Melatonin Addiction... or
Using Melatonin FOR Addiction!

Are you worried about Melatonin Addiction? Well, really, you should be wondering if you can use melatonin to help with addiction to something else? Well, you are in the right place because we'll talk a bit about both addiction to melatonin and using melatonin for addictions to several other substances.

Melatonin is a hormone that we naturally produce when we are exposed to darkness and it acts as a sleep supplement to help us fall asleep. While melatonin has been shown to be effective in those who have sleep disorders or trouble sleeping, can it lead to addiction or dependency like other sleeping pills do if you take it on a regular basis?



Melatonin Addiction

If you are concerned about addiction to melatonin, you can stop being concerned. In the thousands of studies done over the past decade, and even years of usage of Melatonin for Children, there have just simply been no reports of addiction to melatonin or dependency in anyone. No reports of dependency, minimal Side Effects of Melatonin and only one case of a Melatonin Overdose have ever been reported.

The only possible problem that could be loosely considered an addiction to melatonin would be if you are taking Melatonin for Sleep and you stop taking it, you could again have difficulty sleeping. While this might be annoying, trouble sleeping when you stop taking melatonin sleep aids would not be considered a melatonin addiction.

On another note, Melatonin Sleep Supplements actually appear as though they might be helpful for people who have addictions to drugs or alcohol, so that's what we'll discuss in the next section. 

Helping Addictions with Melatonin

While Melatonin addiction is just simply not a problem, getting rid of addictions with the help of melatonin may be a possibility. While there are a limited number of studies done on this topic, it seems that melatonin could potentially be helpful for those with addictions to:

  • Sedatives and sleeping pills
  • Alcohol
  • Opiates (pain-killers)


The main reasons that melatonin may be helpful with withdrawal from addictive substances has to do with sleep. Very often withdrawal creates restlessness and extremely disordered sleep patterns leading to insomnia that can make the withdrawals worse. But if Melatonin for Sleep is taken during withdrawal, it can help to provide more restful sleep which in turn can ease symptoms of withdrawal.

In addition, benzodiazepines (sedatives and sleeping pills) are most widely used as sleeping pills and can lead to dependence and addiction to these substances. But if melatonin is used to assist with sleep, the melatonin actually fills the same 'benzodiazepine receptors' that are the reason these drugs help you to get to sleep. By taking Melatonin for Sleep instead, it's possible to slowly get off of these other drugs without having to experience the restlessness and impaired sleep that users often experience upon withdrawal of these drugs.



Not only is there simply no reason to worry about Melatonin Addiction, it's possible that using melatonin FOR addiction is a possibility. While there are few studies on this, the safety of melatonin and other Melatonin Benefits make it's usage a distinct possibility if you are contemplating its use to help with sleep disturbances from substance withdrawal… Keep reading to find out more about the right Melatonin Dosage for you…

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Melatonin Resources

  • Melatonin Supplements- Pharmaceutical grade melatonin supplements in a choice of either Sublingual tablets or time release capsules that will keep working all night.
  • Melatonin in Health Promotion - Amazon book that examines virtually all aspects of the multifunctional hormone melatonin. Topics addressed include how melatonin is synthesized; possible harmful side effects; and the role this hormone plays in diseases such as epilepsy, Alzheimer's, and cancer.


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