wait for his approval to increase your dosage. You're allowed to take vitamins without your doctor's approval and not have to wait 4 months to hear from him before he treats a critical vitamin deficiency.

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