Magnesium supplements are really helping in my case

I've had many of the symptoms of magnesium deficiency for decades, and had spent tens of thousands of dollars on massage therapy, medication and doctor's visits without knowing that magnesium could help.

I am a bit angry that so many MDs don't know much about nutrition, nor much about issues involving muscles and physiotherapy. I now take High Absorption Magnesium and use Epsom Salt baths.

I take the supplements with fiber, which (contrary to what I first thought) actually compensates for the laxative effect of magnesium by slowing down the digestion. It is helping - I can walk stairs without pain and without stopping; can bicycle for longer without as much fatigue.

I do have several questions I'm trying to understand better. First, I don't understand why my requirement for magnesium intake is much higher than for other people. I eat foods rich in magnesium (almonds, greens, etc.) as much as the next person. So there must be something else going on?

I am going to be seeing an MD with a nutritional degree who knows about how to test for mineral imbalances. I hope he can help find the root cause -- he asked me to read up on the tests they will be doing. One of the possible therapies is Targeted Amino Acid Therapy.

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Should I Take Magnesium Supplements

by Daisy

Wondering if I should take magnesium supplements for skin burning feelings, muscle jerks, general weakness, chronic pain. I have been taking hydrocodone for quite some time and at times have to take an antacid for GERD.

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Would supplementing with Magnesium help?

by Astrid
(Matamoras, PA USA)

I'm a 70 year old slightly? overweight female who was diagnosed 2 years ago with high blood pressure (140/88) and high cholesterol (230). First I tried it with a diet adjustment, but my doctor still did not like where it was. Reluctantly I agreed to medication. I'm taking 50 mg of Hydrochlorothiazide & 10 mg of Simvastatin.
I also take a variety of Vitamins:
Multi (w 100 mg Magnesium, Vitamin D3 400 IU)
Calcium w. Vitamin D3 (500 IU) & Phytosterols (400mg)

Fish oil 1,200 mg w. Vitamin D3 1,000
CoQ10 100 mg
Vit, E 400 IU
Vit. C 500 mg
Vit, D3 1,000 IU
I take one capsule/tablet of each every day
I just noticed my total intake of Vit. D3 is 2,900 IU is that too much?
Lately my muscles have been hurting more than usually and cramping in my legs, and pain in my lower back and sides which wakes me up during the night. I never sleep more than 4 hours a night and then I have to force myself to go back to sleep.

Naturally I feel always tired and almost every day I have to take a nap around 2 or 3'o clock. Its a vicious cycle. I noticed as well my mouth, eyes and skin are very dry. I never was much of a water drinker (I actually hate it) but I have been forcing myself to drink diluted juices, milk, & seltzer. My diet I think is pretty good I have every day fruits and dried fruits plus veggies (Green & yellow), salad, cheese and chicken or fish and whole grain cereal & breads, oatmeal.

Meat I don't care too much about and eat it only occasionally.I wonder, as I just read an article if I'm in need of more Magnesium and/or Potassium? My doctor took bloodtests and said everything was ok.

I'm not so sure.

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magnesium supplementation

by rich
(new york)

I have had atrial fibrillation twice in the past seven years. After my last bout, about a year ago, I have been experiencing a couple of palpitations every day since the episode. I have had extensive tests done, including and angiogram. They say my arteries are wide open and my heart is fine. They said I will just have to live with the palpitations.

I do take lopressor 12 mg every 36 hours. I was taking 12 mg twice a day, but I weaned myself down, and there has been no difference in the palpitations. My question to you is as I was reading through the section on dosage amounts of magnesium and it says that if you have atrial fibrillation magnesium could make it worse. I am not in afib and I do take 400 - 800 mg of magnesium citrate which my natropath recommended. What is your opinion?

Thank you,

Rich Broderick

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